True Story: I’m a Creative Director

Want to become a creative director? Click through for one woman's story of how she came to creatively direct a company who sent her a pair of free tights when she was a fashion blogger!

If you were a creative, artistic kid you were probably directed towards a few career paths: graphic designer, art teacher, or wedding photographer.

I bet you nobody even told you that you could become a Creative Director! Today, Aminta is telling us more about her career and what traits and skills you need to become a Creative Director.


I’m retiring Yes & Yes ad space! You’ve got two months left!

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And a big asterisk: I don’t accept sponsors who are selling MLM schemes, diet plans, or companies that use pejorative terms in their branding.

As always, dear readers, thank you for making Yes & Yes part of your online life and I look forward to all sorts of awesome things in 2018!

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Two words that will make you happier, calmer, and more certain

Want to maintain boundaries, save money, have more energy, or happier relationships? Creating 'personal policies' might be the answer! Click through to find how to do it and + why they work!

“Well, I’m certainly happy to take this to the tenant advocacy group if need be,” I say tartly. I tap my finger meaningfully on a highlighted section of my lease and raise my eyebrows.

It’s 2011 and I’m tangling with my landlord. He’s trying to make me cover the cost of repairing a phone jack that didn’t work when I moved in (?!?). I’ve pulled the appropriate paperwork, researched my options, and generally made him rue the day he messed with the blonde in 7A.

If you need someone take concerns to HR, call the president of the condo board, or convince your boss you deserve a raise, I am that someone.

(I mean, just as an aside, I don’t think they let friends negotiate raises but you see where I’m  going with this.) 

Since I’m the captain of team “I’d like to speak to the manager,” you’d think that would translate to other parts of my life, right?

For a long time, it didn’t.

For years, I would happily confront anyone, anywhere if I was backed by a “policy.” If I could print something out and point to a specific sentence, I was fearless. Backed by structure and bureaucracy, I felt confident taking on my boss, my landlord, my insurance company, my cell phone provider.

And I could summon the same tenacity when I advocated or negotiated for other people. You will regret the day you tried to overcharge my friend, because I am going to have words about it!!!

But when it came to advocating for myself in tenuous situations – situations where I was only backed by feelings, not paperwork – I’d wilt into a milquetoast wallflower. I’d make a mumbled, half-hearted request and then fade back into the carpet.

Apparently this is quite common. A 2016 study showed that women negotiate better outcomes when they’re negotiating for others than when they negotiate for themselves.

I was the same. Until I started creating ‘personal policies.’


True Story: My Sibling Is Transitioning

How would you deal if your sister was trans? Even if you were super supportive, change is hard. Click through for one woman and her sibling's story.

There are a decent number of resources available to help people navigate the experience of transitioning from one gender to another.

But what if your sister became your brother? Even if you were happy for them to live this new life, change is hard! How would you handle it? Are you allowed to mourn the loss of your sister while celebrating getting a brother?

Today, Megan is sharing her and her brother Jake’s story. (Names and identifying details have been changed.)