How To Feel Richer + Fancier Without Spending Any More Money

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If you’re looking to feel richer, let me preface this by saying:

1. I’m not going to tell you to make a list of everything you’re grateful for. That’s lovely! Gratitude is great! But that’s not what we’re doing here.

2. I’m also not going to tell you to manifest more money. We’re not doing that today, either.

Instead, I’m going to share a wildly effective, potentially obvious way we can all feel richer, fancier, and more “abundant”:

Use the things you already own + pay for to the utmost of their capabilities

Maybe that doesn’t sound particularly sexy, but hear me out!

Many of us buy things we don’t need out of boredom. We buy things because we feel like we need a bit of luxury in our lives.

What we’re actually chasing when we buy these things is the feeling of novelty.

Buying stuff isn’t always about The Stuff itself. It’s often about boredom, novelty, or wanting to ‘treat’ ourselves.

We can often scratch the 'I'm bored and I want something new' itch without actually buying something new. We can meet our 'I deserve a treat' needs without spending $$$. Share on X

4 Ways To Feel Richer + Fancier Without Spending Any More Money

See what actually comes with all those memberships + monthly subscriptions

Let’s be real. I use my Amazon Prime membership to a) watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel b) get free shipping. But did you know you can use your Prime account to download music, read magazines and books, and store photos – for free?

If you support public television or public radio, there are probably tons of benefits you didn’t know about and aren’t using. If you support Minnesota Public Radio, you can get a free dance lesson, 50% off tickets to comedy shows, free coffee, and free wine-tastings!

Does your gym have a sauna or hot tub you never use? Maybe they offer meditation classes or restorative yoga classes <- basically a napping class. Maybe you were entitled to a free session with a trainer when you joined and you’ve never used it!

You’re paying for this stuff already. Why not get your money’s worth?

Read the manuals for your electronics and actually use all the options and settings

I don’t know about you guys, but when I get something new, I usually tear open the package. Then I try to get it working as quickly as possible while also referencing the directions as little as possible. It’s a fun game of impatience and frustration!

Sure, all my stuff “works” but I absolutely don’t know what 30% of the buttons in my car do and I haven’t hooked up the Bluetooth yet. The same goes my beloved Roomba, my stereo, and my microwave. What do I do with that button that’s just a picture of a chicken???

With pretty minimal effort, I can download the manuals, ACTUALLY READ THEM, help my electronics live their best lives, and make my own life easier and more awesome.

Figure out all the attachments and accessories to, well, everything

How many attachments came with your food processor? Your Kitchenaid? Your vaccuum? The company makes and includes that stuff because it’s useful and helpful!

Dig out the box and use that ish!

Clean out + cuten up that space you’re not using

Even when I lived in a 500-square foot apartment, I had corners of my space that didn’t see much use. There was a hall closet that was 75% empty and a fire escape that could have easily housed herbs, flowers, or cherry tomatoes.

Turn your closet into an office! Or a reading nook! Put a ping pong table or a punching bag down the basement.

You’re paying the rent or mortgage on this space. Why not actually use every square inch?

Every time we take a damn second before we make an impulse purchase, we're making it more likely that we'll take a damn second next time, too. Share on XEvery time I look around my house and think “Do I already own something that does that?” I’m making it more likely that I’ll have the same thought process in the future. I’m strengthening my good habit muscle! I’m setting my future self up for success and a healthier bank account!

The added benefit to all this is that it just feels good. It feels good to know how to use your stuff, to use it as well and as often as you can. We feel capable and confident when we know how to work and use everything we own!

I want to hear from you! What things do you already own or subscribe to that you’re not using as well as you could? And what are you going to do about it? 😉 Tell us in the comments to create some accountability!

P.S. If you need help dialing back the impulse spending: How To Stop Buying Shit You Don’t Need.

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  1. Mary

    I don’t know how this fits in, but the KitchenAid reference reminded me. We bought a pricey (for us) countertop oven and the toast function stopped working several months out of warranty. Instead of buying another, I called up KitchenAid and they sent us a refurbished unit, no charge. A decent company will back up their products and not quibble over warranty dates. And will still be in business to fulfill lifetime warranties (TravelAll suitcases). Take advantage of what you’ve paid for!

  2. Kala

    Funny as I work at a place in downtown that literally just annouced all these discounts for employees in that downtown area, so yes I’ll spend a little money but soem of the perks are great!

    • Sarah Von Bargen


  3. Carolyn Oppenheimer

    I just joined planet fitness and have already made a point of using the included hydromassage; it feels amazing and I also feel fancy getting to have a short massage after working out. Plus it’s a nice reward, making it more likely I will continue to go. Win-win…-win? Or something haha.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Yes! So smart!

  4. katie

    Tonight I painted my nails with the nail polish I already own! I didn’t really need to go get a manicure, I just needed to spruce up my color.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Yes! High five!

  5. Anna Canuck

    Do you know what your library card can get you, even if you rarely go into the actual building? Figure it out – mine keeps me in endless audio books and music. 🙂 Plus the occasional foray into their Consumer Reports subscription. They’ve got lots of other stuff: courses, family history stuff, online newspaper subscriptions. I pay taxes that amount to paying for the library – might as well max it out!

    • KylieMac is the bomb!

  6. Simone

    I’ve put a lot of things in my dehydrator already, but sprouted flour sounds interesting! I also wanted to make yoghurt in it, but I have a round one with just a narrow space between the trays, so I still have to figure out how to make the space tall enough for a jar. Did you know that you can even make dehydrated yoghurt? 🙂

  7. Neha Shah

    Just what I needed!

  8. Rochelle Plocek

    Thanks for this post. Especially as I’m heading into buying a house and feeling the crunch of less fun money for a while. Now to find the vacuum attachments… 😉

  9. Mary

    This sounds so silly, but when we moved in, I stashed a bunch of storage-esque containers (baskets, trays, etc.) in a corner where I knew I could come back to them as we unpacked in case I needed a container. I NEARLY bought a shower caddy yesterday to store my gardening equipment in, thought of this post, and went– wait! I have a small wicker basket that could do this job perfectly! It’s maybe not what I would’ve bought at the store to manage my gardening supplies, but it fits perfectly, I’m putting something I already own to good use, and I saved $10 at the store (and my gardening supplies look cute). Thank you!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Love it!

  10. Helen

    Thanks for good advice! – I’m fairly new here, but I enjoy your posts enormously and find them so enlightening and helpful!

    I was checking out various instant cookers on internet and intended to buy one. The prices were a bit too high for me and some items didn’t ship overseas, where I live.
    Then I remembered the auto cook function on my microwave oven, read the instruction leaflet – and came to the conclusion that I already had a fast and automatic way to cook – by the click of a button – standing on my counter top!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Love it!

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