True Story: My husband and I have separate bedrooms

Are you married with separate bedrooms? Do you WISH you had separate bedrooms? Click through for one woman's story and tips for how to get your own damn room!

When we get move in with a partner, sharing a bed and a bedroom seems like a forgone conclusion.

Even if our partner is messy, snores, or goes to bed at a different time, we soldier on.

Jamie and her husband tried something different.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I brunched with friends, gave a class on DIY writing retreats (Do one! It’ll change your life!), and crossed ‘Do a candle-lit cross-country ski trail‘ off my New Things List.

Annnnnd I worked at my Top Secret, totally unexpected favorite place. $1 bottomless coffee! $.50 sweets! Tons of tables, great light, and zero hipsters!

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Reminder: marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or soul-sucking

This post is brought to you by a business you actually like running, marketing that doesn’t feel gross, the letter R, and Red Slice.


When you talk to your self-employed or business-owning friends, what complaints do you hear most often?

If your friends are anything like mine, we’re constantly grumbling over our coffee about

  • How complicated marketing can be (funnels! 17 different social media platforms! analytics!)
  • How sellingsellingselling feels skeezy and gross

If you’ve had that conversation a million times, I’d like you to meet my friend and collaborator of 6+ years Maria Ross.

Maria will teach you how to focus on the parts of your business that matter and tune out the other stuff. She’ll teach you how to plan to your purpose (not just a list of marketing tactics). Most importantly, she’ll teach you how to create a simple marketing plan that actually brings you joy (!!!!).

The truth is, marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and selling things doesn’t have to feel gross. Promise. If you’re struggling with either of those things, check Maria out. She can help!

How to turn a bad day around (even if it’s 8 pm)

Want to turn around a bad day? It's possible! Even if it's 8 pm! Click through for ideas about how to get back on track, no matter what happened this morning.

Have you ever played that super fun game called “Well I Already Screwed Up So I Might As Well Really Lean Into This Mess”?

I bet you have. I spent most of my twenties and my early thirties playing this game several times a month! Here are the rules:

  • Set some unrealistic expectations for yourself
  • Do something slightly out of bounds
  • Throw your hands up in despair, decide this day is a waste, and you’ll start over tomorrow
  • Double down and spend the rest of the day doing dumb, self-defeating things

Ate three donuts for breakfast? Welp, I guess I might as well eat this whole pizza and wash it down with a tube of cookie dough!

Missed that deadline? Today is officially dedicated to blowing things off, watching my entire Netflix queue, and ignoring my inbox.

Since I started the day by gossiping about my coworker’s divorce, I’ll throw myself headlong into some celebrity gossip and then I’ll call my best friend and complain about my partner for 45 minutes!

How do you get back on track? How do you turn a bad day around? My answer is going to sound suspiciously easy and succinct. I’m telling you anyway.  No matter what happened during the day, you can spend 10 minutes at night setting it right.

How to turn a bad day around


True Story: I’m a Creative Director

Want to become a creative director? Click through for one woman's story of how she came to creatively direct a company who sent her a pair of free tights when she was a fashion blogger!

If you were a creative, artistic kid you were probably directed towards a few career paths: graphic designer, art teacher, or wedding photographer.

I bet you nobody even told you that you could become a Creative Director! Today, Aminta is telling us more about her career and what traits and skills you need to become a Creative Director.