True Story: I’m Tiny

Are you super petite? Or even tiny? Click through for great tips and petite advice from a woman who's 4'11" and 85 pounds!
What’s life like when you’re super petite – or even ‘tiny’? Kelly is 4’11 and 85 pounds. This is her story.
Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m was born and raised in Los Angeles, but now reside in sunny San Diego. I’ve always loved science, so I earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and worked in cancer research for almost seven years.
As I started to make money in my career, one of the main things I wanted to improve upon was my wardrobe. I had acquired a love for clothing, fabrics, tailoring, and the idea that clothing can make you feel beautiful and confident.As I shopped for my dream wardrobe, I was hit with the harsh reality that nothing was made for someone my size, and I had to search for solutions to be able to dress the way I wanted to.

I started to blog about my adventures in shopping for petite clothing, and soon a small community of women grew around my blog. I fell in love with the community and my ability to help other women build their own wardrobes. Now, at 28, I’ve quit my job in the biotech industry and am currently starting a career in online media.

How small are you? Is your family petite as well?
As a full grown adult, I’m about the size of an average 12 year old. I’m 4’11” tall, weight about 85 pounds, and have a very small frame. I wear between a size US4.5-5 (EU 34.5-35) shoe, and find that even size 00 clothing is too large and ill-proportioned for my size.

My mom is 4’10”, so I’m very happy to say I beat her by one whole inch! My maternal grandfather was short, as was my maternal great-grandmother.

Growing up, were you smaller than your friends?
I was always the shortest in my class, and luckily, I was generally well liked growing up, so I didn’t get teased too much for my size. Aside from being picked up a lot, it never really bothered me, and I rather liked being unique.

I don’t think I ever realized just how small I really am until I met a similar-sized girl in college. I remember thinking, “oh my, she’s sooo tiny!”, and then the shock from learning I was actually a whole inch shorter than she was! It was an eye-opening realization to see how I must look to other people.

People must comment on your size all the time. What are some of the things you hear most? How do you feel when people make these comments?
Oh boy, I’ve heard it all. I’m a bit of an oddity, so people ask to pick me up all the time and are fascinated with how much I weigh.

I find humor in my short stature, so I have no problem indulging people in the nitty gritty of my stats or allowing them to lift me up. I also get asked quite often if I’m legally a Little Person or dwarf. And the answer is, no, I’m not. I’m just short.

How does your size affect your daily life?
It does in a lot of ways actually…a lot of which I’m only realizing as I get older. My posture is affected as chairs, couches, car seats, and restaurant booths are not made for someone with my short thigh measurement, so I often find myself slouching to sit comfortably.

I’m very independent, so it’s difficult for me to admit that I need so much help lifting and reaching things. I just got a puppy, and it’s frustrating to me that I’m afraid to take him to dog parks by myself because I can’t protect from him from larger, aggressive dogs the way an average sized person could.

I also have to take great care with the way I dress because I easily pass for a much younger person in youthful styles strictly because of my size. It may sound great to some people, but imagine being treated condescendingly at work because a co-worker thinks you’re “just a kid” when you have almost as much experience as they do. It’s really frustrating.

Where do you find your clothes?
There are only a handful of brands that make modern, stylish clothes in petite sizes. I need petite sizes for their shorter proportions (like higher bust, waist, and arm holes), so I’m pretty much stuck with the same three brands, those being Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor LOFT, and Banana Republic.

I shop a few other brands that run small, but those three make up the bulk of my wardrobe. I shop their smallest petite sizes, which are only available online, and then often have to get those tailored down to fit properly. It kills my wallet!

Are there benefits to being so petite? Drawbacks?
Being so petite makes me unique, which I really like. Everyone remembers me, and I tend to stand out in a crowd. If I wasn’t so tiny, I think I’d be a very boring person.

However, being so tiny makes me a bit vulnerable. One time, a complete stranger came up from behind me and picked me up off the street. He meant no harm, but it really scared me, and made me realize how easily I could be walked off with if I’m not careful.

What advice would you give to other small ladies?
Learning about good fit and tailoring was life changing. Clothing has made such a huge difference in my life, and I’m able to walk into a room like I’m 6 feet tall when I feel like I look good.

Putting the extra effort into shopping, proper fit and tailoring does amazing things, both professionally and personally.

Any questions for Kelly? Are any of your particularly small?

P.S. The other side of the coin: True Story: I’m 4 inches taller than my husband.

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  1. Girliest Nerd

    I know I have it much easier at 5'3 and 110 lbs but it's still very difficult to find clothes at my size. Unless you're shopping high end couture (which I'm not!) or in the juniors department, a lot of major retailers have vanity sized me of their store. I know I have clothes from a decade ago that say 4/6 and am now a 00/0 in the same store without having changed a mm in size. It's frustrating, time consuming and alterations are expensive.

    It's funny because I shop the three places mentioned all the time! I'd also recommend Asos, which has a nice petite line too. Unfortunately, a lot of petite places are geared toward older women and are not appropriate if you're under 50.

    Socially, I have had some people remark on my size and I always wonder if people take me less seriously than a taller person. I know there are studies on men that show taller men make more, etc. Not sure if that correlates with the ladies. Again though, at 5'3 I know I have it easier and there are always heels if I want to be less conspicuous.

    • Crissy

      I’m 5’3″ at 100lbs . To be honest I ve never felt especially short . I have lots of girl friends about the same height or an inch or two taller and quite a few around 5 foot my grandmother was only 5’1″ my mum is 5’2″ I don’t know my dad but my grandfather was 5’7″ my aunt is the tall girl in the family at 5’6″ .
      For some reason the fact that I’m skinny and usually wear heals ,makes people think I’m taller idk why ? Most people think i m around 5’4″ or even 5’5″ . As a teen ( 16 or so is used to be heavier around 115-120 lbs and people actually noticed my ” lack ” of hight much more …)
      As you said I think at 5 ‘3 ” it s not that difficult. Very true I hate how I have cloth from a while back , in a 2 or 4 that fit me and now they re a 00 . I wear pretty much any brand I like in xs there are a few exceptions, brands that just run huge , i can’t wear adult gap clothing I wear a size 14 ( or 12 ….) . My jeans are usually a 23 or 24 , mostly they are long so I cut them or have them tailored. I do great with kids jeans though size 14 is perfect . W black market makes nice 00 dress cloths . I do regret not being able to wear those great long sun dresses in the summer . I stick to kids leggings a lot since others are too long and I don’t want to waist money having leggings tailored . I found in Europe I have a really hard time finding adult cloths that fit ( apparently Europeans tend to be taller they re definitely skinny most of the time .
      One thing , I can’t wear one piece bathing suits they make me look really short .
      But also true – designer clothes are cut way smaller so if I can get a great sale i go for it I actually found a stunning dark red gucci ( off the runway ) dress , euro 34 , last fall , absolutely awesome 75 % off , it needed to be shortened very slightly but all else fits like a glove . Generally I m pretty happy with my height and weight I know really tall girls ( 6’4 ” or so who are desperate about it and can’t even wear heels ) .
      With heels I’m easily 5’5″ – 5’6″. So no complaints here , my husband is 6’1″ so it’s a big difference but we’ve gotten so used to it and it’s kind of cool if it s wet or snowy / muddy etc. out after dinner he ll just pick me up and carry me from the car to the house so I don’t ruin my shoes. I do practice martial arts though, not necessarily because of my size, but I realize as girls ( even taller and heavier ) we re often exposed and men just tend to be stronger …. It’s nice to know I can take care of myself ( obviously you need to practice a while to black belt level to efficiently protect yourself but apart from a great workout and lots of fun I do feel safer )

      • Gracia

        I’m 4’9″ 87lbs I Use To weight Atound 93lbs …I Lost Alot Of Belly fat..yay..I Take Kickboxing..I also walk to work I lost alot of weight, but I feel good…I’m not use to being this i feel I’m to skinny ..but not boney…I have a really small frame ..legs are nicely shape from all the walking and work out..I’d like to really gain more muscle mass ..I have such a fast metabolism I eat alot,but having a hard time gaining my weight back to at least 92lbs and I have small wrist I hate looking at them…aNY info please reply
        Thank you,

        • Rana

          hey im 4′ 11″ and u mentioned all this stuff but i was wondering where u got clothes that fit? I’m currently in high school and i hate not having full access to the clothes other girls can wear since I’m smaller. Theres a girl that is aroud my size and she dresses amazing but I don’t know her and it would be weird to walk up to her and ask.

        • Anonymous

          I am 4′ 9” and 78lbs and it is so fun

          • Mia Robinson

            You’re even lighter than I am! Are you naturally that thin or do you have to work out?

      • Anonymous

        Martian arts is fine. still U r just 100 pounds What if the guy is like 200 plus pounds

  2. j.lowe

    I'm 5'1 and around 100 lbs and I can relate to having difficulty finding clothes that fit! Strangely, I always had trouble with Banana Republic – perhaps I should look again! Ann Taylor very well may work with petite frames, but I could never find clothes in XS/0 there, so I stopped looking. Right now, my closet has a ton of clothes from The Limited, which carries a lot of clothes in XS/0.

    I think I've had a love/hate relationship with my size. I love that I'm thin and can get through small places. However, I also know that my size makes me seem really young, and it's frustrating feeling like people are not taking you as seriously because you look like a teenager. It's also made me become more aware (concerned?) when I walk around in public, knowing that I can be a little more vulnerable than others.

    • Anonymous

      Hello! It is so nice to know that there are other women out there that have the same problem as I do. I am 31 years old, 5.2 and weight 94 pounds. It is so hard to find clothes specially clothes that I can wear to the office. I usually buy Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, which usually have pants that I can keep on my waist. I usually have a problem with Banana republic. My Jeans I get them from Hollister or guess.
      I dont think people realize how hard it is to be this small. Once I even tried a 3000 calories a day diet to see if I could gain weight. It didnt work. I think this is just the way my body is.

      • Crissy

        I m 5’3″ and 100 lbs , though I can drop to 95 if I’m under a lot of stress . I hate when people whisper saying I’m sick this is just may natural weight . Your really skinny too I bet u get that too it’s so wrong . I don’t have that much trouble finding clothes to be honest my tops are xs my jeans 23 or 24 then they still tend to be long though . I also like hollister or Abercrombie ( a lot of times their kids jeans fit well ) actually all their kids stuff fits me well. I also love the jeans by free people they usually come in a 23 and run pretty small ( unfortunately they are often quite long ) but they re very unique and if I love them i ll have them tailored if possible . Though I also buy kids sizes quite a bit . Your so thin I bet you have a really tough time finding pants …. I don’t really like Anne Taylor it’s a bit old I find ( I’m ur age ) I buy my dress cloths at WH black market they usually have a 00 . They will also do alterations ( for free once you reach a certain status idk 300$ spending or so …) U also always get like 15 percent or more off which helps since their cloths can be quite expensive unless u get lucky with a sale . The sales are awesome I be gotten some great blouses and skirts for 15 or 20 $ original price around 60 -80 .
        I know they also have petite sizes for the pants you might want to try a petite since you really thin , or have them tailor the waist on the 00 I do that a lot cause at 5 ‘3″ I m not really a petite and I have long legs so petite sizes tend to be short . Get a pretty belt or tie a beautiful scarf around ur waist as a belt . That way you can sometimes get away with cloths that are a bit big . To be honest I buy a lot of kids cloths and find that adults my age actually by very similar styles in adult sizes . Kids clothes these days are pretty nice a lot of the same brands as adult 7 jeans , true religion , A&Fitch, wild fox , joe , Marc Jacobs dkny , Ralph lauren, chaser , vintage havannah just to name a few all have kids cloth that are often very similar to the adult pieces .
        Good luck shopping !!! Hope you have some fun I just love shopping even in kids boutiques .

    • Anonymous

      I am 4′ 9” and 78lbs and my shoe size is a 2.5 and I am going to be 15 soon. It is so much fun.

  3. The Craft-Arty Kid

    I'm 5'1 and about 95 lbs and my main problem is looking young in the face as well as being short.
    Only today I was picking something up for work and the shopkeeper asked me why I wasn't in school. I replied 'because I'm 20' but he was convinced I couldn't be older than 14.
    As far as clothes go I'm still young enough to be happy shopping in the kids section, after all it's cheaper, and these days kids dress like miniature adults anyway. But I do have to make sure I don't buy something with a 'little girl' fit around the bust as that'll just help me look younger.

  4. R.L.

    How neat to see a "blog crossover." I read both Yes&Yes and AlterationsNeeded and never expected to see Kelly guest post here!

    Thankfully I'm not as petite (5ft, 95 lbs) so not everything has to be tailored. But dressing the part is definitely very important for petites who don't want to be mistaken for children. I'm slowly having to retire my colorful tees and Chuck Taylors (which I love) in order to look more my age. At work, the delivery guy will always bypass me and go straight to my undergrad whose 5 yrs younger but looks 5 yrs older than me.

  5. Maggie

    Wow, everyone is such a skinny mini! I'm 4'11" like Kelly, but very curvy. I am usually somewhere between 115 and 130, wearing a 6 or 8. I love Ann Taylor & LOFT petites too, but have other difficulties finding things that are both cut for a Petite height and a voluptuous frame!

    And don't get me started on not being able to put my feel on the ground while sitting in some chairs and not being able to reach high shelves. Frustrating!

  6. Michelle

    I'm 29 and I come in around 4'9". I can completely relate to the fashion difficulties we petites have to endure – especially for business attire. That, and getting crayons and kids menus at restaurants, or constantly being patted on the head.

    What's worse for me is the shoe department (I'm a size 32 – kids size 1, adult size 2… almost impossible to find heels). I've recently discovered Pretty Small Shoes. They're based in London, UK and have tons of fashionable wee shoes from size 32 to 35!

    • Anonymous

      Hi there,

      I have the same problems, even a bit smaller than you, and I'm 30. But that someone else being so small has a small she size is not very common. I'm a size 32/33, US 1, depends what shoe brand. I don't know if your are from the US, but I found the website, which offers great nice women's shoes from 32 an up, and oversized shoes too. And it is not as expensive as I know from shoe stores in Germany.

      • Sarah

        I also shop at Alonai and I love their options and they make adult shoes for us with little feet. I am 4’7 and 90 lbs and I was wondering if you or anyone you know could suggest some other clothing brands to look at. I like the rest of you have such a hard time trying to find clothes that aren’t kids. Like where you do you get professional looking clothes? Please help me!

        • Morgan

          I’m 4’10.5. I weigh close to 120 lbs but like wheres all the extra fat at? I must have a high bone density because my measurments are XS/S. Ive been about the same height and weight since 6th grade. But my feet seemed to have kept growing. I wear size 9 shoes in women’s. I tend trip alot. The rest of me looks liks tiny though people guess I’m like 80 or 90 pounds. They are. Pretty shocked I weigh that much. But I often find myself shopping in the kids department jist to get the correct pant length.

          • Anonymous

            Morgan maybe you have muscle weight

    • Rae

      I am also 4’9, 80lbs., and I am 53. It is so hard to find stylish, professional clothes. I make up styles that comprise kid size clothes, but would prefer to wear different clothes that are actually made for women. I wear size 12 kids, and size 3 kids.

      • Tiffany

        I have my own unique style because I have to use different pieces to go together! I don’t dress like anybody else I know❤️

    • di saepi

      similar things happen to me, yes pretty small shoes is good but its not in usa, add me to chat if want

  7. OhmySkye

    This post has made me smile quite a bit. At 5'2" and 110, I was always one of the smallest in classes. In High School driver's ed my driving partner was about 4'11", and we were never allowed to ride in the pick-up truck because the seats didn't go up far enough for us to reach the pedals! Even now, at 20, I have to move my car seat as far forward as possible, which gets laughs from my family and friends.

    Heels have lately become my favorite go-to when I need to feel/look my age. I think people take me much more seriously when I'm 5'6" compared to 5'2". I have a higher voice and look young though, so even when I'm dressed older I get mistaken for a 14 year old. I went to buy a lotto ticket a few weeks ago and the woman had to check with three people to make sure my id wasn't fake! She didn't believe at all that I was 18..

    One reason I love being short though- I never have to worry about wearing heels and being taller than my boyfriend!

  8. saphira

    You all must come to south east asia. Maybe you will not feel so small and you definitely can find stuff your size in plenty. And being small built so prized among south east asians.

  9. Alterations Needed

    Thank you for the opportunity to guest post!

    R.L. – Hey there! I know you! 🙂

    Maggie – Oh boy, do I know that as well! My mom is 4'10" and a size 6-8. Trying to find clothes that are shorter proportioned, narrow in the shoulder, but able to accommodate a bust and hips has been a nightmare for us to find. Best of luck, and press on!

  10. Lisa

    I'm so happy to hear about other petite ladies out there in the world ^o^ I'm 5'0 and 98lbs and nearly an exact hourglass in body shape. Gawd is it ever tough to find jeans! Tops are easy to shop for, I get the smallest size and just hem it 4 inches or so but anything below the waist is just a nightmare to shop for! Since the waistlines of women and teens are getting wider by average that's what the stores are ordering and the designers are making. I've joked with my family that I'm going to move to asia just so I can buy clothing that fits!

  11. Anonymous

    Wow it is so nice to hear that there are other really tiny people out there. I am around 5'2", 100lbs and have always been 'the tiny one' around my group of friends. It can get frustrating, especially when most people think you're 5 years younger than you are! I am lucky in that I have really long legs so I don't really need to shop petites for pants, but buying dresses is really difficult because I am so tiny in the torso! I also relate to the having to move the car seat up really far, as someone above mentioned. My friends/family always make fun of me for this!

    • Lori

      I am 63. I am 62 inches and weigh 86#. I also @am very curvy and have a 22 inch waist..Try and find clothes for me…I shop in the Juniors section and can also wear girls size 12..It is hard not to look foolish..I love and dress trendy..Coats are even more difficult..Any suggestions for me?

  12. Anonymous

    Hihi, when I read the caption I expected her to be something under 4'5'' because I am also 4'11'' (and ~42kg) and didn't think it to be that noteworthy^^
    I am from Europe and find shopping for t-shirts/pants quite possible width-wise, I just have to hem them a few inches shorter. That excludes some styles (e.g. cargo pants) because they have a weird pocket placement, when I just chop something off at the bottom.
    Since I got through puberty and got omfortable in myself around 18, I have never been mistaken for a child (only from behind by looks, but no-one would address my as a child or pick me up without asking!). – I don't know if that is a cultural thing, because Germans (especially northern Germans) respect personal space or because of the way I carry myself. My friends though make their fair share of jokes or lift me up, but always in a sweet 'respectful' way.
    I hardly ever have to ask for help, also because I am quite strong for my size. Only in department stores I can often not reach the high racks.
    The chair problem led to "strange" seating habits: I always look for something to put my feet up on (neighbor chair, parts of the chair, parts of the table, my boyfriends lap across the table,…), pull one leg up with the foot on the seat/knee against table or sit cross legged (which is possible even in the lecture halls at university, because I don't extend over my seat^^). But it's true, I never sit "properly" because it is uncomfortable.
    By the way, I hate wearing heels and only do it on special occasions.
    Advantages: I can get comfy in buses/trains/planes easily! – I can sleep laying over two seats (even when one of them is occupied by my boyfriend :)!

    • Anonymous

      Das ist interesstant, dass du beschreibst wie du sitzt. Weil ich naemlich genau das Gleiche mache! Ich dachte es ist nur Angewohnheit, eine schlechte Angewohnheit. Besonders wenn ich beim Essen am Tisch sitze, und meine Kinder auch und ich ihnen ein Vorbild darin sein soll wie man vernuenftig a Tisch sitzt.

  13. Anonymous

    hi kelly i too am very petite. 5ft even weighing in at a whooping 91lbs.
    (34 yrs old).not only is it hard to find clothes do you ever find your the measureing device for children to compare ht ?or even worse display there strength? every time i see my niece amy (11 yrs old) its a big hug followed by watch this and up i go . she even wanted to bet she could stand with me on her soulders.what do you say to that? well me being the cool aunt said ok thinking to myself when i reach tip toes ill just kind of lift my feet and make myself to heavy.well it didnt even slow her down any it was like she already knew she could lift me like that.there i am on her shoulders embaressed proud and flatered all in the same moment. thank goodness only my sister was there .now i cant help but think what am i going to do when she brags and wants to prove she can do that? (sister told me she talks about it)just hope no one is around to see? lol

    • Marco

      Great Kelly!! But now that your niece is 14 year old lift you in every position?

    • di

      omg i get your pain/embarasment, i could share many experiences with you and they usual involve drunk men, bouncers etc thinking im a toy (in my 30s) raising me up in the air or posing with me like im an armrest in bars etc. Hope youre ok and its just your niece thats is embarasing you.

      • Anonymous

        yea di my younger bro loves hoisting my 110 pound body up in the air he has outweighed me since he was 13 he is 14 now and weighs 135pds im 20 yrs old and can no longer beat him at wrestling like when he was 10 lol

      • Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

    I found the comment about Kelly being picked up by a complete stranger rather disturbing. I hope she gave him hell. Being so small myself (5'2, 93 lbs) I often worry about being physically attacked. Does anyone else worry about this?

    • Bihrig

      As a tiny dwarf 2 ft 10 30 pds and am an actor sometimes dressed up as a baby. Been picked up about 6 times. First time I was a Santa elf dressed in infant outfit tights. Tall lady bout 6 ft 2 picked me up she was in short dress nylons asked were my mom was I kept telling her I was a 28 year old dwarf.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, i think about it all the time. As i am getting okder, im getting more and more paranoid about going out alone. Especially as , a few times in the past i have been followed or offered rides by strange men.

      • Anonymous

        About 10 or so years ago, some one asked my sister if she’s my mother. Im 6 years older than her. She was offended, i was offended thst some one thought i was my niece’s little sister.

  15. Anonymous

    I am 5 ft and 93 lbs. I hate it. I can't find anything and I have a two year old who is already standing as tall as my belly button. I have been mistaken as lost with my brother before… I mean someone actually wanted yo help find my mother. I'm in my mid thirties everyone. Ugh. I can't shop at many of these places suggested because clothes still don't fit. Any other suggestions? I get clothes from my baby sister and niece.. Which is stopping as they both have pasted mW by in clothing sizes. I hate the way I look in clothes and the way they fit in me. I never look my age and forget about looking sexy.

  16. Anonymous

    Im 29yrs old 4'9 and weigh 80 pounds.i hate bein small, i wish i was at least average height. shopping is soooooo constantly say i look sexy, but i sure as hell dont feel it or see it.fml

    • Anonymous

      Wow 80 nice I’m a guy and think that’s sexy

    • Anonymous users

      As long as you are healthy

    • di saepi

      i get what you mean, shopping is tough, chat to me if you want

    • Anonymous

      I’m 18 playfootball 225lb need a bodyguard?

  17. Marina

    I am the same size as this woman, maybe even smaller lol. 4'10 1/2, usually weigh between 84-86 pounds, I wear kids shoes and shoe size usually varies from 1 1/2 to 3 1/3. my clothes are small usually 0-00

    • di

      we are similar size 86-89lbs, i say 4ft 11,maybe on a good day! KIds clothes are cheaper im in my 30s! but dont like the child designs! We rock!

      • Anonymous

        my mom is also a lightweight 5ft 88lds i am her boby guard if wereout late shopping says i would make people think twice im a stocky male teen 5’10 bought 195 to 200lbs,

  18. Anonymous

    Samo samo,Im 56 years old size 00,The stores u mention r to big for me,The petite size,The butt part is all ways too BIG,And shirts are too Long in the body and in the sleeves,I all so have a problem with shoe size,I were a size 5,No where,Where I live sells size 5,Try and find a nice dress shoe to go on a Date or a Wedding,You can not find any thing,Some times I just want to put weight on,Just so may Be I can fine some thing,Or either that I will be wereing my Birthday suit,Need HELP BAD,Do not have money all the time to have my clothing taking in,I Hate it,When I go shopping all I want to do is CRY.

    • Anonymous

      I know exactly what you mean. I had a heck of a time looking for a decent dress for my sons wedding. In the end i finally found one that was so-so. The only solution i have been able to find , is too keep my clothes until they fall apart, and take advantage when i find the 1 thing that fits.

  19. Anonymous

    I am 5' and 230 pounds shoe size 4,5 which is ok if you wouldn't have a weird foot shape as me. Having a thyroid problem and depression doesn't help. But to be honest it is still easier for you gals which are petit physicly 🙂 to find clothes shoes and so on. The average size in china is also rather small so why not order from there? i don(t know if it will fit for everyone but for example their xl would be for us s/m maybe just saying. Hopefully i can help you guys with that. I know there is no such thing for tiny morbidly obese people like me anyway 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    I'm about the same size as you, 4'11" and I'm always mistaken as an elementary school kid even though I'm almost 20. I've recently come to the conclusion that I'll have to do my clothes shopping at children clothing stores so I'll be getting used to saying I'm shopping for myself when I walk in. I see the petite clothes section in those adult clothing store and thing to myself "they obviously don't know me." but I'll be milking my yougthful face for all its worth.

  21. Anonymous

    Hello! I'm 58 yrs. old 4'11 and 94 lbs. I wear size 0 or 1. I never had a ny proble finding clothes/dresses or pair of blue jeans. Ann Taylor or Black/White House Market or Charming Charlie are my favorite stores. Lauren's brand are perfect for my size also. I always get compliments about my wardrobe. I know how to dress and look beautiful and sophisticated. I get tickled when everyone calls me the "fashionista"

    • Anonymous

      I’m 4”11 106lbs I look a lot younger than 27. I would appreciate tips on how to dress and look a bit older than an 14 old. I don’t really like make up or not fashion expert

  22. Janet Evans

    I’m 4’9″ and weigh 84 lbs with a size one shoe. I love being tiny! It doesn’t define who I am, but it makes me unique. A man once told me that dynamite comes in small packages and that couldn’t be more true. Just because you are tiny doesn’t mean you have to live a tiny life.
    Tiny and Terrific!!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    I’m 4’11 and weigh around 85 pounds all growing up I’ve tried to gain weight and I just don’t know how

    • di saepi

      adding weight is tough for me too, maybe we should just like our size, i get attention so thats good, good to be positive janet, nice to chat

  24. B ihrig

    At 3 ft tall 30 pds life can be tough. I am a Santa elf every year wear infant girlfriend is 5 ft 11 about 172 pds size 11 shoe to my size 4 baby shoe. We have 14 month old daughter already my height at 2 ft 10 inches we also wear same size tights and shoes.i also do stints for baby showers posing as 13 month baby girl rhumba tights infant dress.

  25. Susan

    I am just 4’9″ and love being fun sized but hate some of the drawbacks. For instance, I took off my heels one Sunday only to realize I was looking several inches up to my 9 year old niece. She won’t let me live it down. Thanks for all the good advice in the comments though. Great discussion.

    • Subrena

      I know the feeling I’m 4″8. 🙁 I fit size 2 shoes in kids. And size 5 in womens are just too big. My 10 year old sister has bigger feet than me. The struggles sighs ?

    • di saepi

      omg susan know your pain, add me on fb if want to chat

    • Anonymous

      I have a 5 year old grandson thats going to be my height. by the time he’s 8. If not 7. At three years old. My watch fit him perfectly.

  26. Jennifer Williamson

    My daughter is actually 12 years old and is 5’1″ and 86 pds. However, she is very leggy. In fact, all legs, no torso. We are having a horrible time finding clothes to fit. She has grown out of our “go-to” boys XL joggers even. We were buying childrens slim sizes, but the 12 slim is about 3 inches too short and 14 slims, if the length is right, are always way too large around the waist. At her school, leggings are not permitted. This furthers my frustration. Do you have any tips on where I may find pants and jeans to fit her? I’ve tried 0’s, 00’s everything I can think of and still even among the same name jeans, Levi’s, Hollister, A&F, and Aero, it is a hit and miss, mostly a miss. In fact, I recently bought her 5 pairs of jeans, and 1 fit. She is a bit of a tom-boy and very hip-hop oriented. This also does not help, as the jeans are usually designed for curvy frames which she also does not possess. I feel horrible, and I know she is frustrated. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Yes, we have heard of Justice. Been there, griwn out of their lengths. The 12 slim is a perfect fit around her waist, but about 4 inches too short in length. The 14 slim is a huge dissappointment in that really it is a button in the waist that becomes a bunched up mess.Thank you for any help you may give us.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve probably tried American eagle, which Is say is a hit or miss- only some of the 00s are small enough and you have to watch out for “ankle” lengths, which will usually end up still being short in the long. For jeans delias is usually only place that works really well for me in a decent price range, somewhat limited selection, online only now, but the 00 is actually very small, and the lengths can vary from 28- 36 depending on the style. I’ve heard good things about ASOS tall, but they may not be small enough. The best source of pants ive found though, is digging through resale sites like poshmark or thredup and thrift stores for jeans from places like free people or 7 for all mankind, they tend to cut longer lengths and offer sizes smaller than 0

    • Anonymous

      I have the exact same problem. Exactly. Im Down to my very last good pants, and i just cant find anything that fits. I think i found some at jcpenny, but not for $50 !

  27. Anonymous

    Hi all! Good to be amongst others like myself! I am 28, 5ft and 83-88 lbs depending on the day. I often have to wear junior’s clothes from Kohl’s, wet seal, Macys (they have size XXS!) or Charlotte Russe, but am starting to branch out a bit now that I will soon be joining the professional world. I can wear some of the size 2 tops, dresses or skirts at H&M. I also Just discovered that the Limited and Guess carry some XS and 00 clothes but are expensive. Hope this helps some of you!

    • di saepi

      thanks, add me on facebook if want to chat, di saepi

  28. Anonymous

    Wow..great story.. I was 4’7″ and age 18. I always had a hard time to find clothes for me. I’ve been searching nice clothing store for my height.

  29. Anisa

    At 4’9.. and 19 y/o. At least I can wear my old clothes ?

  30. dorothy

    oh my gosh it is so nice to see something like this! My daughter is a tiney 58lbs and 4’4″ at 10.5 years old. We’ve done all we can to get her to gain weight and it just does not happen!! Finding clothing that fits her right is so hard! We can next to never find pants that don’t fall off her waist or make her look like she is expecting a flood. I would like to say she will gain weight at puberty, but possibly not. i got 3 nieces (sisters kids) who are adults and sizes 0 and 00. Oh and her feet are so long and narrow. They don’t make narrow for girls size 1!

  31. di saepi

    there seems to be some activity on here recent which is great, as we not got many petite fashion/small women forums more should be set up. be free to add me to chat if want, di saepi on facebook, hope to chat soon

  32. James

    My wife is 4’6″ and I think it makes her so unique. It certainly makes her the center of attention where ever we go. Also she is very beautiful. She hates all the attention she is filipina and is very shy. Finding clothes for her is very difficult. She weighs less than 90 lbs. Sometimes we shop in the kids section. But regardless of what people say or think she is absolutely perfect. She’s very tough and yet no scared to protect herself or stand up to people twice her size when she feels threatened or disrespectedit. I think for her being so tiny makes her even more special and I would never change her. I’m so blessed. Shirt girls rock!

    • Anonymous

      Fell same just blessed
      My girl friend is 4’6″ 32 years old
      Proportional in every way very tiny frame .
      Has to sit on edge of the seat to drive
      And that is with 3″ platform shoes !

      • Birgandy Taylor

        I appreciate you for writing this blog. I am 4’11 ( I have 5’0 on my drivers license) in my thirties with a teenager who is 5’3 and can really relate to this article as I often share clothes with my daughter. Fun fact: my husband is 6’5.

  33. Sheila

    I am 4ft 10 and weigh 104 pounds I am 80 years old and have. A difficult time buying clothes

    • Sheila

      I am 80 yrs old , weigh 104 pounds and are 4’10 in. Tall. I have a difficult time buying clothes. Can someone offer suggestions .

      • Marie

        …& i forgot to mention in my previous reply that my aunt only weighs 85lbs

    • Marie

      Hello sheila,
      Do you shop the petite section?
      & how have you found it to be for you?
      I am asking also because i am shopping for pajamas for my aunt who is 97 & dont know her correct size . I found some 12-14 in kids & they look quite small enough & not childish looking but im still not sure if they ll fit

  34. Anonymous

    I’m 5’3 and I had 2 babies. After 2 babies, I only weigh 103 pounds. I look young. I wear a kids size 14 or 0. I found Banana Republic has a petite section.

  35. Marie

    Hello all ,my aunt is 97 yrs old
    About 5’3 & weighs 85 lbs
    Need to find pajamas that fit?
    Any ideas? What size? & brand?

  36. Anonymous

    Wow I didn’t realize there were people the same size as me. I’m 4 ft 11 and I weighed 79 pound in high school. I had a baby and gained 50 pounds, but now I’m back down to 97. You’re super lucky you’re not from the south I was teased a lot.

    • Anonymous

      teased alot too, can uderstand, add me on fb if you want

  37. Carlita Bost

    Well gays I am 4’7 and weight only about 90 lbs and I dont look like a meget who else is this tiny and I’m 31 years old with 6 kids

  38. Rawan

    Reading all the comments I realized how many women have the same issues as me. I’m 4’10” and weigh about 89lbs (I was 83 and had to work hard to gain weight by doing muscle training). I’m also 35 years old and always felt that I was trapped in a 12 year old body. Just like Kelly I don’t realize how small I am compared to others. Sometimes I see small girls and think oh she is small only to be told by others that I’m even smaller and skinnier. I can’t say that I am completely happy with my body. From one angle yes I fit everywhere especially in those small plane seats and people usually like me I guess because they find me too cute! But on the other hard I struggle and work hard to be taken seriously and as an adult. Shopping is a nightmare since I’m 00P and wear a shoe size 4. I usually shop online which makes things easier. However professional attire is not something I’d buy online because it is impossible for me to return any item as I don’t live in US or UK which is where I mostly shop online then ship things to The Middle East where I live through a shipping service.
    For all the other petite ladies here is where I usually shop:
    1- Asos have a good amount of petite clothing in small sizes UK2,4,6
    2- Debenhams as well has quite the petite collection with size UK4,6
    3- Nordstrom has few petite items as well with size US00P and shoe size US4
    4- sometimes I find few things on amazon as well but I have to dig a lot to find them.
    5- H&M has few good options too as well as Zara but those are not petite but some fit ok.

  39. Summer Wood

    I felt like I was alone. I just wish I had someone face to face to shop with and stuff most girl friends can do together. I’m 27….
    5 foot nothing and 95 pounds I actually really hate it. But can’t do much about it. My mom is a taller woman and my dad is the short one. It’s so hard to feel comfortable in jeans and so many other clothes my biggest problem is jeans though. I want to feel sexy not cute. My daughters r cute. I don’t want to look like a child. Anyways that just felt good to let out. One of my favorite places to shop is rue 21 they have a lot of cute clothes that’s more for younger age group. Dillard’s has very nice office clothing for the mid younger age also. I live in the country now but when I lived in LA I love going to Chinese outlets 🙂

  40. Toni

    I know it’s to write as bad, but I’m small framed, 5’2″, 105,-115lbs, depending on stress and activity seems like an little change can make my weight change dramatically..maybe it just looks more, being short. I totally agree that shopping is frustrating! I am usually stuck buying my clothes in the junior section, sizes can range from 00-4p depending on brand and style..I actually have a bubble butt amd muscular legs, and I think that works in my favor and maybe I don’t have as much trouble with my bottoms as some of y’all lovely ladies. Finding tops that don’t have sparkles or sequins or aren’t in bubble gum/neon colored or that don’t have characters or writing on them, (I am 35!), is difficult because Junior size tops are usually too long both at the bottom and the arms and for some reason I don’t find petite size tops where I live
    .everything is bigger in I shop in the children’s section at certain stores like Kohl’s. I’m sure if I could afford it, I could find better quality and true sizing at more high end stores..but I have a 12 year old and a 3 year old, I’m a sahm by choice and even though he makes a decent living working in the family business, one income, leaves very little room for spending more than I do already. I uaed to share clothes with my 12 year old daughter..did for a few years. She has bigger breasts than me, and as of this year, wears a larger size than I do..both bottom and top. I would like to point out that even though there are disadvantages, there are also advantages! For example, I enjoy rock concerts very much and I live in ATX (Austin music capital of the world) ans we have alot of concerts! At every general admission concert ove been to, I get picked up onto some dudes shoulders and end up right up at the seat in the house! Not sure why it happens, but it does and I can’t complain! Also, I look younger than I am, which at 35 years old, I don’t mind…until the validity of my license is questioned. I ride a motorcycle, and my size helps me go faster..platform boots and a little adjustment to lower the bike and I’m able to reach the ground, albeit only with one foot, but I that’s ok. My boyfriend can pick me up and carry me around .he’s a foot taller and almost twice my weight in muscle?..I find it very sexy and romantic when he carrys me.
    Well, have a happy life, ladies! #shortgirlsareawesome

  41. Anonymous


  42. Anonymous

    Any one want need a body guard im ya guy 18 wt 245

  43. Kaydee

    I’m 18 I’m 4’7, and 115, I am overweight for my height and build, I find it hard to find clothes in the adult’s section that fit, so I still shop in the kid’s section and buy big shirts from HotTopic, I enjoy kids clothes anyway they suit me and my personality, I still look like a little kid anyway. *shrugs her shoulders* I like colors and unicorns okay XD

  44. Chelsea

    I’m Chelsea I’m 27 years of age. I am 4’7″ short and I weigh in at 110 pounds. I have a size 13 1/2 foot. I can wear clothes from juniors section and the kids section. I am always finding that Not all sizes fit the same depending on the company. That’s frustrating. Also finding shoes that are age appropriate is a nightmare.

  45. Marissa

    Thanks for sharing! I’m 4’8” 85lbs and its nice to know others can relate to the struggle. Being small really does impact so many areas of our lives. I’m lucky to have pedal extenders installed in my car and I buy clothes in Asia when I visit family. I have found a good selection of xxsp sizes at Abercrombie and size 4 US shoes at Naturalizer.

  46. Radicallyrad

    So when you said you looked at someone and said “aww, they look so cute!” and then realized you were shorter than them, I TOTALLY get that! My sister is 4’11 and 86, and I’m 5’2 and 100, so I’m a little taller than you but I totally agree that it’s SOO hard to get shoes that aren’t for 8 yr olds, to get shirts that aren’t juvenile, and to get people to take you seriously. I’m glad that you have had such a successful life, it gives me hope that eventually my Sister and I can gain respect from others despite being petite.

    • Cheryl F

      Our daughter is 16,going on 17 and small for her age also! She is about 5ft tall and weighs about 90 pounds!Two years ago when she was 15,she finially made her First Holy Communion in the class with the 2nd graders. It was a challenge finding the required communion outfit!We found a cute,poofy,short sleeve,communion dress in girls size in a childrens store,and the bottom of the dress came to the top of her knees! We got the matching veil,lace anklets and the white patent leather shoes their as well.We got the required white undershirt at target and then went to a thrift store to look for the required white rubberpants.There were several pairs hanging on a hangar in the childrens section and i found a pair of toddler size.I had her try them on and they actually fit her fairly well! The morning of the ceremony,she took her bath then i babypowdered her,then put the rubberpants on her first,then the undershirt,then the rest of the outfit.She looked very cute and because of her size,little girlish!She was just a little bit taller than the little girls in her class and some people asked us how old she was and we told them 15 and they were surprised!

  47. Mindy J.

    To Cheryl F.- I am 19 and small for my age also at just over 5ft and weigh around 85 pounds! when i made my First Holy Communion 5 years ago at 14 in the class with the 7 year olds,i was able to fit into a girls First Communion dress that was quite poofy and short sleeve and came to my knees! I had the matching veil and wore white tights with the white ‘mary jane’ shoes. Just like the little girls,i wore a white tee shirt as my top and my communion diaper was a size 8 pampers and i was able to fit into toddler extra large size rubberpants that i wore over the pampers.I too was mistaken for one of the little girls because of my size and people were shocked when i told them i was 14! Before the ceremony,i was in the class room with the little girls and a few moms lifted up the front of my communion dress and checked out my pampers and rubberpants under my tights and thought it was cute that i had the toddler extra large size rubberpants on over my pampers!

  48. Jannelle M.

    I too am small for my age and find it hard to buy clothes! When i was a teenager,it was a nightmare being smaller than my friends!When i was finially baptized at age 14 at Easter vigil,my mom found a white,poofy,short sleeve,preteen size baptism dress that fit me and my aunt made my baptism bonnet to match my dress.Mom got my lace anklets in the girls section at Walmart and my white mary jane shoes in the kids section at a shoe store! Mom got a package of the 12 count Gerber flat cloth diapers in the 24×27 inch size and sewed them together around the edges to make my baptism diaper with and pinned it on me with regular white diaper pins.She got the largest size of toddler rubberpants that actually fit me fairly well over my diaper and i wore a white girls tee shirt as my top.All of the other preteen and teen girls were dressed like me also,but i stood out because of my small size! For my First Holy Communion the next month in May,i wore a girls size communion dress with the veil and my lace anklets and shoes from my baptism outfit.When we made our First Holy Communions the next month in may,all of us girls had to wear our baptism diaper,rubberpants and under shirts under our communion dresses since we were still considered newly baptized ‘babies’.Again,being smaller than the rest of the girls i was mistaken for a little girl!

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