6 Apps That Help Me Find The Time & Energy To Go After What I Want

Looking for goal-setting tips or productivity advice? Motivational advice or tips to boost your energy? Read on for 6 time management apps that help me find more time and energy!Don’t care how, I want it nowwwwww

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is being watched at loud volume in  the living room, while I saute garlic and onions for dinner. Over the sizzle in the frying pan, I can hear Veruca Salt’s big song and dance number.

She’s detailing what she wants (pink macaroons, a party with rooms full of laughter, the world) and when she wants it (now) and I can’t help but think:

“Girl, SAME.”

So what’s getting in my way? What’s getting in your way – from going after what you want? 

There are many complicated answers to this question (the patriarchy, institutionalized racism, life-long habits of self-sabotage + people-pleasing) but for the purposes of this short, actionable blog post let’s talk about how most of us really want more time + energy to pursue our goals!

6 apps that help me find the time & energy to go after what I want


We can’t rescue time if we, uh, don’t know where it’s going. Toggl is my favorite free time-tracking software – you just install it in your taskbar and click it on and off as you change tasks. It even gives you color-coded pie charts at the end of the week + day of where your time is going!!!


If you know you’re scrolling more than you want and you’ve reached a point of diminishing returns on the joy you’re getting from IG Stories, install this app to block yourself after a certain time.

Thumbtack + Taskrabbit

Not all of us are in a place where we can pay strangers to do things we don’t want to do. But if you can afford to order take out, you can probably afford either of these platforms! Skip this week’s dinner delivery and pay someone to do yard work, walk the dog, clean the gutters, whatever it is that’s eating up your time + energy!

P.S. Both these platforms offer discount codes to first time users – billed to the app, not the service provider – so Google around to see what you can find!

Youtube + Spotify playlists

Won’t help you find more time, WILL help you find more energy! The neural link between uptempo music + energy is well documented and luckily for us, Youtube and Spotify and free! And – even more luckily! – some lovely people have already put together “happy” playlists for us!

Want more tips + tricks to rescue even more time and energy? I made you this free workbook and audio download! Click here to grab yours + start listening now.

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