11 Minimalist Gift Ideas That Add To Happiness, Not Clutter

“Minimalist gift ideas, Sarah? Like a single leaf in a vase? Or one drapey linen shirt? Har har har.” 

I can already hear the good-natured eye-rolling, friends. And let me tell you with all the love in my heart I AM NOT HAVING IT.

When I say ‘minimalist gifts’ I’m not saying you spite-give everyone a copy of The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. I’m not suggesting you give your sister a single polished stone (though honestly that would be so funny.)

To me, a ‘minimalist gift’ is something that

  • Can be used up
  • Recycled or composted
  • Doesn’t require storage or dusting

Minimalist gifts don’t require us to lecture anyone about Consumerism! And Carbon footprints! And Fast Fashion!

I’m not talking about giving people things we WISH they wanted. (No matter how nice the sleeping bag is, I’m never going to like camping, guys.)

Honestly, you could probably give a minimalist gift to every blessed person on your list! No matter who you’re giving gifts to, there’s probably a way for you to give them something happy-making and life-improving that’s not for sale at Target and won’t end up in a landfill.

11 Minimalist Gift Ideas That Add To Happiness, Not Clutter (more…)

How to actually remember your goals + resolutions this year

This post is brought to you by meaningful jewelry, goals you actually remember, the letter W, and Wishbeads.

We’re getting close to goal-setting, resolution-making, ‘my life transformation is going to stick this time’ season, aren’t we?

If you’re anything like the average human, you set a goal/make a wish/create a resolution annnnnnd forget about it 10 days later.

Does this sound familiar? I’d like to introduce you to Wishbeads. They’re gorgeous bracelets made from paper beads that you write your wishes for the future on.

Imagine: navigating life with a physical reminder of your wishes and goals, wrapped around your wrist. Isn’t that lovely?

The end result of your wishwork is a great bracelet, but the process is just as sweet.

You visualize your wish in vivid, gorgeous detail, write it out on the thick, beautiful paper, and then wrap and wind your beads. Making wishbead necklaces and bracelets is a great activity for birthday parties, a New Year’s Eve get together, even a cabin weekend with friends!

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9 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Brain, and Business

Fellow bloggers, creatives, and self-employed types! I rounded up the best, most helpful stuff for you!

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Mariah Coz’s Webinar Rockstar course dramatically up-leveled my live class game. Like, webinar attendees often tell me in the chat that I’m good at it. One student actually wrote “I BOUGHT THAT SHIT SO FAST.” 😂 Totally recommended if webinars are part of your marketing strategy!

Instagram hacks you haven’t heard before (like how to get the right spacing in your captions!)

I really appreciated Sarah’s honesty here.
Blogging has changed a ton since I started, when there were no marketing campaigns and it was all about telling stories and sharing ideas. When I was a teenager and in my twenties it was my creative outlet. I would spend entire days writing, taking photos, screwing around with my design, happily staying up until 4 in the morning. But I haven’t done anything resembling that in YEARS.

Helpful! The ultimate stash of time-saving hacks for content-creating solopreneurs.

I started my Money & Happy Facebook group on a whim and I love it! Facebook just rolled out tons of new helpful features for Facebook groups if you have one of your own.

This is an internet pledge I can get behind.

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Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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