Sometimes You Win The Race Because Everyone Else Stops Running

Success isn’t always predicated on one, golden idea. In fact, it often comes from years of showing up, meeting deadlines, and doing what you said you were going to do while other people give up.

She leans across the table and taps the voice recorder app on her phone. She asks me – in that way only a college sophomore who’s doing a class project can – “To what do you owe your success?”

I laaaaaugh and stare into my latte and give her an answer that will never,ever be embroidered on a pillow:

“I kept writing and working when lots of other people stopped.”

And then she laughs because when we first sat down, she told me she’d been reading my blog since middle school. She has seen, first hand, that I’ve been writing and working (and then writing and working some more) for literally a decade.

And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably seen this, too. That the “success” I’ve experienced has mostly occurred through sheer force of will. 70% of bloggers quit blogging after three months. I just …didn’t.

Because here’s the thing: I think I’m a good writer and I think I have good ideas.

But. (more…)

True Story: My Sister Was Killed By A Drunk Driver

How would you navigate life if your sister was killed by a drunk driver? How would you get through the grief and anger if your sister was hit at red light by someone who'd already had one DWI? Click through for one woman's experience managing grief.

Kristen (back left), Karen (back middle), and their family.

How would you navigate life if your sister was killed by a drunk driver? How would you get through the grief and anger if your sister was hit at red light by someone who’d had their license suspended 13 times? This is Kristen and her sister Karen’s story.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I went to a ‘couple’s shower’ (rather than a ‘bridal shower’), had my ladies over for patio brunch, and got prettttty excited about landscaping. Watch out!

In an effort to save up for a bunch of big, exciting things, next week I’ll start a spending diet with a fun budget of $30 per week (!!!). I’ll be documenting all the fun I can squeeze out of that seemingly paltry amount of money over on Instagram Stories if you’re curious.

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Some thoughts on accessibility and quality

She said it with the absolute best intentions.

I knew where she was coming from when my business friend reached across the table, and did that “I’m about to say something important” head tilt:

“Sarah, I’m concerned that you’re under-pricing your stuff. When you price things that low, people don’t take you seriously. They associate low prices with low quality.

And if you’re starting at $25, how far can you ever really raise your prices? You’re going to be trapped selling things for $37 for the rest of your life.”

I get it. Really! With zero snark, I appreciate her concern. Money blocks are real, women chronically undercharge, and when people pay more, they’re more committed. (And don’t worry, I also sell $200 products and my hourly rate for coaching and consulting is high + industry-and-experience appropriate.) 

And it does seem a little weird that a live, five-week group program would cost less than a Target swimsuit.

But here’s the thing: if someone has five-figure debt, they probably can’t (or shouldn’t) buy a $2,000 online program.

They probably can’t (or shouldn’t) be spending thousands of dollars on things that aren’t 100% necessary.

Most programs and courses about money aren’t really priced for … people who are struggling with money.

So why is Bank Boost $25?

Even though it comes with an ebook, live q & a sessions, and a private Facebook group?

Even though it helped one of my students pay off a $10,760 credit card balance?

Two reasons.

1. I’ll do pretty much the same amount of work no matter how many people enroll

I wrote the book and weekly emails. I’ll check our Facebook group most days. I’ll host three live q & a sessions. The amount of work I’d be doing for 50 people isn’t that different than the amount of work I’d be doing for 500 people.

But if I can help more people for the same amount of work, why wouldn’t I want to help more people? I set my prices based on accessibility, not quality. I create things that are highly accessible AND high quality. Click To Tweet

2. Everybody deserves help, regardless of where they are financially

I’ve been in a place where $25 is a lot of money. I’ve spent ten minutes hemming and hawing between the $11 lipstick I really want and the gritty, chalky $3 lipstick.

And I was just as worthy of help and support then as I am now.

Of course, there are plenty of free resources for people to get their financial lives together. We can all use the public library and Google.

But I wanted to create a real-time, accountability + support system for people struggling with money. Now matter how much they have now.

Enrollment for Bank Boost ends tonight at 10 pm. I’d love it if you joined us! I’m not sure when I’ll run it again and next time it’ll probably be, like, $35!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Rent Your Dreams Before You Buy Them

What would happen if you 'rented' your dreams before you bought them? If you're looking for money-saving tips or financial advice, this will save you tons of money, time, and energy. Click through to read more!

I hate to be this person, but I think you guys should know:

I liked Airstream trailers before they were cool.

In 2001, I’d pull off the highway, scramble over barbed wire and peer into the windows of Airstreams sitting in fields with hand-written ‘For Sale’ signs in the window.

At 22, I stopped into a dealership and toured new models, opening tiny fridges and eye-balling counter space. I researched living in a travel trailer above the frostline and how much it costs to rent a spot in a trailer park.

So when I found an Airstream trailer on Airbnb, I viewed it as A Sign. All my dreams were about to come true! I would confirm that, yes, I was meant to live inside a stylish silver marshmallow, winnowing my belongings down to only what could fit under my snug, cocoon-y bed!

Imagine my surprise when I hated it.

Now, to be fair, the Airstream in question was the smallest model; it’s 22 feet long. But I felt like a marble in a tuna can. YOU SIT ON THE TOILET TO SHOWER. (more…)