A Love Letter to New Zealand

If you’re from New Zealand, have ever been there or like The Lord of the Rings/Flight of The Conchords/rugby you should probably pop over to Lovelorn Unicorn and check out my nearly exhaustive list of all the things one could love about those two islands. I only lived there for a year and a half, but I think that’s long enough to begin a love affair that will last a lifetime, don’t you?

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  1. Bex

    Love it. But New Zealand was much better with you in it. We miss you!

  2. Sarah Von Bargen

    Awwww! 😀 I miss the En-Zed! If it wasn't for the exchange rate, I'd be on the next plane! But it's hard to pay down American university loans on the kiwi dollar and still have enough money to buy food!

  3. lovelovelove

    Oi Sarah! Let us know when ya come 'round next – we'll slap a coupla sizzlers on the barbie, have a few quiets with the flatties and maybe watch the game at the nearest local 🙂

  4. lorasb

    It sounds to me like New zealand english is just like yorkshire english =] There all words me and my friends use on a daily basis aha sounds like a beautiful place. I can't wait to be done and dusted with this damn degree so I can get out there into the world. Although I think your lucky enough living in america I bloody loved it there -jealous-

  5. Leila

    It is my lifelong dream to move there permanently! I can't beleive you went. I love that country.

  6. Raquel

    Very true observations! I love reading about kiwi culture from an 'outside' perspective lol. And the travel bug is definitely in me. It worries me when I've been in New Zealand for more than six months without going anywhere! Also, love Wellington! I'm an Jafa but the boy and I are going down to Welly for our two year anniversary. I love that city =D

  7. Kendra W.

    I hear ya, girl. I spent a month in NZ this summer and LOVED it. Especially Wellington…such a great city!

  8. E

    Hey Sarah. Awesome post. My friend linked it on her blog. We are both Wellingtonians 🙂 made me so patriotic out here in the pacific.
    come back for a tiki tour bro!

  9. magical

    I went there a few years ago and adored it, & I'm going back!

    Only for a week though, to do a walk & then a horse ride through Middle Earth! (at least, that's how I'm thinking of it!)

    By the way, thank you for you comment!

  10. Erin

    Flight of the Conchords used to play all the time for free at grotty amateur stand up nights, and I knew Jermaine as "The guy with the really comical face who's always on Cuba street". Little did we all know!

    And yes, Vogels is amazing.

  11. Jess

    Oh Sar,

    This is just what I needed! The current gale force winds had been getting me down. I will head to Delux for a cupcake in your honour.


  12. Margo

    I was only there for three weeks, and that was enough to begin my lifelong love affair. If I had to run away and disappear, you could find me in Wellington. New Zealand is the most beautiful country I've ever been to.

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