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How was your week, guys? I spent Monday and Tuesday poking around New York doing all my favorite things: walking pretty much the entire island of Manhattan, meeting up with friends, watching old men play ping pong in the park, EATING PASTA OUT OF A WHEEL OF CHEESE. It was perfect.

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I’ve been wanting to start a podcast forever but it seems a) overwhelming b) like an expensive hobby. You too? Luckily for us, Paula put together this free guide on starting a podcast and you can listen to hers here!

Xandra writes about sooooo many good things. Really, you’re just going to click the ‘archive’ button a million times. If I had to choose favorite posts I’d point you towards How To Write A ‘At The Very Least’ List and You don’t owe anyone excuses.

I peeked through this at my friend’s apartment and I’m anxiously awaiting my own copy!

So, SO co-signed on this: Never Be Ashamed To Just Fcking Love Something
Loving Phish and Insane Clown Posse made me less of a critic and more of a fan, less of a reviewer and more an enthusiast. It made me less cynical and more open. It didn’t just change the way I viewed and processed art and entertainment: it changed the way that I saw the world.

Love it! The 2016 finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. (I love #6 the most!)

After all the horrible things he’s said about and done to women, here are 9 women who still plan to vote for Trump and why.

Can you train your cat to be less annoying? Mine isn’t allowed to sleep in the bedroom because HE PUNCHES ME AWAKE AT 4 AM.

What should you cook in November?

Related: cauliflower shwarma tacos.

Oof. What’s it like when people dress like you for Halloween? An essay from Monica Lewinsky.
Thankfully, I have never gone to a Halloween party where I’ve bumped up against, well, myself. I did, however, get an idea of what that might be like when, several years ago, I went to see the movie Made of Honor, starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. It opens with a scene in which Dempsey, dressed as Bill Clinton, mingles at a Halloween party—with three Monica Lewinskys—all clad in blue dresses and berets, holding cigars. (Cringe Factor: 10.)

FASCINATING. What goes into designing a magazine cover?

Honest and important: How to survive this election when you disagree with people you love.

Something to think about when you see beautiful homes in magazines.
Less cool, unfortunately, was actual life in the Brooklyn house. The first problem was the place itself. There was so much room — too much room for two people by far — and yet there was not one spot in the entire house that felt comfortable or warm to me. Like home.

Unrelated: I love this living room!

What’s selfloss cake?

Such a good reminder – no app, class, or consultant can help you if you’re not willing to show up and do the work.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed:
You might not hate that thing you think you hate.
How to stop psyching yourself out (because that ish is exhausting)
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Welcome to Yes & Yes!

Want to spend your time, money, and energy on purpose? I'll show you how.

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  1. Lauren

    Sooo….that article about women voting for Trump is meant to be satire, right? I mean, a woman claiming she ‘likes being groped’ by strange men isn’t real, surely? RIGHT?!!!!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      I’m, uh, pretty sure it’s real. :/

  2. Summer

    The “How to be good at life + good at blogging” hyperlink appears to be missing?

  3. JessB

    Sarah, you were so right! I checked out Candra’s blog, Heroine Training, and it’s AMAZING! I’ve been reading posts on and off all day, and I’ve subscribed, and I commented on a post and she replied, and I’m so delighted!!! It’s just lovely and it already inspired me to make some changes to my usual behaviour last night, so this morning I started the day feeling so much more relaxed and happy. It’s amazing, I can you’re so right and I’m just going to go through the archives and read everything I can.
    Thanks heaps!

    • JessB

      Oh my gosh, I meant Xandra’s blog, obviously! So sorry for the typo!

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