Good Idea: Fancy Breakfast Foods As Hostess Gift

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My friend Kate is one of those humans who’s so put together and on top of it you’d resent her if she wasn’t so awesome. Like, why do you have the answer to almost every question, Kate?! And why is your hair always so shiny? And how did you find the world’s most perfect winter coat while the rest of us are toddling around in sleeping bags with arms?!
Annnnnyway, Kate recently introduced me to The Sweetest Hostess Gift Idea and I’m passing it along to you guys so we can all ‘win’ at dinner party guest-ing.
Next time you attend a Friday or Saturday night dinner party, instead of more wine or flowers, bring your hosts fancy breakfast treats! They’ll think fondly of you the next morning when they’re nibbling on your treats among the dirty dishes and empty wine bottles that mark any successful dinner party.
If you’re a DIY-er you could make some Oatmeal Cookie Granola or a Spicy Zucchini Frittata. If you’re more of a pick-something-up-at-the-store type, you could gift them some amazing donuts, mimosa-makings, a loaf of artisan bread and some ripe avocados, or just some berries and nice Greek yogurt!What’s your go-to hostess gift? I like to give these as house warming presents!
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  1. Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion

    Yes, amen to this! One of my friends loves to cook with her boyfriend and they are always posting pictures of their foodie projects on Instagram…so when she came to visit, she brought us a jar of homemade granola. It was so good and a really sweet gesture–something from her home, to ours.

  2. Pieliekamais

    Yes, great idea! 🙂 I usually go for a bag of coffee (doesn't even need to be super fancy coffee, just coffee), and some fancy cookies (from the supermarket, but something a bit pricier).
    I, like you, also learned this from a friend who taught me that it's not wrong to be "practical" with these gifts. Yay! 🙂

  3. Lu

    What a charming idea, I really dig it! I know I get bored of receiving wine at every gathering I have. What a lovely break in "tradition".

  4. Ash.

    I like this! What about some gourmet hot chocolate? Or maybe some tea with flavoured honey?

  5. Jen

    I love this post series idea and especially giving fancy breakfast as a gift! Breakfast is the best meal.

  6. Mary Beth at

    I confess that I am those that bring wine or flowers to a dinner party.Thanks for this new and creative idea!

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