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How was your week, friends? Kenny and the boys were out of town all week so I enjoyed those pleasures specific to having a space to yourself, namely eating all the fancy snacks yourself and keeping things very, very clean. 😉  I also saw a friend’s art installation, co-worked with buddies, and got to catch up with my BFF who was in town for a hot minute!

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Do you miss the good ol’ days of the internet? Before all the listicles and how-tos, when people shared their stories and lives? You need to add Running Away From Home to your RSS feeds, my dudes. I loved Valorie’s posts about learning to be yourself again and Twitter bios she’s thought of and rejected.

I’ve referenced Anouska’s post about speeding up your site a jillion times. And are you using these 7 super helpful plugins? I was only using three!

This spicy soup looks so interesting! Almonds, cilantro, and basil? I’m intrigued.

How dreamy is this apartment in Helsinki? Sa-woooon!

A question for the age: When have you done enough?
Enough is a joyful relief because we don’t actually want more. We want meaningful. Meaningful balance, meaningful work, meaningful friendship or meaningful ease. And we can all get there by asking hard questions, making decisions, and checking what happens.

Are you working towards a smaller wardrobe? Courtney has 10 steps that will help you get closer.

Let’s talk about books. The best books I’ve read in the last few years are this one and this one (pretty much everyone agrees with me – they’re both great.) Have you heard of Book Marks? It’s like Rotten Tomatoes for books!

Party idea! Chip + cheese pairings!

Awesomely spooky. Perfectly Preserved Ship Aptly Named ‘HMS Terror’ Sitting on the Bottom of an Arctic Bay.
“Everything was shut. Even the windows are still intact. If you could lift this boat out of the water, and pump the water out, it would probably float.”

Yes! How to exercise out of self-love, not due to fat-shaming.

Sad but true: Love is not enough.
Love does not equal compatibility. Just because you fall in love with someone doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good partner for you to be with over the long term. Love is an emotional process; compatibility is a logical process. And the two don’t bleed into one another very well.

A sweet essay about back-to-school outfits that made 6 writers feel invincible.

SO HELPFUL. 7 Perfect Replies to (Politely) Shut Down Negative People

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed:
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How to beat self-employment burnout
13 ways to feel cuter + more confident

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