If you want to believe in everyday magic

This post is brought to you by kismet, good luck, the letter C, and Casey Erin Wood

Do you know anyone who believes in Everyday Magic? The sort of person who’s constantly referencing ‘kismet’ and finding lucky pennies and patting your hand and saying “It’s a sign”? And even if you’re a skeptic you have to admit that life seems a little bit more juicy when you’re in her vicinity?

If you don’t have that friend IRL, you’re about to have that friend online. That friend’s name is Casey Erin Wood.

Casey writes with candor and grace about believing in Santa (but not the way you think). She shares her stories of stars and ancestors aligning to make amazing things happen. She even shares a ‘spell’ created by her 8-year-old daughter … which sounds a lot like wise self-care.

If you’re looking for a buddy who can add a bit of magic and a touch of good-natured woo-woo to your life, Casey is your girl!

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The Cheapskate Guide To: Brussels

Want to travel Brussels, Belgium on the cheap? Click through for from-a-local travel tips on where to go, what to do, and what to eat on a budget!

Belgium cheap? I have a tendency to believe “Europe = expensive,” but it doesn’t have to!

Today, we have from-a-local insight on a $21 Airbnb directly across from a palace (!!!), $2.50 fries, and free walking tours!


True Story: I’m A Medium

A fascinating interview with a Medium! Click through for insights into how you can connect with friends and family who have passed on!

How would you feel if dead people regularly popped into your mind to communicate with their living relatives? Or if someone’s dead father-in-law bumped into you a party? That’s all in a day’s work for my friend Heather!


Web Time Wasters

Doesn’t this movie look great?

How was your Thanksgiving, fellow Americans? We celebrated in my MIL’s apartment on the 33rd floor – it felt like such a ‘city’ celebration! On Saturday and Sunday we popped up to friend’s cabin for Friendsgiving pretty much died of jealousy over their lake views.

Links for you!


What nobody tells you about self-employment

This post is brought to you by productivity, a calmer mind, the letter L, and Lady Boss Biz

This is Isabella and she wants to talk to you about your work. But in a totally non-intimidating way!

When I started working for myself, lo, those many years ago I thought that as long as I was good at what I did, I’d succeed. Which makes sense, right? If I’m a good writer, I should be able to earn a living writing sales copy and ghostwritten blog posts, right?

Friends, I’m here to tell you that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE that goes into successful self-employment than the services you perform in exchange for money.

Thankfully, Isabella can help us with that all important Other Stuff. She can teach you how to track your time and income so you can start charging what you’re worth. She can help you change your mindset and get back to being focused.

She’s even running a free, five-day challenge to help you start 2018 feeling happy and un-overwhelmed in your business! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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I’ve only got 3 left in me. Like, EVER.

I’m sitting in a pink velvet chair at my salon, waiting patiently for my beloved stylist to finish up with another client.

I’m half eating a bag of complimentary popcorn, half scrolling through my inbox, deleting and sorting emails when I see the subject line:


I roll my eyes. Clearly, this is spam, right?

I click through, my finger hovering over the delete button, emotionally prepared for a marriage proposal from a Nigerian Prince.

Instead, I find an email from one very happy (and wedding-minded?) client.

“I’ve already made more progress in the last three weeks than I did in two years of trying to figure this out on my own. And I work in marketing!”

Awesome, right? 😊

So it’s a little bittersweet that as of December 1st, I’m wrapping up my one-on-one mentoring services.

Like, forever.

So if you’ve ever wanted to work with me, now is the time to hire me. 😉

In fact, I’ve only got 3 spots left for Secret Weapon packages and once those are gone, I’m pulling my proverbial shingle in from my storefront.

If you want:

  • A loving, clear-eyed audit of your ENTIRE online space – blog, social media, and email funnels
  • A big ol’ packet of specific-to-you suggestions for improvements and tweaks
  • One week of email support
  • 30 days of ad space to send traffic to your newly improved site

Secret Weapon is for you!

“My mailing list is flourishing! After following some – not even all – the changes Sarah suggested, my sign-up rate tripled. Tripled! I’m also seeing twice as many inquiries from potential clients. I had my second-biggest traffic spike ever the day my sponsored post went live. That says a lot!” – Nadine Fawell, MM … Yoga

“Going in, I was having a “I totally need a VA if I’m going to keep pulling this off” moment and now I feel completely grounded and un-overwhelmed. I’ve now more than doubled (soon-to-be tripled) my subscribers since I started implementing Secret Weapon. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”  – Christy Tending, Christy Tending Healing Arts

If you’re interested, you can read more here, or click reply and tell me what you’re struggling with and I’ll tell you if I think we’d be a good fit!

Photo by Paul Rysz on Unsplash