True Story: I have a Househusband

What would it be like to have a 'househusband' - a male partner whose primary responsibility was running the household? Click through for one family's story!
What would it be like to have a ‘househusband’ – a male partner whose primary responsibility was running the household? Would it be amazing? Slightly awkward? Caryn and Todd are doing the househusband thing and they love it!


What Nobody Tells You About Happy Relationships

This post is brought to you by fewer fights, more laughter, the letter m, and Modern Married. 

Have you ever tried to find resources for making your relationship Really Great? As in not just “fine” or “good” but THRIVING? There are piles of books about how to deal with cheating or divorce. But not nearly enough on how to strengthen and find bliss in your marriage.

If you have a partner and you’re done with it being “ok” and you’re ready to go from so-so to so good, then my friend Maggie is your girl. She shares such good, actionable advice on long-term relationships. She teaches her people how to argue in a way that actually results in closeness and connection. She reminds us to make deposits in our emotional bank account every single day.

No matter if you’re married, living together, or living apart and super committed – Maggie can help. I think you’ll love what she has to say!

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How To Fund Your Creative Work on Patreon

Looking for Patreon tips? Want to use Patreon to fun your art or creative work? Click through for tips from a podcaster who gets $3,300 per season from supporters!

When I discovered that my friend Nicole was funding her amazing podcast Real Talk Radio via Patreon I was verrrrry intrigued. No sponsors? No ad breaks? But she wasn’t doing it for free? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY.

So I obviously asked her to tell us all about it! If you’ve ever wondered what the deal is with Patreon or wanted to try it yourself – read on! *


True Story: I’m A Composer

What's it like to work as a modern classical composer? Like, for your whole job? Dale Trumbore shares her story and music industry insights!

When I picture a composer, I picture an old white dude in a powdery wig or that Sesame Street muppet. But Dale Trumbore is a smile-y, 30-year old woman, living in L.A. and writing classical compositions. Like, for her whole job. This is her story.