New Things: Try Miracle Berries

Ever one to embrace to the theme party, last Friday I decided to kill two very fun birds with one stone, combining my house-warming party with a Miracle Berry ‘flavor tripping’ party. (Go ahead an roll your eyes over that ‘flavor tripping’ bit. I certainly did.)Miracle Berries are gorgeous little numbers that produce a protein that makes sour food taste sweet for an hour or so. Crazy, right? I opted to buy Miracle Berry tablets rather than the actual berries – the tablets are heaps cheaper and keep longer than the berries. So then you can keep the extras in your purse and pop one before you head to that awful work potluck. Because hot dish will taste better if it’s sweet, right?


I invited over a few of my favorite ladies to dabble in sour food and show off my tiny new pad. Everybody brought some mouth-puckering food to share and generally expressed nerves/excitement over altering our tasting abilities. So we all took a deep breath, took the tablet and quickly had our minds blown.
Really, you guys? It was insane. Raw rhubarb was sweetly tangy, dark bitter coffee didn’t need creamer and I was convinced that dill pickle chips dipped in goat cheese equaled awesome. In fact, we found non-dry wine and champagne almost too sweet to drink. And what’s this?

Why, that’s me drinking a Guinness. If you look carefully, there’s also a pig flying in the background, because that’s about how often you’ll find me drinking beer.Now, I can’t say the Miracle Berries were directly responsible for the awesomeness of the remainder of the party, but maybe if you try them you, too, will find yourself:
  • taking photos in which you recreate classic graduation poses
  • taking a series of group shots that recreate the ANTM final photos where someone is eliminated each week
  • taking photos wherein you pretend you’re all dinosaurs

  • going to ridiculous college bars where everyone thinks you’re a bachelorette party because apparently it’s rare to see so many women who like each other in a group
  • dancing joyfully to awful, awful Top 40s Pop and loving it
  • befriending strange boys you see laying on a lawn, looking at stars
  • introducing the boy who looks like Chris Isaak to your cutie single friend
  • chatting about Bret Easton Ellis and low-income housing policies at 1:30 am in a crowded bar
  • being asked for your number by a poindexter-y blond lawyer who tells you he will take you to a play, that you can both secretly research it ahead of time and then try to impress each other with your knowledge of the theater.
In summary: Miracle Berries? Recommended. House warming party full of all your favorite people? Very, very highly recommended.

Would you ever try Miracle Berries?

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  1. Magatha-May

    that party sounded like so much fun!

  2. Jaka Merriman

    We've been living in our apartment since February, but our roommate just moved out at the end of June. Now that it's officially "our place", we're thinking about having a housewarming party. Miracle Berries might be the thing! Great idea, hilarious pics!

  3. A

    Sarah dear, how have you managed to rock what looks like a blackboard door in a rented apartment? Have you just got the most awesome landlord ever or is there some trick I am missing?

  4. Sarah Von Bargen

    It *is* a chalkboard on my rented door! Because a) I have an awesome landlord b) it was black already. I love it – perfect for LISTS! πŸ˜€

  5. kristine

    Shoot, if Miracle Berries lead to that much fun, I'd love to try them! Seriously, it sounds like you guys had a great time.

  6. Fae

    Another great one to try with Miracle Fruit is dry Kool-Aid powder. πŸ™‚

  7. Darcie

    i miss that party like it is a friend who moved very far away. also, i wish chris isaak guy would call A, so i could initiate Vicarious Living. crap, but he was hottt.

  8. Renai

    Too funny! I just made a post yesterday with a link to someone else's Miracle Fruit/Berry party and said that I want to have one once I move into my new place in a few months!

  9. Marie

    This sounds so fun! Where did you get the miracle berry pills?

    "being asked for your number by a poindexter-y blond lawyer who tells you he will take you to a play, that you can both secretly research it ahead of time and then try to impress each other with your knowledge of the theater."
    – Love that. Was it a successful pick up line?

  10. Sarah Von Bargen

    Ummm, it maaaaaay have been successful ;D

  11. Material Girl

    AWWWWWW! Sounds like the very best, mostest funnest kind of bash.

    Also, you must be an unusually un-narcissistic blogger and don't generally post pix of yourself, bc I didn't realize how ridiculously gorgeous you are! Jeez, lady.

  12. Sal

    I'm not sure if my brain could handle sweet Guinness. But it sounds like a rollicking good time was had by all!

  13. Sarah Von Bargen

    Material Girl – you charmer! But don't be fooled: I'm using my patented photo pose (arm on hip to make arm look skinny, turn at an angle to further slim-ify, boob-clinging shirt).

    But thanks!

  14. Katie

    can i come to the next miracle berries party? i'll totally tell you about the time i met bret easton ellis! πŸ™‚

  15. Helene

    I totally agree with Material Girl. You looked super hot in that pic. Love the tan.

  16. Nina

    Oh my I remember reading an article about those miracle berries in the nytimes, and have been dying to try them! I think I might have to now.

    Hehe regardless if the miracle berries were responsible, your night sounded positively amazing!

  17. ms.ashlee

    I am hosting a clothing swap/come see my new house/ i havent seen all of you in so long party, coming up soon… i love the idea of a chalkboard door… now im wondering what i could paint that my husband wouldnt get mad at….hmm

  18. Anonymous

    Miracle Berries are so much fun! My friend and I ate a couple and found ourselves crawling around in my garden eating weeds (oxalis specifically) because they were so darn delicious. Passersby may have been concerned for our mental health. But we had a blast.

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