How to do (almost) anything in 2016

how to do anything in 2016
2015 is winding down, friends. It’s been a big year for me. I drove 9,000+ miles, moved, got married, became a stepmom, walked away from a book deal and – most importantly – ate a crepe as wide as my shoulders.

We’ve got a really quiet holiday planned and I’m taking December 23rd – January 3rd off from the blogs, email, and client work. I’m going to Hygge like crazy and thaaaaat’s about it.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the days following Christmas thinking about the coming year and how you’d like it to be different than the last. While I don’t really believe we to need to wait for a new year to start fresh, I embrace any opportunity for Big Plans! and New Goals!

To that end, I’ve rounded up a bunch of posts that might help you keep any resolutions you make for 2016. Have a lovely break and I’ll see you on January 3rd!

How to do (almost) anything in 2016

If you want to travel more in 2016

If you want stronger friendships in 2016

 If you want to be healthier in 2016

If you want to be smarter about money in 2016

If you want a cuter living space in 2016

If you want a happier love life in 2016

See you on January 4th, friends! Have a lovely Christmas and New Years!

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    LOVE THIS!!!! I’m going to go through and save all the relevant links. 🙂

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