Traveling The World Via Instagram – My 10 Favorite International Instragrammers

These international Instagrammers will help you travel the world via Instagram, learn about different cultures, and whet your wanderlust. Click through for great travel profiles to follow!
A million years after everyone else, I’ve jumped on the Instagram bandwagon like the curmudgeonly, late-adopter I am. (You can follow me here).
But now that I’m there? I’m there, satisfying my never-ending wanderlust by following photographers from all over the world, gorging myself on back alley peeks into other countries and photos of food I don’t recognize.
Here are 10 of my favorite fascinating, colorful, I-want-to-go-there-now international Instagram accounts.

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Wanderlust

Best Instagram Account London

London // @aladyinlondon

Let’s all live vicariously through this California expat who’s relocated to London (via Brussels, Providence, Paris, Prague, San Diego, and Nice) and visited 95 countries. Equally impressive to me: she left a career as a hedge fund manager to become a travel writer and consultant. I raise my tea cup to you, miss.
Best Instagram Account Hong Kong

Hong Kong // @priboghani

Priyanka was born in Mumbai, grew up in Hong Kong, and earned her degrees in England (impressive, no?) She loves writing about “India, Hong Kong, humanitarian issues, my travels, my photography, literature and cricket.” Her instagram feed makes me homesick for Asia.
Best Instagram Account India

India // @mumbaipaused

Oversaturated and mysterious, these photos make me think of those hot, humid days when it’s 90 degrees and somehow overcast. They’re a fascinating peek into daily Indian life.
Best Instagram Account New Zealand

New Zealand // @hellopoe

I will race you – right now – to be Adrienne Pitts’ new BFF. The Kiwi photographer loves “travel, people, dogs, coffee.” (I’ll talk to her about considering cats instead of dogs). Her photos are color-filled, joyful, sweet.
Best Instagram Account Bahrain

Bahrain // @lovelyandcurious

I’m a pretty intrepid, experienced traveler and this instagram feed reminds me (daily) that OMG THERE ARE STILL SO MANY PLACES TO GO AND THINGS TO DO. Monkeys! Riding camels! Drinking water from gold chalices!
Best Instagram Account South Africa

South Africa // @garethpon

Gareth Pon has a leg up on the rest of us because he’s a professional filmmaker and photographer who’s lived in Johannesburg his whole life. So let’s greedily eat up his insights (and amazing photos) of his country – like: what to eat, where to go, which graffitied walls to stand in front of.
Best Instagram Account North Korea

North Korea // @dguttenfelder

What? There’s an Instagram feed of the most culturally isolated country in the world? FASCINATING. David Guttenfelder is the Associated Press chief Asia photographer, so he rather knows what he’s doing.
Best Instagram Account Germany

Germany // @sandrajuto

“Berlin’s got a pretty affordable cost of living, right? And I studied German in high school and I’m half German so moving there would be an good and obvious life choice.” These are the thoughts I have every time I look through Sandra’s Instagram feed. Can you blame me? Picnics in the park! Apartment buildings that look like this!
Best Instagram Account Finland

Finland // @nellahelsinki

Do you know anything about Finland? I know nothing. I’ve always assumed it was a variation on the Scandinavian theme (full of painfully attractive, industrious blonds, beautiful architecture, rugged coastlines). Apparently, there’s more to it than that – but it does have a lot of those, too.
Best Instagram Account Scotland

Scotland // @alisonchino

Alison is living the life most of us dream of. She moved her family of six from Arkansas to Aberdeen, Scotland and now they spend their time going on hikes, drinking tea, and generally being as adorable as humanly possible. Let’s be her when we grow up, shall we?
Who are your favorite international Instagrammers? And if you’re on Instagram, leave a link to your feed in the comments so we can all be friends!
 Photo by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash

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  1. Lape

    I love Instagram and travelling so I'll check out these accounts. I write about travel too on my blog and I live in Lagos, Nigeria but my Instagram account (@lapesoetan) has very few pictures of where I live – probably because it's where I've lived all my life and am pretty jaded. I however put up lots of nail art pictures (which I love to bits!) and pictures of places outside Nigeria that I've visited. I recently went to Senegal so you'll find pictures of Senegal on my Instagram account. My Instagram handle is @lapesoetan Go check it out 🙂

  2. Carolyn

    @alexinwanderland is a lovely human being and her instagram feed will make you want to quit your day job and buy a one way ticket to wherever she is at the moment. Her blog,, has the same effect. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  3. Abbey

    LOVE THIS. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Haley Keller

    I've been trying to use Instagram more lately, so this post was great timing. I followed everyone here because they all seemed so great. My Instagram is @hmweasley, but I'm still pretty bad about actually posting there. Sometimes I completely forget that Instagram is even there.

  5. Rhiannon

    I love @kellyoxford. She's hilarious.

    Mine is @rhiannonfalzone

    • Rhiannon

      No, it's not. It's @rhiannon1219. Wow. I need more coffee. The first one is my Twitter.

  6. saraholeson

    Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions–makes me want to get out of this office and travel immediately!

  7. Helena

    LOVE this. I'm in love with how Instagram allows you to see the world through the eyes of so many different people. What an amazing tool!

    One wee tiny thing, the lady in Helsinki is nellahelsinki (which I mention only so people can see her lovely photos. If you type it into Instagram with an e instead of an a in the middle you get bupkis).

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Thanks for the head's up – fixed!

  8. Alison Chino

    WOW! Thanks so much for featuring me with all these super talented folks. I do love me some instagram!

    A few more favorites: @canvasoflight in Spain, @nicolehunziker in Switzerland, @mariannehope in Holland

  9. sarabethjones

    Oh I LOVE these. Instagram is my favorite. Alison Chino is a longtime friend, so I am following her all over Scotland, too. I really enjoy @skimbaco's pics, she's always someplace new. I'm @sarabethjones on IG – mostly I'm in Arkansas, but headed to visit Alison in Scotland, jump over to Paris, and then Kenya for 3 weeks in June, so I'll have some traveling pictures then… 🙂

  10. Heather Lambie

    Loved this post! As a traveler (near and far), photographer (Nikon D80 and iPhone) and instagram-lover, I was so excited to see all these new peeps! I'm now following all your recs AND the ladies who've commented so far. Thanks for sharing! I'm at @heatherlambie . My most recent travel instagram pics include: Aspen, CO, Key West, FL, and Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.

  11. kendra

    Awesome! I followed a bunch from the list I didn't know and will go back through the comments later.

    I love instagram. http://instagram/likeabirdstudios I am in the Chicago suburbs and take a lot of pictutes of my son and myself but a lot of nature as well 🙂

  12. Jamie

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing these instagrammers! You can follow me @jmayburton; I post pics of arts, crafts and the Pacific NW.

  13. Nella Helsinki

    I'm speechless! Thank you so much for this nice nomination, it really made my day. If you'll ever come to Finland I promise to show you the most beautiful places around. (:

  14. Kate

    I love instagram and have already been following a couple of this list… and have now promptly followed Everyone Else! Love them! I'm an American expat in London as well (via Philippines, DR Congo) and have loved following a lady in london for a while, just for that feeling of shared experience, plus her photos are gorgeous! 🙂 I instagram @kateofcourse

  15. aphazia

    Hello! Thanks for all these lovely instagrammers I'd totally be following! My username is: "aphazia".
    I'm from Manila, Philippines, and I mostly post my artsycraftsy attempts and things I love but this inspired me to take more photos of the place I live in. 🙂 Let's be friends! 🙂

  16. Anita

    Great choices, thanks for this!

  17. Marcia (123 blog)

    I went to a workshop with Gareth Pon and @mzansigirl (a South African travel blogger) and it was amazing 🙂

    Loved browsing through some of the others.

    I'm @marcia0608 if you want to see my view on Jhb or you can look at #jhbscenes

  18. Natalie

    Great list! I am@anamericaninrome for Instagram moments of life in Italy

  19. Berneo Alex

    Normally if we go in general there is a lot which we can take care of and also using sources like niagara tour from new york helps us with a lot that works always.

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