10 Room Divider Ideas For That Giant Room

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This guest post comes from our DIY/design contributor Thalita of The Learner Observer! Thalita writes about easy, cheap ways we can all make our small, rental spaces even cuter. Follow along with her on Twitter or Instagram!

Hey, Yes & Yes-ers! I’m back this month to share some simple solutions to your decorating woes! Usually, we talk about not having enough space and having too-small rooms, but what happens if you happen to have one big huge space and you don’t know what to do with it? Some bachelor apartments are literally just one giant room with absolutely no division between any of the spaces you may want to create, so I’m about to give you some solutions for that!

Room divider idea #1: Use curtains

Curtains can act as walls in between your rooms when you want the separation, but can keep the space nice and open when you don’t! It’s sort of the best of both worlds, really!

multiple room divider

Using curtains also allows you to hide a messy room. Majorly necessary when you have surprise or last-minute guests! It also lets you have privacy when that just does not seem possible!

bedroom curtain divider

And if all you need is a visual divider, but not necessarily the opaque look of a “wall,” you can go for a sheer curtain to just give a hint of softness to the space.


Room divider idea #2: Use bookshelves

Shelving can be a great way to create a room divider without having to build anything, or drill any holes, which makes this a perfect option for renters!

shelf room divider

If you make sure to use something that allows you to see the other side of the room (ie. a backless shelf), you can reap the benefits of storage from both sides of the room!

bookshelf room divider

You can also choose how much or how little you see through the shelving based on whether you use boxes, books, or just decorative items.

shelf divider

The other great thing about this option is that you can use this for any space – a bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, dining room…you get my point!

living room shelf divider

And if you like a looser, more boho look then add some plants into the mix and keep things a little lower to give just a hint of space separation without the height of a full bookshelf.

plant and shelves room divider

Room divider idea #3: Use an actual divider!

If you happen to be handy or know someone who is, then you get to build a divider however you want! Even something as simple as a lattice-like wall will give you privacy and separation without being an actual wall!

wooden room divider

You can also repurpose old doors into rolling dividers which can be left open or closed depending on the level of privacy needed!

bifold door room divider

And there you have it, lovelies! If you’ve sectioned off a big room, tell us how you did it in the comments!

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  1. Jeannie Miernik

    These are all lovely ideas–especially for singles or couples without children or pets. I’ve used curtains, shelving, and plants to divide space… but it gets complicated when you introduce adventurous cats, clumsy dogs, or rambunctious children, who often occupy these little spaces and seriously threaten their chicness. Take a look at that backless shelf full of breakable items again and tell me exactly what you’d like to do with it if you were a cat, hmm? 🙂

    Since I’ve lived with little ones (furred or otherwise), I’ve learned to divide rooms using sturdy furniture like couches set with their backs along the imaginary “wall.” Plants hanging from the ceiling, ’70s-style, can also be less tempting to cats, depending on the adventure tastes of the kitty.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Good question, Jeannie!
      Instead of using open-backed bookshelves, I usually use the ‘normal’ ones and then decorate the backside the way I would any wall – hang photos, etc!

  2. Kate

    This are beautiful, and what wonderful advice!

    Despite the fact that I have never lived in an apartment with an enormous, cavernous room (quite the opposite, actually–usually pretty narrow and cramped), my mom is ALWAYS wanting me to use a room divider. It’s become a running joke in the family–any conundrum in life can be solved with a room divider. I will definitely be sending this to her! 🙂

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Love it! I can totally see it:

      “Mom, I’m really dissatisfied at work. What do you think I should do?”
      “Room divider. Obviously.” 😉

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