How To Write For Your Business But Sound Like A Human

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Have you ever found yourself reading the back of a shampoo bottle and chuckling? Or laughing over a product description and forwarding it to your friend? Or reading a sales page and looking behind you because you’re thinking “HOW ARE YOU TALKING DIRECTLY TO ME???”

You have? Congrats! You’ve encountered sales copy that sounds like a human! It is rare and not unlike spotting a unicorn in the wild.

The fact that fun, engaging, human-sounding copy is so rare makes it about a million more effective than jargon-filled corporate mumbo jumbo. We Write You can teach you how to write like a human and  get past your fears about “being appropriate” online.

And if you’d like a bit of honest feedback on your writing? They’ll look at your stuff and give it to you. For free.

And if you’re thinking, “That’s cool and everything, but I’m too busy to even write my own stuff” – they can help with that, too! Their copywriting packages are A BARGAIN. Go check ’em out!

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Why You Need An “Every Damn Day” List + How To Create One

Looking for productivity tips or trying to stay positive? You might need an Every Damn Day List! Click through and see how this super simple tool can help you stay on track towards your goals, not matter what else is going on with your life!

It’s a perfect world and I awake to songbirds, cooing me into consciousness. I eat a surprisingly delicious, kale-filled breakfast and then walk the dog while simultaneously meditating.

I settle into a lovely day of writing, phone calls, and catching up with friends. I am wearing a cute outfit, my hair looks amazing, and my home is miraculously spotless. I AM A PARAGON OF POSITIVITY AND PRODUCTIVITY!!!

But, sadly, this isn’t a perfect world.  

On any given day, it’s entirely possible that I will sleep late, work myself into a headache, avoid phone calls, and/or eat popcorn for every meal.

Life happens! Deadlines change, priorities shift, and sometimes I just don’t want to put on real pants, okay?

So how do we keep our lives from derailing when things get busy? How do we keep making tiny, incremental steps towards the life we want when we’re nearly too frazzled to function?

We make and use an Every Damn Day List.


True Story: I opened a dog cafe

What would it be like to open your own dog cafe?! A dream? A Department of Health nightmare? Both? Click through for one dog-lover's business story!

When I ​was in New York last fall, I had lunch with my friend Logan. Over noodles, she told me she was thinking about opening a dog cafe; I nodded along and immediately forgot about it. 

Flash forward to 2018 and Boris And Horton is on the Today Show, USA Today, and New York Post! Today, Logan is tell us  how she helped open New York’s first dog cafe.


Reminder: You can be imperfect, successful, and happy simultaneously

This post is brought to you by a voice that shakes but speaks the truth anyway, newfound confidence, the letter G, and Gwendolyn Weston

I had the idea for Yes & Yes in April of 2008. But if you scroll allllll the way back, you’ll see that I didn’t publish the first post till September.

Why? Because I spent six months – 180 days – worrying about my blog template, obsessing over fonts, and generally hiding in perfectionism. I thought if I could make everything perfect, I’d be immediately successful. I thought that if I did everything “right” I wouldn’t experience the things that other fledgling bloggers experienced.

I wish I could go back in time and introduce 2008 Sarah to Gwen Weston.

Gwen writes (and coaches) about how we Type-A types can show up for uncertainty. She writes about how failure builds confidence and how we should all learn that it’s okay to speak imperfectly. She’s a lovely, refreshing antidote to perfectionism.

There’s that oft-quoted aphorism about shipping products from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” I wonder if the same applies to putting yourself out there.

Because I’ve realized that I hadn’t really discovered the depths of my resilience until I put myself in uncertain and vulnerable situations. That only by giving a shaky talk at a meet-up, by hosting an event with low turnout, by releasing an app that no one used did I learn to actually believe I could move past the stumbles and failures of vulnerable situations. Counter-intuitively, it seems that failure builds confidence.

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Is that self-care or self-sabotage?

Is your self-care actually self-sabotage? Are you using self-care as an excuse to avoid doing hard things or as a reason to do things you know aren't healthy? It’s been a rough few days – overcast weather, doctors appointments, tough conversations – so I decide it’s time to devote a day self-care. I narrow my eyes, take a deep breath, and leannnnn into it. Next stop: Selfcareville, Population: me.

Showers? WHO NEEDS ‘EM.
Carbs? Let’s eat all of them. Preferably topped with melted cheese.
Netflix is on, my sweatpants are on, and the oven is on because I’m making my second pan of pizza rolls.

Also: I don’t need to clean up the kitchen BECAUSE SELF-CARE.

Now, if you’re keeping score, reader, exactly none of these behaviors make me feel better. None of them make up for the overcast weather or the challenges of the last few days. Honestly, I’m using the pizza rolls and Netflix to numb out and avoid doing tough, life-improving things I need to do.

Which leads me to this Potentially Unpopular Opinion: The term 'self-care' has given us a sneaky, clever umbrella term to huddle under while we engage in some of our least-healthy tendencies. Click To Tweet

Watching a three hours of Parks And Rec after an exhausting work day? Self-care!

Tuning out of our bickering children so we can watch Instagram Stories for 20 minutes? Self-care!

Skipping the gym so we can lay in bed for an extra hour? Self-care!

And sometimes these are the things we really need to do take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries. Sometimes the only thing that’s going to cure what ails me is a comfy pair of sweats and some processed carbs.

But if I’m not careful, I can convince myself that not-particularly-healthy, not-particularly-beneficial behavior qualifies as “self-care.”