Mornings In: Costa Rica

Wondering about Costa Rican beauty routines or what Costa Rican breakfast? Click through for beauty product recommendations and breakfast suggestions from a local!

Name: Diana Ninette

Hometown: San José, Costa Rica

Age: 23

Occupation: Engineering in topography and geodesy

My alarm is set for 5:30 am

My Costa Rican breakfast

Costa Rica is a tropical country so we have a lot of fruit. Most of the time I eat strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, melons and mangos. Fruit is so easy to get – I literally have fruit trees in my backyard.

If there isn’t any fruit in the house, I eat bread with butter (soy butter) and cup of tea or coffee (our coffee is one of the best in the world). I eat this kind of breakfasts because it is so easy to prepare on my hurried mornings.

When we have time to cook, we eat our traditional breakfast. This consists of  “gallo pinto” (rice mixed with beans) with bread or tortillas, a couple of eggs, cheese, maybe bacon and orange juice or coffee.

Wondering about Costa Rican beauty routines or what Costa Rican breakfast? Click through for beauty product recommendations and breakfast suggestions from a local!costa-rican-beauty-products

My Costa Rican beauty routine

Costa Rican women are taught to take care of our skin. Since it’s always wet and hot here it’s very important to use sunscreen and prepare the skin (with moisturizing and primer) for the make-up.

I like to keep my makeup simple and light – powder, brow pencil, nude eye shadows, waterproof eyeliner, good quality mascara, blush and a lipstick (with sunscreen). I try not use foundation or concealer, because with the hot weather, my pores open and the foundation get inside my face.

We usually use makeup brands from all over the world – France, UK, USA, China, Mexico and more. But we use a very popular and local rose’s cream as moisturizing, produced by Laboratorio de Productos Farmacéuticos de la Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CSSS).

My Costa Rican commute

I go to work by car, takes me 1 hour to head to work when there is a lot of traffic, but when there is no traffic takes me 15 minutes.

Thanks so much for sharing, Diana! Do we have any other Costa Rican readers? What does your morning routine look like?

P.S. An email to my body

photos by alex // armando maynez // jen // krista sylvia // ramnath bhat // cc

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  1. Veronique

    I spent 6 months in Costa Rica as a way to learn Spanish through immersion and loved it there. I loved the warmth and connectedness of the Costa Ricans (ticos and ticas) and the families I lived with in particular. The bougainvillea were spectacular and one of my favourite meals was that gallo pinto for breakfast. So great to see it here – thanks so much for sharing Diana 🙂

  2. Lizzie

    I went to Costa Rica for my honeymoon and this post makes me miss it all over again. Mornings were spectacular, with delicious breakfasts and cool weather. Thanks Diana for reminding me of my fantastic visit.

  3. Caitlin

    Ooohhh I’m going to Costa Rica in February for 2 weeks…This made me super excited. Thanks for the beauty routine info…I know it’s hot there, so I probably won’t be wearing much makeup on a daily basis when I go…I just can’t decide what’s essential!

  4. Heather

    Thanks for sharing this! Intrigued by the advice on hair care In humid climates??

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