30 New Things: Get My Tarot Cards Read

How do you know that your tarot reading is going to be awesome? Clue number one: there are no less than 75 different types of incense for sale in the store front. Clue number two: the woman who answers the phone literally uses the phrase “kinda cool, kinda groovy.” Clue number three: your tarot card reader appears to be Corky from Waiting for Guffman.Awesome and awesome.

This is particularly awesome because I’ve had my tarot cards read once before (so technically this isn’t a completely new thing) but it was such a ridiculous experience I thought I deserved a do over. Last time, my reader spent a good twenty minutes talking about her dead Persian cat and then told my future with a set of cards she made herself, line drawings of animals on pastel office paper that she then laminated. The BFF could hear me laughing from another room.

But this time was better! Un-nervingly accurate and positive.

I told Corky that I was interested in my career, travel and relationship. We started with career and Corky turned over the queen of wands, which was hilariously accurate. She’s a woman after my own heart: apparently she knows exactly what she wants and pursues her goals with nothing short of tenacity. Then he turned over the magician (I have all the skills I need to succeed, I just need to create opportunities) and a man on a horse with a cup (a mentor is coming who will offer me book deals and world travel) (okay, I made up that last bit). So that was lovely!

The relationship bit was a bit rockier starting out with that lovely card that features a heart with three swords through it. Grrrrreat. But accurate. Corky obviously concluded that I’d been through a Very Bad Breakup and we moved onto a card with a man laying on a slab of marble, apparently pointing to my current self-imposed dating hiatus. But then it got good! The king of wands! A perfect match for my queen card! And the last card? This one. Sooooo. I’m happy with that.

The group of travel cards was a blur I don’t particularly remember, though Corky said that they pointed out that I should definitely travel and when I did I would feel completely satisfied and at home in my new surroundings. I assured him that my concern was not if I should travel, but when I would have enough money saved up to do so. So we pulled out this little number, which apparently means that I’ll be traveling in the lap of luxury sometime next Spring.

I’m not sure how much faith I put in these readings, but it’s always nice to believe that good things are coming down the line. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I can heartily recommend Eye of Horus in Uptown. 15 minutes for $22!

Have you ever had your tarot cards read? How did it go?

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  1. Miss Peregrin

    Tarot readings can be lots of fun. I bought a set of tarot cards, mainly as a joke and for something to do when I was relaxing. My "readings" have been suprisingly accurate though – except for the one which told me I would have affairs with an inappropriate older man, and an Aries woman, haha.

  2. Georgia

    Oooh, sounds fun! I've never had my tarot cards read, but I've always wanted to do that or have my palm read. I just wouldn't know where to go to find someone reputable. I guess I'll have to stick with my therapist/astrologer.

    Hope it all comes true!

  3. Lemondrop Marie

    This was fascinating! I have always wanted to do it, but the only readers I have seen reside in places I am unwilling to venture, even in the brightest daylight. If I find one I am not frightened of I may try it.

  4. Katie

    Hi! I've had a tarot reading YEARS ago when I felt lost.. I was only 19 and just broken up with my childhood sweetheart. I found the experience, erm, calming. I had just come from the gym so she couldn't read me with no make-up and not what I'd usually wear but she still picked up a few things I tried to not give too much away about myself. Because I'm a sceptic. It was all taped and I listened to the tape a year later it was rubbish nothing had happined. I found I kind of listened to her too much haha (remember I was young) for example "you will meet someone who just came back from overseas and fall in love" everyone I met that had just come back from overseas I gave them waaayyy too many chances and I never fell in love. I guess weather you believe in it or not you're usually given positive life advice


  5. Anonymous

    your page is looking awesome! anyway, i just found some useful stuff here


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