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True Story: I’m A Screenwriter

Want to become a screenwriter? Or just learn some great writing tips? Click through for one sreenwriter's career advice!

What does it take to become a screenwriter? If you can write blog posts and marketing emails, can you write a script that actually get turned into a movie?

Well, that’s exactly what Melissa Cassera did.


True Story: I’m A Medical Illustrator

What's it like to work as a medical illustrator? If you're an artist or you love drawing, this might be the career for you!
This is one of Lucille’s illustrations! Any guesses on what it is? đŸ˜‰

What does a medical illustrator do all day? Draw viruses and skin diseases? And, like, HOW? From photos? From real life???

Medical illustration is one of the few creative fields that still requires actual drawing – not just graphic design or photos with filters. Today Lucille is telling us about drawing simulated results for plastic surgeons and how she deals with drawing bladder infections.

True Story: We’re Married + In The Peace Corps Together

What's it like to be married in the Peace Corps? Want to travel with your partner or live abroad? Click through for one couple story!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the Peace Corps – living in another country, getting out of your comfort zone? What if you did that with your spouse?

Would it be amazing? Awful? Both? Today Sammy and Dan are sharing their story of being married in the Peace Corps.