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How was your week, friends? I Mardi Gra-ed and Gal-entine’s, and for Valentine’s Day I asked my husband to paint our master bedroom AND I AM THRILLED.

Links! For you!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, how to you choose the perfect partner? (Good advice that you probably haven’t heard before.)

Related: you don’t have to change who you are, lower your standards, or polish your sharp edges to find love. You just have to get lucky.
I’m here to tell you that I didn’t do anything differently than I normally did. I didn’t fundamentally change any part of myself to finally find a happy relationship: I didn’t read a slew of self-help books and start going to SoulCycle to Get Right. I didn’t try a new dating app or a new therapist, and I didn’t arrive at some place of spiritual enlightenment at the end of which I announced to the world, “I am ready for love,” with my arms outstretched in the air. Reader, I got lucky. That’s it.

The results of this are surprisingly stylish! I let my grandma dress me for a week.

My friend Marie got to ride with and interview LA billboard + world-class hustler Angelyne. FASCINATING.
As Angelyne and I chat, she’s very complimentary, and our drive takes on a surreal tone. “I like your tatas,” she says, pointing to the top I’m wearing with daisies printed over the boobs. “I like your ring.” “What does your father do? I bet he’s a millionaire,” she asks. “Not exactly. He’s a chef,” I reply. “Well, you should be a millionaire. You think like one.”

Ha! A Guided Meditation For Visualizing The Destruction Of Your Enemies
Picture your enemy experiencing a small, semi-public humiliation. Someone they love and admire has expressed disappointment with them. This will be the cornerstone of the temple you will build to your resentments.

Something I didn’t know I wanted to add to my wardrobe: silk camisoles.

Gosh but it’s hard to make exercise resolutions stick. Maybe this is why?

I think many of us believe that abusive relationships only happen to ‘certain types’ of people. Or we might think “If it’s bad, just leave!” Two blog posts about that: How an abusive relationship can happen to your smartest, funniest friend and Why every woman needs a ‘F*ck Off Fund‘  << that one’s really, really important.

Two weird smoothies I’m into lately: this smoothie with red bell peppers and this smoothie with … chickpeas. Seriously!

Somewhat related: we started using this can opener that opens cans without the sharp edges and you can put the top back on the can after you’ve opened it! 953 4.5 star reviews!

Ahhhh! This missing cat was found living in a pet food factory; Not surprisingly, he was twice his original size.

This is sweet: My wife and I are (both) pregnant.

Ready for winter to be over? Here are 10 warm-weather movies for you.

I am oddly obsessed with Ikea’s food market (sometimes I go there just to buy SÖTSAK KAKAOBOLL). Here’s a great post on how to ‘hack’ their grocery department.

A few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: 14 ways to show your friends you love them, 5 practical, slightly-snarky-sounding, non-sparkly ways I practice self-love, 10 ways to feel rich.

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