The LIVE version of Make It Stick Habit School is open for enrollment!

Friend, let me cut to the chase:

The live version of my super popular course Make It Stick Habit School is open for enrollment today!

Why are we running it live? Because self-paced online courses have a 3% completion rate and we can do better than that.

At at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, when you change your habits, you change your life.

But I bet you already know that, don’t you?

And I bet you’re totally aware of the bad habits that are pushing you further from your goals. But maybe you can’t make habit change stick?

When you try to change things on your own it might look like:

  • drinking smoothies every morning for a few days and then falling off the wagon
  • resisting Netflix binges for a few weeks, but then you have a bad day and you’re back at it
  • seeing other people who seem to have all figured out; you wonder what they know that you don’t

“I loved Habit School! 1. Because it helped me realize why all my other good habits have slid right off me. And 2. because it actually. Made. Good. Habits. STICK! I’m not kidding you. It just worked, and it made me feel amazing.

I’ve been able to replicate that same success over and over, with little habits that I was so discouraged about not being able to accomplish before. It is a whole new way of looking at how you behave, and it has really and truly helped me make steps towards being the Nora I want to be.”   – Nora M.

You look at other people and find yourself thinking:

“How can she go running every morning? Doesn’t she ever want to sleep in?”

“He never seems tempted to order a third beer. Why not? Where does he get all that self-control?”

“Every day she unpacks some impressive salad she brought from home and I’m over here with my mediocre $10 deli sandwich. Why can’t I be like that?”

Make It Stick Habit School is your bridge from knowing better to DOING better.

You already know what you should be doing. You just need your brain and body listen. This 6-step system and course will help you understand how to make habit change stick – for good.

With Sarah’s humor, humility, and science-backed strategies, I haven’t missed a workout since I took Habit School.

I know I’ll miss a day eventually, but Habit School has also prepared me to lessen the impact of that by planning alternate activities and, most importantly, going easy on myself.”    – Bobby S.

Habit School is $97. Here’s how we do it + what you get:

  • A private Facebook group for support + camaraderie
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • 4 live q & as
  • 8 module video course + workbook
  • Weekly emails to keep you motivated + moving

Because we do all this in real time with lots of support, I limit enrollment to 250 new students. 15 of those seats have already been snapped up by people in my Facebook group! So if you’re keen, you might want to grab your seat now!

Class starts October 15th! If you’d like to get your good habits on lock-down before the craziness of the holidays, this is for you.

Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to this week, friends? Besides losing your mind over current events? I had lunch dates, got ready to open the live version of Make It Stick Habit School (!!!), and now I’m taking a three-day weekend at a cabin in Wisconsin for a friend’s birthday. Hiking! Kayaking! Reading by the fire!

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2 Perfectionist Tips That Will Free Up Your Time, Brain, and Energy

Looking for perfectionist tips that will help you overcome perfectionism? Just want to write better to-do lists in your bullet journal or be more productive? Click through for 2 great tips!

I’m not a perfectionist in the traditional sense.

I’ve published dozens of blog posts that contain typos. I’ll leave the house knowing there’s a tiny coffee stain on my shirt and pretend it happened in transit. I’ll happily cobble together a meal from a wilting green pepper and some freezer-burned corn and then yell about how I’m pretty much Julia Child.

I mean, I wrote a blog post entitled “It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect, It Just Has To Be Something.”

But I’ll also spend weeks – or months! – polishing and editing and fussing over an ebook that’s already 99% amazing. I’ll wander into the kitchen at 10 pm “just to wipe down the counters” … and then it’s 45 minutes later and I’m defrosting the freezer. I’ll spend so long tweaking a client proposal that I almost miss the deadline.

Of course, truly getting over perfectionism is the work of a lifetime and probably lots of therapy. But while you’re doing that deeper work, here are two surprisingly effective tips that have helped me get out of my own way and get on with my totally-not-perfect-but-still-awesome life!


Web Time Wasters

Two photos from my recent trip to Winnipeg

How was your week, friends? I pho-ed with friends, celebrated some big accomplishments at The Lexington, and generally puttered around and nested because it was dark, cold, and rainy and that’s what you do in that weather!

I also started getting ready for the live version of Make It Stick Habit School which will start October 15th! If you want to get your habits on lock before we dive into the pandemonium of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, this is your chance. And because it’s live, you get weekly accountability check-ins, a private Facebook group, and live Q & As!

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10 Airbnb tips to find the best places + avoid grody hovels

Looking for Airbnb tips? Want to know how to find the best Airbnbs and avoid creeps and dirty places? Click through for Airbnb advice learned from six years of using the platform!

I’m struggling to figure out the minimalist hipster microwave in my Airbnb when I hear my phone ping. I fuss with the buttons and knobs on the microwave (maybe it’s not a microwave?) as my phone pings again and again and again.

I’ve just posted a video tour of the place where I’m staying – all exposed brick and gorgeous light – and I’m pretty such I know what the Instagram dms are going to say: “How do you find these great places?!” and “Where are you? What’s the listing for this place?”

For ages people have been asking me to share my best Airbnb tips and how I find such great places. This, my friends, is that post!

(And no Airbnb post would be complete without me sharing my affiliate code for $40 towards your first booking. So there’s that.)

If you’re preemtively side-eyeing Airbnb and thinking “Why would I want to use a service that requires a how-to and tips? I don’t need a tutorial on booking hotels! Harumph!”

I get it. But here are three reasons I will almost always use Airbnb:

1. You will almost always get more for your money

Last week, four of us stayed in this two-bedroom waterfront condo for a total of $99 a night. The hotel directly across the street is $153 per night for a room with one queen bed. This is pretty much the case everywhere, ever.

2. You can stay in a residential neighborhood rather than out by the airport

You know what I’m talking about. Most non-boutique hotels exist in that weird hinterland between the highway and Applebee’s. Most Airbnbs are in real, actual neighborhoods.

You can go for a walk in the morning! Pop down to the coffee shop! Get an idea of how locals live rather than eating hotel oatmeal with a bunch of business travelers!

3. You’re putting money directly in the pockets of locals (rather than multinational hospitality conglomerates) 

The money I give my Airbnb host is helping her pay for groceries and her kid’s soccer camp. When I stay at a Holiday Inn, my money is going to InterContinental Hotels Group. And who are they, really?

10 Airbnb tips to find great hosts + avoid grody hovels


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I just wrapped up a six-day road trip and a few days in Winnipeg for my yearly Mastermind retreat. So fun! So highly recommended! And it’s basically free because it’s just me + a bunch of internet buddies talking online business – no five-figure membership fees!

If you’d like to DIY your own Mastermind retreat, here’s how we did it. And I got so many DMs about Airbnb I stayed at in Winnipeg! This is it and, yes, that rooftop terrace was amazing. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, here’s a $40 credit towards your first booking!

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