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A song apparently 37 million people have heard that I’ve never heard before?

Welp, this week was terrifying, wasn’t it? On Tuesday I returned from a week in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, realizing my lifelong Anne of Green Gables dreams (you can see photos here), but none of that really matters when our president is a bigot and a racist.

So before we dig into links-as-usual, I wanted to share these two posts:

1. White feelings 0-60 for Charlottesville
2. 8 ways to help after Charlottesville

A few things from my lovely sponsors

Oooooh, a good reminder/check-in from Loha: Are you living your life on purpose or by default? And could you do a 21-day forgiveness challenge?

If you ever think unkind thoughts about yourself (re: are alive) you should read this post from Corinne. Also: don’t quit. Rest.

I’m looking for contributors for my much-loved Cheapskate City Guides! If you live in a big-ish city (500,000+ people) and you’d like to contribute, I’d love to hear from you! Check out past guides and drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org.

This is one of the best written things I’ve read all year.
“I’m not making things for wannabe intellectual hipsters complaining on Reddit. I’m doing The Emoji Movie and Deadpool 2 for people en masse.” He finishes a bottle of water and then crushes the plastic empty in his hand. “In the American Zeitgeist,” he says, “you have to recognize that there is no Zeitgeist.” He nods solemnly to me. “Use that.”

I haaaaaate it when men assume I want to hug them in greeting. I’m A Woman, Shake My Hand Damn It.

A sweet reminder that we’re the same people we were while on vacation.

This is great: How to Assess Your Financial State Without Frustration or Jealousy

Related: How to define success for yourself (NO BUT REALLY)

I am soooooo co-signed on this. Persistance is grossly overrated in dating and romance.
Treat anything that is not “Yes!!!!!” like “No.” Can’t make it = no. Let me think about it = no. I don’t know = no. Not now = no. You don’t need to push for a clearer answer or settle the question or codify the rejection. Did she say “Yes, I’d love to!?” No? Then drop it. Stop auditing her answers for the yes.

Yum! A ricotta breakfast bowl!

This is SUCH a note-to-self: Don’t kill the grass beneath your feet.

This tiny beach house is dreamy!

I’ve moved on from my obsession with Airstream trailers and I’m now Officially Into houseboats, starting with this one.

A reminder: Of course we deserve it.

There is no one, anywhere, whose sole job it is to tell us that we have ‘earned’ whatever it is we want, so for some reason we all assume we just haven’t earned it yet.

This is especially tragic because most of us want reasonable things like morning coffee, a few quiet minutes a day, good books to read, and to remember about deep breathing when the people we love make us crazy. Plus a few trips a year because travel feeds our souls like nothing else.

What if I make it my job, today, to tell you that you deserve it — whatever it is, and however it wants to take shape in the world?

You’re worthy of your desires.

You deserve the warm embrace of joy and laughter wherever you find it.

Here’s hoping next week is better than the last, friends. 

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  1. Sharon

    Yay web time wasters is back!

    I hate that awkward ‘are we hugging or..?’ moment 🙂 I have no problems with hugs in a social setting, but like, it’s fine guys, we don’t have to touch! We can just do a firm nod, I’m cool with that!

    Interestingly, I have never seen *anyone* hug in a work-related context. I’ve hugged colleagues at leaving parties or if they announce a pregnancy or something, but never a hug at a meeting or after a presentation. Now I’m wondering if it’s because I work in a female dominated workplace, or if it’s a culture thing (I’m from Ireland)?

  2. Maureen

    Hugging! Ugh, this has always been a real pickle for me in life.

    I didn’t like hugging when I was a child but was definitely coerced into hugging all members of my extended family upon greeting and leaving. (As a side note, I will never do that if/when I have kids). I was jealous of my brothers and dad who had the handshake option.

    As a teenager, I was teased by my friends for not liking hugs. It made me feel like a coldhearted weirdo.

    As an adult, I have embraced (har har) hugging a bit more, but I hate being forced into it, especially by men who act hurt when I don’t want to hug them (i.e. sexism).

    I found this article helpful:


  3. Maggie

    Can I make a Special Request for a cheapskate guide to Austin? (She said while contributing nothing of her own.) (Although I could do one for Akron, Ohio!)

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Sure! If I can find someone to write it!

  4. Raiah

    Holy smokes. The “Persistence is grossly overrated’ article!
    Probably my favourite thing I have read it a long time.
    So good. So so good.

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