True Story: I Channel An Entity Named Zurac

I'm a medium
This is one of many True Story interviews in which we talk to people who have experienced interesting/amazing/challenging things. This is the story of Maria and her work as a channeler.  I realize that some readers might not ‘believe’ in Maria’s work.  Polite, articulate disagreement and discussion is always encouraged and accepted.  Rude, incendiary comments will be deleted.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Maria! I’m from NJ but have spent most of my life living in the South, and am presently in Durham, NC. I am a super-happy single gal right now. I am thrilled and gratified to make my living as a channeler and as a licensed acupuncturist. I’m a big reader, am re-discovering my love for travel, and I’d call myself an introvert, with a dash of live-music-watching, dancing extrovert thrown in.

What does a channeler do?
Descriptions can vary a bit; generally speaking, channeling refers to having a separate being use one’s body to communicate. It can also be a “bringing through” of information or inspiration from other sources besides one’s own mind. I think many artists, musicians, and writers have this skill. I refer to this as “lower case c” channeling.I do what I call “uppercase C” channeling, which means I have a partnership with one particular entity who I channel (that’s Zurac). When I invite him, he comes into my body, and I allow him to use my body and voice to communicate with clients who have questions about their life. When I am channeling for someone, they are talking to Zurac, not to me.

When did you first realize you had this skill? Have you had to work to refine your skills?

From a young age I was aware of being very sensitive to energy, which is very helpful when channeling. This awareness motivated an early interest in the metaphysical and in energy healing (hence the acupuncture training).

I initially built my skill of channeling by doing extensive, focused training with my teacher/mentor, James Tolchard. I am always working to refine and improve my channeling skills; I see channeling as my life’s journey, and I consider my learning as a continual, ongoing process.

How do you feel when you’re channeling?
Centered, relaxed, and like I’m in the background, observing what is happening in the outside world. I can hear everything that’s being said, but I’m at a bit of a distance. When I’m done I feel energized, and oddly, sometimes hungry. I don’t experience any fatigue after channeling.

Tell us about the being you channel.
Zurac is awesome. He is what’s called an “ascended” being, which just means he does not incarnate into a physical body anymore. He was last on earth around nine thousand years ago, and he understands the emotional struggles humans sometimes have. He is incredibly supportive, completely lacks judgment, and is super insightful.

For someone with no physical body of his own, he’s very grounded. He does not require any sort of reverence or special respect; he’s very casual and clients feel comfortable around him almost immediately. His specialty is helping people with their personal growth.

How are you and he different?
I’m comfortable saying he’s much further along in his personal growth process then I am! He is insightful in a way I can’t match, because of how he reads energy.

He definitely has a more masculine energy than I do (he doesn’t actually have a gender, but since he feels like a guy to me I call him “he”). His body language is also his own, and he makes different facial expressions than I do – I can tell because my face is usually a little stiff after a particularly long channeling session.

Have you ever tried to channel someone other than Zurac?
Yes! I consider improving my skills as an ongoing process, and playing around a bit with channeling different beings is a way to hone my technique.

Is this skill ever problematic?
For me it’s not. Zurac is very respectful, and he always waits for me to invite him to chat. I’m very sensitive to energy and other beings, and years of working within the energy world has helped me to build very solid boundaries. For example, I don’t take on other people’s emotions or pain, and I don’t allow myself to be “nudged” or directly approached by other beings except in very particular (skill-improving situation) circumstances.

How have your friends and family reacted to this?

I’ve received a lot of support from certain people in my world; others appear to prefer to avoid the topic altogether, which is fine with me. Channeling is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I respect that. I think in their case NOT bringing it up is a form of support. I really haven’t experienced any naysayers. I talk about channeling and Zurac in a pretty matter-of-fact manner, and openly acknowledge that’s it’s an out of the ordinary thing.

What’s the best part about being able to channel?
It’s like having the most supportive friend you can imagine, always on call. At times it brings me to tears. Zurac is always available to assist me, and always willing to hold my hand as I walk my road. It’s a invaluable, incomparable experience and one that I cherish.

Thanks so much for sharing, Maria!  Do you guys have any (respectful!) questions for her?  Have any of you ever worked with a channeler?

P.S. Interviews with a professional palm reader and a psychic!

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  1. Amber-Rose Thomas

    I'll admit, when I first read the title of this one Sarah my reaction was 'Oh, well – we are go, this is going to be a load of rubbish…"

    However, after having read it I feel that this is a fantastic thing for Maria to have experienced! I'm also very glad that she shared her story so that people like me could become a little more open minded. So, thank you!

    One question, I understand that you trust Zurac implicitly, and you talk about there being other beings out there too. Are you ever worried that you're misinterpreted who it is that's contacting you, or rather that you're channelling? Are you ever worried that you're being taken advantage of be some other being? Perhaps this is my religious upbringing shining through but I know that i'd be so concerned I was channelling a demon or something less friendly than a 'life guide'.
    Have you ever had any frightening experiences when channelling?

    • Maria

      hi Amber-Rose, just realized I commented instead of replied – my response is below your comment 🙂

  2. Maria

    Hi Amber-Rose,

    Thanks for your questions!

    All my channeling experiences have been supportive. I’m lucky, I’ve known Zurac a long time and have had lots of opportunities to see him being incredible and supportive (to others as well as to me). This is the reason I say I trust him so much.

    I don’t have the concerns you ask about, because I am VERY familiar with Zurac’s energy and how he “feels,” so it would be pretty obvious if someone else tried to visit instead. The same way we recognize our good friends by how they talk, what they say, and how they move, I can spot Z’s mannerisms and speech in a second.

    Also, when I’m channeling, I’m not in a trance. I am not ever “taken over,” so to speak, and I could always stop channeling if I chose (I did this once during a group session when there was a bee in the room who needed to be seen out).

    I do really appreciate your questions; I know channeling is not appealing to everyone but I love a good open-minded discourse 🙂

  3. AnnaMice

    I'd be curious to hear what the advantage is for clients seeking conversations from an otherworldly but not divine being. I can sort of understand wanting to communicate with a god/diety or a deceased loved one – you could get wisdom and closure you couldn’t anywhere else – but what does a conversation with Zurac offer people that they wouldn’t get from speaking to a particularly insightful person on earth?

    • Maria

      hi AnnaMice,

      I would say Z’s lack of judgment and lack of agenda are key. Also, he tunes into one’s “energy field” and can speak to them personally, based on their past experiences, for example.

      I’m confident saying many of our clients are non-traditionalists in terms of religion, so they may have a different interpretation of the words “divine” and “diety” then others.

      Thanks for taking your time to comment!

  4. Anonymous

    This is very fascinating! I have about a zillion questions…!

    How did you first channel Zurac? How did you find him? What was that first experience like? Were you frightened at all?

    How did you come to know Zurac so intimately? Was it like, instantaneous or have you spent years and years cultivating this relationship?

    How long have you been channeling Zurac? Can other people channel him or does he mostly just stick with you?

    What was his life on Earth like? How did he become an ascended being? What does he do besides channel?

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    • Maria

      hi Anon!

      I trained to channel, so my first experience channeling Z was guided. I’d known Zurac (experienced his energy and his energy work, I mean) before I ever channeled him, so it was not scary at all.

      Zurac and I have a deal that I’m the only one who channels him (for the time being). Like all relationships, my trust in him has increased over time. I’ve been “aware” of him since ’04, so yes, I’ve spent years cultivating this partnership with him.

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful questions!

    • Anonymous

      Yay, thank you for answering Maria!

      Haha okay one more, how did you become aware of Zurac?

  5. The Dame Intl

    Personally I completely believe that we are all energy beings and some of us are currently manifested as humans. I would dearly love to be this sensitive and capable to talk with ascended beings, I often crave this kind of connection. I too am sensitive to energies and havent yet learned how not to take on other people's emotions which makes it difficult and overwhelming for me to be around people for an extended amount of time.

    I'm glad someone has asked more questions, I find this subject fascinating! Hopefully we can get more answers 🙂

    I'd like to know how to channel too!

  6. Maria

    hi Dame,

    I agree we are all energy beings 🙂 I hope you are finding useful tools to assist with balancing out your sensitivity when around others.

    I trained to learn the skill of channeling. It was a long process and involved a lot of personal clean-up, so to speak, so it's a win-win all around!

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Katie D.

    Hi Maria,
    Your experience made me thing of a book I read called First Person Plural ( about a man who dissociates and has other people come out through him. When you said the part about it seemed like you were "watching in the background" and he has different facial expressions, it made me think of this book. I'm wondering how similar or different your experiences are to someone who dissociates.


    • Maria

      hi Katie,

      Well, it'd be hard for me to say because I've never experienced disassociation myself, and I am only superficially familiar with it. I can say, however, one BIG difference is that (I believe) when someone disassociates it just occurs, and they have no control over it. I channel Zurac ONLY when I invite him in, and he has always shows up when I do invite him.

      Thanks for your question!

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for sharing. I'm a sensitive individual as well, and have trained in other energy areas (I'm a Reiki Master). I'm aware of moments in my life where I am clearly channeling what feels like/sounds like "angels," but I'm not really sure how to safely develop that relationship. I'm in the San Francisco area, do you know of anyone reputable here who could help me with my abilities?

    Thank you again,

    • Maria

      hi Anon,

      I don't know of anyone in the San Fran area, I'm sorry! Let me know if I can help in any other way though!

  9. ToriD

    Do you know anything about Zurac's past life besides his age? Do all spirits stay behind or just some (if only some, is there a reason?)? Thanks

    • Maria

      That is a huge (and great!) question; unfortunately I don't have the answer for it. There are so many models for what happens after death and with spirits or souls, I think we all have to decide what we are comfortable believing.

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. Brooke

    I am so disappointed to see this posted here; it seems almost satirical in its ridiculousness. Why is "believe" in quotations in Sarah's disclaimer at the top? It seems to indicate that it's true whether I believe it or not. I would argue the opposite.

    • Maria

      Hi Brooke!

      One of the things I love about Sarah’s blog is her willingness to post about out-of-the-ordinary, and even provocative, topics. I appreciate the opportunity to describe what I do and I hope it’s been useful to some of her readers, especially those who are perhaps exploring their own skills in this area.

      Thanks for taking your time to comment 🙂

    • Brooke

      It is certainly Sarah's choice to include your story on her blog and your choice to share it with the public, but I remain amazed and troubled at the response so far. Why is no one questioning this when it completely defies reason? Is our country's scientific illiteracy so poor that we believe anything, even a story such as yours–which I do believe is only a story–without stopping to wonder if it is true?…Seriously?

      This post has pushed me over the edge in terms of the requirements to be respectful or deleted. What if I truly believe you are a charlatan, taking people's money while offering them nothing in return? (I don't know that you take their money, and I don't know you at all, but I believe this of most physics/mediums/sensitives, etc.) Why should I respect someone who takes advantage of others and spreads untruths? I cannot respect this. I will expect to be deleted. That's fine. The very inclusion of this interview as a "true story" is embarrassing to me.

    • Brooke

      *scientific literacy

    • Brooke

      **psychics! Not physics. I give up. I'm leaving now.

    • Lauren

      Brooke, most people like to believe in something. I don't believe in god or any kind of organised religion, but that doesn't mean I can't understand why some people like to have a 'higher power' to guide them.

      It sounds like Maria and Zurac offer people personal growth guidance, which I dont see any issue with taking money for (if money is taken). It doesn't sound like she is trying to scam people by telling them false information about deceased love ones or bogus future predictions, but simply helping them out with personal issues…kind of like a therapist!!

    • Brooke

      Fair enough. I won't stay long to argue my point further because, well, I don't expect to change any minds. But I will say that 1.) I don't believe Maria channels anything, nor does anyone else, 2.) I don't know what exactly she tells them, but I certainly hope it is not the kind of cold reading psychics perform that is, in fact, a scam, and 3.) I am personally so, so sad to see the number of responses that treat this story as fact and that it has been labeled such. As I believe it is 100% untrue, I do question the morality of it. It makes me uncomfortable and I do not respect it. But people are wrong on the internet! And no one ever thinks it's them, including me. Oh, well.

    • Sarah Von Bargen


      I appreciate your concern and how well you've articulated why you're concerned. I'm sure people could make similar comments about any number of careers or services that aren't 100% backed by science – acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

      Like Maria herself said, the True Story series is about different people and their experiences. *their* stories that *they* believe to be true. On several occasions I've published interviews on topics that I, myself, didn't necessarily support or agree with, but that's not the point of the interview series. The point is for us, as an internet community, to hear about someone else's story.

    • Emily

      Thanks for the explanation Sarah, and thanks for speaking up Brooke. Also appreciated the link to xkcd – as their cartoons always do, says so much.

      I found the interview interesting, simply because I'm always fascinated by people who really believe in this stuff. I just can't get my head around it personally, for all the same reasons as you Brooke.

      Still, certainly made for interesting reading! I'm open to hearing these sorts of things, at the end of the day as there's no evidence it truly does come down to different opinions and beliefs.

    • Ghost

      I would like to add that belief in things that cannot be proven has nothing to do with scientific illiteracy; we must remember that science only proves what it can, and does not disprove what it can't. Saying that all people who have supernatural beliefs are scientifically illiterate is like saying all people who trust in science are spiritually illiterate. It's simply not true, and people who restrict their understanding of the universe to what is scientifically proven simply choose to place their faith in only one thing, which isn't all that different from those who place their faith only in religious texts. That is a choice, but neither one is superior to the other–they are merely different ways of understanding. Personally, I place my faith to some degree in both, and I enjoyed this article despite what I may or may not believe, because it's nice to see such variety in the types of posts offered on Yes and Yes, as we are all in this life together–it doesn't make sense to cater to only one group of people in a place that is about coming together and sharing experiences. Just my two cents.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      This is one of the smartest, kindest comments I've ever seen here. <3

    • Brooke

      I understand an interest in people's diverse experiences. But to me, this article might as well have been titled "I Made Up Something Totally Insane To Take Gullible People's Money." And that makes me sad. Dishonesty makes me sad. And angry.

      • Some girl

        I am amazed that you seem to be the only person that has commented on this post with any rationality. It’s a bit scary. However, I also appreciate Sarah’s explanation/defense of the post. At the end of the day, it’s her blog and she share share what she sees fit.

        With that said, I find it most fascinating that no one has addressed the likelihood that money is exchanged for this service. When people seek this type of therapy, they’re typically at their most vulnerable. The idea of someone capitalizing on this for profit makes me livid. How can someone take advantage of others so casually?

        • Madeleine

          Loving the smart discussion on this post. Your question got me thinking, Some Girl. If money is exchanged for the service – and if people gain healing, or peace, or any other kind of value from it – then does that mean they are being “taken advantage of”?

          I am much more uncomfortable with people who purport to channel messages from deceased relatives etc. But if Z’s people pay for guidance, and if that guidance is good and benefits them, I don’t see that “capitalizing on this for profit” is wrong.

  11. Alisha

    Hi Maria,

    Your interview was SO interesting. I found myself re-reading parts as it's something I know so little about that I needed to read it a few times for it to make sense. It's incredible, and thank you for exposing me to something I've thought very little about!

    Some questions (although I was glad to see that Anon had many similar questions to me – I was also curious to know how long this has been happening for, etc!)
    – do you suggest to clients that they should talk to Zurac, or does he choose who he wants to speak to? Or are you known for this in your field and therefore clients approach you knowing that talking to Zurac is a possibility?
    – How is it that he doesn't have a gender if he was once a physical being on earth?
    – Do you think Zurac will be with you for life, or is it common for them to leave you and be channeled via someone else?

    Thank you! This is fascinating!

    • Maria

      hi Alisha!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

      Most of the people I channel for know about me and Z (from referrals, or articles, or networking, etc) and want to talk to him. He does not pick and choose at all, he talks with everyone who wants to speak to him. I have other clients I see for acupuncture (who maybe don't know about the channeling), so at times, depending on what they have going on, I might offer channeling as an option for them.

      Last time Zurac was here he was a dude, but not he doesn't have a physical body of his own now, so that's why I say he's technically gender-less. He definitely feels more male to me, though, hence the "he."

      I do think I will always be able to connect with him (although obviously I can't say for sure!). As we progress together, it's possible I will start to channel other entities for clients though. There are many possibilities, but until they actually occur I've no idea how this will unfold… but I'm looking forward to finding out!

      Thanks for connecting!

  12. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Wow! I shrieked when I saw that you're an Acupuncturist as well. Where did you go to school? Does channeling completely exhaust your qi?

    • Maria

      Cool! I went to the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Sarasota, FL (it has a different name now, I graduated ages ago, in '99).

      Channeling does not exhaust me at all, although I have heard from other channelers that they find it draining. I chalk my channeling health up to my "deal" with Zurac and to my training 🙂

      And you're in Charlotte?? I'm in Durham! We should chat sometime lady!

  13. Laura

    I am curious if the things that Zurac communicates are similar in approach to that of Abraham Hicks/law of attraction type stuff? It sounds like it may be similar…

  14. Angie Bailey

    OMG I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! As a Pagan and someone who does a weekly New Age feature on my blog, seeing someone so in-tune with spirits and other beings is just fascinating. 😀 Thank you for sharing, Maria and thank you for sharing, Sarah!

    I actually JUST followed Yes and Yes last night and this was the first real post I read. <3 SO happy.

    • Maria

      Glad you dig it Angie! Thanks for commenting!

  15. Jen

    I just found this blog yesterday and became a follower, and I'm so glad I did!

    I appreciate the multifacetedness; the wide variety of experiences and information represented here fascinate me. Channeling intrigues me because I'm willing to believe, even if there is no proof. I like to think this may just be something that science cannot explain YET.

    I imagine that someday, this and other similarly metaphysical topics will be explained and understood in the same casual, matter of fact way we now discuss electricity or tides.

    I'm so looking forward to whatever you post next, because I know it won't be what I expect. And I love surprises!

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  16. Lulu

    Wow! This is such an amazing True Story. I'm Catholic and while there is nothing in my religious upbringing that teaches reincarnation I've always believed in it. I remember the first time I brought it up in grade school to my friend. I was like, "Yeah, you're reincarnated a few times and then when you have maximized your human potential then you get to got to heaven."

    I will never forget the face she gave me, nor will I forget her asking me where did I come across that idea, because I didn't have an answer for her. I didn't know anything about Hinduism at the time. It was just a fact to me.

    My mom is sensitive to the spiritual world. (She always knows when to buy a paper to look for an obituary; it creeps my dad out.) I wonder if a tiny bit of that carried to me at times, but am also a bit of a chicken to find out. It's really cool to read about someone who is exploring it.

  17. Anonymous

    I want to start my comment by saying that what I'm about to write, I am writing out of curiosity, not judgement. I have never been able to decide if I believe in this sort of thing or not. Part of me wants to believe it, part of me says there's no way that it's possible. I have had some experiences before that I've thought may be of this sort of nature, but I've mostly written it off as my mind playing tricks on me.

    You seem 100% confident in your ability to channel. I'm curious to know, how did you become so confident in your ability? How do you know that this is happening and you really don't just have a split personality, or maybe you've just lost your mind?

    • Maria

      hi Anon,

      That confidence took some time to build, for sure; the same as with learning any skill, it takes some time to "own" it. My confidence has increased with my experiences with Zurac, hearing what he has to say to others, and also by how our people we channel for respond to him.

      The best answer I have for your "split personality" question is that I channel Zurac when I invite him in, and at no other time does he show up.

      Thanks for your question 🙂

  18. Jean

    Thank you so much Maria! I just learned how to channel, and honestly it was really an accident. I had a
    couple of accidents connected to lower entities, which really scared me. But most of the time, I do channel very kind and loving beings.
    It does always bring me some doubts at times, is there a particular way to know if they are positive light beings? And thank you for your great information that people get hungry after a channeling session. I have been feeling hungry for the last few sessions, and I didn’t understand why. 🙂

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