Notes From The Road: Small Town Oz

I usually live in St. Paul, Minnesota but for the last nine months I’ve been traveling – through India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and New Zealand.  Now I’m on my way home via Australia and California.  You can read about my previous adventures here.

Hello from small town, Australia!
  This is not the post where I tell you  that I’m shooting ‘roos from the porch and wrestling with dingo pups.I’ve spent the last week in the adorable, decidedly upmarket Bowral.  It’s filled with cute boutiques, nice restaurants, adorable cottages and lovely hikes.  A good friend of mine chefs at a brasserie here, so I’ve spent my time eating things like twice-baked cheese souffle, baked brie with thyme and red wine, creme brulee, balsamic portabellas with caramelized onions and feta.

Good thing I’ll be home just in time for Minnesota’s swimsuit season.

Other activities included: hiking, drinking lots of coffee on the deck in our pajamas, trying to start fires, reading cookbooks aloud to each other, losing at pub trivia, drinking 18 glasses of wine while solving the world’s problems and discovering that Australia was nice enough to name not one, but two, beers after me.



Next up, staying with catching up with Minnesota friends who live in Sydney!

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  1. laco

    that food sounds amazing. i thought i was the only one that read cookbooks aloud! dearheart, we will have to find you in st. paul and have a carafe!
    thank you for sharing all of your adventures here. it is so inspiring.
    ~laco (a comfortable creature)

  2. doniree

    So, one of my best friends (Sean – has a very similar story/route! Also from St. Paul (fine, Eagan), he spent the last 10 months hopping between NZ and Thailand and neighboring areas. Now he's back in MN til the winter when he heads out to South America to dodge the snow. Safe travels!

  3. Alana

    My home town!! Im so glad you enjoyed it and we put on a good show for you!! xx

  4. Sarah Von Bargen


    I had such a lovely time – it's such a sweet little town!

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