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The Cheapskate Guide To: Tijuana

Want to travel cheap in Tijuana? Like, EXTRA cheap? Click through for a local's tips on $28 Airbnbs, $4 Mexican pizzas, and free readings from famous actors –
Did you know that Tijuana, Mexico is only 35 minutes south of San Diego? And you can take a trolley from San Diego to the border and then walk over?! Today, lifelong Tijuana resident Nicté Trujillo is telling us about $24 hotels, $4 tlayuda (aka ‘Mexican pizza’), and free art exhibits!


The Cheapskate Guide To: Los Angeles

Want to see Los Angeles on the cheap? Click through for a local's recommendations on $35 beach camping, $2 tacos, and $8 double feature movies –
Is it snowing/sleeting/freezing where you are? Are you reading this while wearing 17 sweaters? Me, too. This is our friendly reminder that LAX is the second biggest airport in the U.S., with jillions of cheap flights in and out every day. Today, LA local Mandy Sutton is telling us about beach camping for $35 a night, $2 tacos, and $8 double features at iconic movie theaters!


The Cheapskate Guide To: Atlanta

Want to travel cheap in Atlanta? Click through for tips on $15 camping, $1.95 biscuits, $10 river tubing, and free Walking Dead tours! >>

It’s getting colder. Don’t you think it’d be a great time for a long weekend someplace warm? Atlanta’s still in the high 60s in November and with a huge airport, it’s easy and cheap to get direct flights! Today, Atlanta local Katie McLendon is telling us about $15 a night camping (or $85 a night glamping), $1.95 biscuits, $10 river tubing, and free Walking Dead tours!


The Cheapskate Guide To: London

Is London travel in your future? Click through for cheap London travel tips from locals who know! Cheap food, affordable lodging, and fun activities! >>

Is London travel in your future? Are you refreshing every few days and hoping the exchange rate has changed? At the moment, $1 US = £ 0.77. If you’d like to stretch your money further, you’ll looooove this guide to cheap London from two of my favorite American expats! Keep reading for affordable theater recommendations, cheap curry, and window shopping at Harrods!


The Cheapskate Guide To: Chicago

Want some cheap travel to Chicago? Click through for a local's recommendations on $34 Airbnbs, $5 Chicago-style pizza, and $7 comedy shoes at Tina Fey + Amy Poehler's alma mater! >>
Chicago is one of my favorite long weekend destinations. The public transport is easy and cheap, there’s tons to do AND THERE IS A GIANT LAKE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. Today, local Windy City-er BreAnna is telling us all about $7 comedy shows, free brewery tours, $5 Chicago-style pizza, and a clever way to get to the top of the John Hancock building for $9!