30 New Things: Send a Secret to Post Secret

I try to live my life in a way that doesn’t necessitate secrets. Which is not to say I don’t know plenty of “You didn’t hear this from me…” secrets, but the sort of secrets that one would have to write on a postcard and send to a stranger? I don’t really have those.It took me a good three months of soul searching and cheese-eating and staring into the mid-distance to find this secret. It was buried deep inside me, somewhere between my heart and my lungs, next to those butterflies I save for special occasions. I took it out, looked at it, felt a bit sick that I had ever housed this belief and then wrote it down and sent it off.

My secret is probably not of a caliber that would find its home on Post Secret’s Sunday post up. But maybe it’ll find it’s way onto PostRejects, or into Post Secret’s twitter stream. Maybe it’ll find a place between my two favorite postcards: this one and this one.

Do you read Post Secret? Would you ever send them a secret?

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    I tend to have a few of the "You didn't hear it from me…" kinds, but not really many of the real sorts of secrets. After a while, they become too much burden to bear.

    I love that you found one to send.. maybe if I think long & hard enough, I'd find one myself.

  2. Ms Constantine

    There are plenty of things I've realised within myself the last couple of years which I haven't shared with people yet, and don't know if I could share with anyone except anonymously.

    It's on my 101 list to send a postcard to Post Secrets.

  3. Luinae

    I have one secret and frankly, I don't think I would ever write it down ANYWHERE or say it aloud. It's like a mark on my life, so no.

  4. Georgia

    I actually HAVE sent a secret in before. It was about a dude who broke my heart. He's now one of my closest friends, but I'd never tell him about the postcard!

  5. Sarah Von Bargen

    Georgia, that's awesome! It was such a freeing experience, it *almost* made me wish I had more secret! πŸ˜€

  6. Brittany

    I love Postsecret and have actually sent in a secret or two of my own. But the times I have sent in "secrets" they haven't been necessarily secrets but instead epiphanies that I have recently had and not shared with anyone.

    Yay for you sending one in!

  7. Kathleen L.

    I've always wanted to send in a postcard to Post Secret, but truthfully, I'd want it to end up on the front page. Selfish of me, I know. I'm thinking of sending one anyways as a personal release. I have a few secrets (none that are heavy) and I just think it'd be nice to get it out there.
    Thank you for sending in a postcard. :3

  8. pretty face


    I would hope that my life isn't as desperately sad as the heart-achingly sad stuff that goes on there. Although I did go through an angsty phase in my early teens when I thought I had plenty of 'post-secrets'. Tellingly, I can't remember any of them now…

  9. Kim

    I've always wanted to send something, just not sure what!


  10. MP

    I love reading Post Secret, it's so intensely personal. I think that I could have a few to send in…and would love to someday, when I'm strong enough to realize them within myself.

    Kudos to you for doing the kind of soul searching necessary to send a secret in!

  11. Lynda G.

    OH! Now I want a secret too! πŸ˜€

    I wish I knew what yours said, but then I guess it would not be a secret…Shoot.

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  28. joanieszcz

    Hi! Completely random that I am writing on here… because… hey, I'm a stranger, you're a stranger, but I figured why not. I have had an absolute blast reading your posts and being inspired by them. I currently am accomplishing my 30 before 30 list, although it won't happen until 2014, I am definitely working on hacking away at my list. Just to let you know, because of your blog, after my 30 before 30 list is complete, I am going to start a 31 New Things List and then go up with age. You rock! I have been laughing so hard at some of the things you said on here because I have done so many of the same things. Sorry to sound like a creeper, not a creeper, just inspired. To get to the main reason I chose this post to post on, because I sent in a postsecret and low and behold not even a two weeks later it showed up on the website. I feel like an anonymous celebrity!

    • joanieszcz

      And I should say that I randomly found your blog because I have to go on a police ride along tonight and was looking for inside tips about what to do. I am what you call a Nervous Nancy. I look forward to reading your blog!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      That's so sweet! Welcome to the party! πŸ˜‰

  29. Anonymous

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