How To Be Skinny

Wondering how to be skinny? Looking for weight loss tips? Click through for some pretty unexpected beauty advice.
This post comes to use from The Dame. She blogs about love, sex, inspiration and a million other interesting things.  Recently a teenage girl emailed her asking for  “a schedule of diet and exercise” and here is what she said:


Look in the mirror and list everything you love about your body.

Eat something green.

Do something you love and that makes you laugh.

Make someone else laugh.

Throw away all fashion/women’s magazines.

Get active doing something you enjoy: dancing, surfing, running, building, fixing, yoga, tidying, whatever makes you happy and smiley.

Shop for clothes that look good on you. Don’t look at the size, just find what fits well.

Throw away your scale.

Eat less red meat.

Drink 2 liters of water.

Make a list of everything you’re grateful for.

Find ways to make other people happy.

Commit random acts of kindness.

Never say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend or loved one.

Accept yourself and know that you are and will always be good enough.

Repeat Tues to Sunday.

P.S. An email to my body.

photo by brooke cagle // cc

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  1. The Dame

    Thank you for featuring my post Sarah 😀

  2. margosita

    This may be a stupid comment/question… But what about Monday? Is that the day it's ok to eat cake?


  3. Angie.

    Love that list!

    I would add to that list,
    Going & Teaching Zumba (It ALWAYS makes my day better…)
    and picking a part of my body that I particularly love that day (much like Kate does from "Eat The Damn Cake").

  4. Christy

    Amazing =)

  5. jenc24

    I LOVE this!

    My go-to feel good is red lipstick, a sun dress, and EDPs – also known as Extreme Dance Partys… usually by myself in my living room. 🙂

  6. Kerry

    Love this.

    I bathe myself in color – put on bright clothes and bright lipstick. I'm currently in the process of weeding out all the grey and black from my wardrobe (which is tough because I do love grey and black) so that I can feel better every day without having to dig around first.

  7. Mary

    This is so sweet. Great advice. What I do is …
    1-meditate (because feeling not-pretty is often associated with feeling stressed about other things)
    2-write (because sometimes whatever's rattling around in my brain needs to get out)
    3-hug someone (because I need to remember that I have love in my life no matter how I think I look at that moment)
    4-go to the yoga studio (because practicing yoga with a community helps me maintain a healthy perspective)

  8. Erin Lee Ware

    i admire you, sarah von! giving up coffee would turn me into a brat– and STAT!

    to look and feel my best, i brush my teeth, don some mascara, wear a flowy blouse, and put on dem bling-blings, preferably a big cocktail ring (something about an obvious ring makes me feel powerful).

  9. Eliza the Brute

    wearing colorful tights always does it for me. basking in the attention of others starring at your kelly green legs makes me feel like a million bucks.
    also, flossing always tends to make me feel quite foxy.

  10. biggreenfeet

    I usually enjoy your blog because of the all around "feel good" attitude of it, but I was not impressed with the Dame's site, or "How to be Skinny." I'm on the same page as those who would argue for HAES, and not restricting the diet of a person so young.

  11. Nora

    I like the list, except for the food advice 😉
    I love sugar, I love coffee and I love to eat. I think everyone should eat and drink whatever they want. Whenever I want to have a pizza at midnight, I'm going to have one. Well, most of the time not a complete pizza, but enough to satisfy my appetite. Diversification is my secret for a healthy lifestyle without weight fluctuations. (and it took me almost 20 years of my lifetime -including a lot of crying in front of the mirror- to figure that out.. now I'm 25 and feel for the first time in my life good in my body) .. oh, and I don't care about being skinny, I'm a curvy girl. Always been, always will 😉

  12. Emily

    I absolutely love this, especially "never say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to a friend or loved one."

    Sometimes, I am so MEAN to myself. I have literally looked in the mirror and said OUT LOUD: "You are so fat!"

    Thanks for this beautiful, inspiring reminder xoxo

  13. Rachel

    Marvelous post and marvelous closing question! Answering it helps us figure it out…
    I guess what I do to feel my best is: put on eyeliner, pay extra attention to the cat, stay off the internet, give my guy a kiss and go on a decadent walk where I notice all the trees in bloom and eavesdrop on everyone.

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