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How was your week, guys? I wrote a million, lunched and coffeed and caught up with lots of friends, and as you read this, I’m tucked into the couch at my parents’ house up north, reading my mom’s Good Housekeeping and thinking about putting on some snow shoes.

Links for you!

I love this. An 11-year-old black girl is “sick of reading about white boys and dogs” so she started a book drive to round up children’s books that feature black female leads so that she and her peers have more fictional characters to look up to!

A grave-robbing witch is tearing Tumblr apart.

If you live in the Twin Cities, the DNR is hosting tons of lovely candle-lit skiing and snowshoeing events!

Presented without comment (written by a dude):
Emotionally stunted men blame their romantic failures on the woman who just won’t love them “as they are.” They find themselves in relationships with stunning, successful women who have the primary function of simply surviving the mishaps of their partners. There is a long storied tradition of men burdening women with our inability to meet them half, or even a quarter of the way in relationships. Men — always the central figures — forget anniversaries, spend money on silly things, neglect the needs of their children, and are ultimately forgiven.

A lot of us vacation during the winter. Here’s a funny, helpful post about how to survive the post-vacation blues.

Love it. How to trick your friends into thinking you have your ish together.

A gorgeous, gorgeous 59-year-old model.

Related: How to grow old with yourself.

Cute, body-positive pin-ups.

Let’s all make this peppermint pavlova immediately!

I lovelovelove this. I danced in high school and I still really love it. This might be the push I need to Get Serious About it. I Joined A Dance Company At Age 41
But you can always retrain. You relearn how to watch dancing, how to see movement, how to imitate it, how to retain it in your muscles and bones. You repeat, like a baby babbling words, over and over and over. Left foot. No, left. Left foot and right hand move at the same time. I can do that? Do what? Left foot, left hand? No. Left and right. At the same time. Do it. No, that wasn’t it. What?

Ha! Not what you think: a satisfying quickie anytime, anywhere.

Foods that double as cleaning products!

Get ready to spend the next 45 minutes reading A Love Of Sentences.

Reminder: You are seriously killing it.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: How to be less judgemental + more empathetic, How to get the love life you want, Why you need matching social media accounts + how to get ’em.

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