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What’d you get up to this week, guys? I checked myself into a cheap hotel for a DIY writing retreat and discovered that our backyard tiki bar makes THE PERFECT STANDING DESK. This weekend, Kenny and I are in Watertown, South Dakota where he’s meeting my Grandma Larson for the first time. We’re making the most of the roadtrip with lots of diner dinners and exploring all the little towns along the way.

Also! I’m looking for international ladies to interview for my Mornings In series! I’m particularly looking for NON-expats living outside of the English-speaking world. We can do the entire interview over email so it’s pretty painless and I’m happy to link to you and send some traffic your way! If that’s you or anyone you know, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

Links for you!

Black walls + built-in bookshelf = swooooooon!

I really liked this: Why I leave good reviews whenever I can.
• If you love a podcast but have never said so, take two minutes and leave a good review on iTunes.
• If you’ve never left a positive review for your favorite books on Amazon, make a quick effort to do so (this author shamelessly thanks you).
• If your coffee joint made you another great drink, toss an extra dollar in the tip jar.
Give these things you love some social proof that’ll fuel their work and their art.

Related: I looooove my hairdresser Amberlie (I regularly get compliments on her $35 haircuts), my mechanic Worku (ridiculously kind and trustworthy), and I WILL NEVER SHUT UP about Sun Foods. Red peppers are $2 a pound, you guys.

Let’s make roasted artichoke avocado toast and then let’s eat frozen coconut pudding graham sandwiches.

I really love it when people do rental before-and-afters. I love it even more when the rentals in question are sort of normal/dumpy. Like, it’s not that hard to make a loft with exposed brick look better, ya know? But wood paneling that’s been painted a shiny beige? Now that’s a makeover I want to see.  Anna’s rental makeover has been great fun to watch!

Helpful! 7 gmail tricks to get your inbox squeaky clean.

Want to help these DC highschoolers see Cuba?

Hmmm. What about DIY-ing a leather, wall-mounted catchall for your office? I’d like that a lot more than a pile of things that are always next to the printer!

Related: a gorgeous home office.

What about a breakfast board instead of a cheese board? What a pretty, laidback way to brunch!

My husband and I have date nights every Tuesday and we’ve made it a rule that at least half of them need to be free and/or involve some sort of physical activity – hiking, roller skating, kayaks. I love the idea of chore date nights! (I suspect Kenny would be less enthused. Somehow, last week’s date night devolved into a trip to Ikea to return some blinds and then eating $5 Ikea vegetarian meatballs.)

I really liked this and plan to implement it: Six words to say instead of saying no.

Glad I’m not a fashion blogger.
Make sure it’s something that’s affordable, though, and still available in shops!
We hate it when bloggers wear things we can’t afford, or can’t buy because it’s five years old: so make sure your clothes are relatively new, so we can copy them!
Stop shopping all the time, though!
Seriously, it’s not realistic to shop all the time: “real” people can’t afford to do that! Why can’t you just re-wear the clothes you already have?
Only if they’re still available to buy, though!
And not TOO often, because that’s boring: you have to have SOME new stuff!

Would we be happier if we stopped trying to be special?

Reminder: you get to choose what you view as an accomplishment.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: 13 cute swimsuits with …. sleeves, 10 room divider ideas for that giant room, 8 ridiculously delicious things to cook in a campfire.

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  1. Hannah Schnail

    Thanks – I enjoy coming by weekly to read your Web-Time-Wasters and other posts (the Time Wasters are my favourite though!)

  2. Marie

    Hi Sarah, just wanted to say I’d be equally happy to read about “mornings in” from expats or transplants! I’m not a fan of guides to places from non-natives but mornings in I would find interesting- for instance my French pal in London- what does she keep in her morning from her “French” routine and what has she adopted from London? I love her beauty products that she gets from home and love that she drinks coffee or a tisane but never english tea with milk! So perhaps some mornings of X citizen in Y country, I’d be interested to know what they do as the best of both!

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