Your new clear skin ‘cocktail’

Looking for a clear skin cocktail? Wondering what to eat or drink for clear skin? Click through for some DIY skincare you can drink!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cocktail you could drink for clear skin? Well, there is! Sort of. My beauty editor friend Elizabeth is here to share her best skincare secrets.

Today’s recipe comes from my gorgeous friend Christina Holm-Sandok, whose creamy complexion recently began behaving badly. “Worse than during my junior year in high school!” she declares. Oi. At the suggestion of another friend with annoyingly perfect skin, Christina started drinking a raw apple cider vinegar concoction each morning.
After five days she started to see improvement, and her skin just keeps getting better. Meanwhile, I can personally vouch for the fact that she does not smell like salad dressing. The theory behind this concoction is that apple cider vinegar promotes alkalinity in the body, which inhibits inflammation.
And inflammation, dear readers, is the cause of pretty much everything that ails us. If you’re still skeptical about drinking the kool-aid, so to speak, I highly recommend this illuminating read. Bottoms up!

Apple cider vinegar clear skin ‘cocktail’

2 tablespoon Braggs apple cider vinegar (raw/organic)
Squeeze of lemon juice
Touch of honey (optional)
12 ounces of water
Combine all ingredients. Sip throughout the day, preferably before meals, or chug the whole thing if you can’t stand the taste. It’s actually kind of growing on me.
What are your favorite beauty DIYs?
Photo by Jennifer Schmidt on Unsplash

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  1. Kerry

    Vinegar based drinks like that were a US colonial beverage called switchel. They used to make a fruit syrup to flavor the vinegar and sweeten it. Interesting!

  2. mia

    I'm not a native English speaker (or cook) – so which kind of spoon is the 'T.'?

    • Gina

      T = tablespoon
      t = teaspoon

  3. Brittany

    I have the worst skin right now. Way worse than I ever had in high school. Loads of stress the past month and a half, but now I'm past the stress and my skin still looks scary! I am definitely going to try this.

  4. Casey

    I think I am going to have to try this! My skin had finally started to clear up after my teen years, but for the past 6 months it's been a bit break-out prone. (I thought it was due to the summer, but it's not clearing up!) So I'm definitely going to have to try this. 😉 Thanks for the recipe!

    ♥ Casey | blog

  5. Renai

    I actually made a sugar scrub to try last night, because my skin has been so awful lately. Lots of stress! I'm going to have to add this to the mix!

  6. Katie

    mia — the T. is a tablespoon. It's about 15ml, if that helps.

    (Since a tablespoon is bigger than a teaspoon (~5ml) we abbreviate tablespoon to a big "T" and teaspoon to little 't")

  7. S.N. Carpeaux

    I'll try just about anything…adding this to the list!

  8. Eternal*Voyageur

    BTW you can measure the acidity / alkalinity of your body by using a pH strip or one of those aquarium water kits on your pee. It´s a pretty good indicator of your health and the quality of your diet.

  9. kelli g.   { bug miscellany }

    how very interesting…i'm ready to try just about anything, and this is far less spendy (and time consuming) than some of those regimins out there!


  10. melina bee

    a great way to get nice skin is a squirt of fresh lemon in warmish water first thing every morning. Also adding some table sugar to your face wash once a week melina bee

  11. Alyssa

    I am a huge fan of ACV–I read about the benefits a few years back and have been a convert ever since. Braggs is a great company, and they send out fabulous free samples of their products!

  12. Alli W F

    my skin went berserk when I hit 30…hormone changes are a such a nuisance! I did a lot of experimentation and found a regimine that works for me but along the way I made a surprising discovery. A few months ago I started taking a double dose of probiotics everyday and I started to notice my skin looked better…less puffy and much clearer. My honey was convinced it was all in my head, but lo and behold I happened across an article about probiotics and the positive effects is has on skin (and breakouts in particular). I knew I wasn't imagining it! And the great thing about probiotics is that they are so very very good in so many ways…the fact that they can help clear your skin is a great and unexpected side-effect!

  13. Jolie

    This tastes just like kombucha! I expected much worse. xD I'm into it.

  14. Lorra Fae

    The most beautifying thing I've found is eating a raw food diet and collecting my own spring water. Noooo joke!

  15. Anonymous

    so… can someone explain how drinking an acid makes your body more alkaline?

  16. Kathleen

    Hey! My parents were Pennsylvania dutch and I grew up drinking switchel (apple cider vinegar, ginger, honey and water). Maybe that explains why I have more acne as an adult than I did as a teen!

  17. Beauty Bets

    Hey y'all, Bets here! So excited to hear your feedback on this bevvy. I noticed results within a week and while I don't drink it daily, this is my go-to mini detox drink.

    Anonymous: Although other vinegars are acid, apple cider vinegar improves alkalinity in the body. I don't totally understand why, but I think of like citrus fruits—they TASTE acidic but are in fact alkaline-forming.

  18. teresa

    You guys might want to read this particularly the bit about alkaline and acidic diets.

    Then again, I drink this stuff because I quite like the taste of it! I can't say that it's made my skin any better — actually I found that using moisturizer and sunscreen regularly has helped it heaps more. It might also be that drinking something like this is forcing you to drink more water than you normally would. I think as long as you're careful, do your research, and don't have any other health issues like diabetes or digestive problems then there won't be any harm done.

  19. Barb

    Recipe should read "t" for teaspoon, not "T" for Tablespoon.
    I admire anyone who can drink 2 tablespoons of vinegar, but it's quite tasty with 2 teaspoons of vinegar (which is what the recipe on the Braggs label says).

    (Do not try with store brand cider vinegar — it's probably just cider-flavored and therefore rather nasty).

  20. *starr fish

    I starred this post when I first read it, determined to give it a try when I could get my hands on the raw organic ACV. Sipping on it right now – the two Tablespoon version as written about! It's not terrible and am crossing my fingers that my skin loves it. Thanks!

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