30 New Things: Drive-in Movie

A double-showing! But we are old ladies
and only game for one movie at a time
The BFF is a professional drive-in attendee/nest-maker.In case you were wondering, we are the kind of
girls who eat spring rolls and drink coffee at the drive-in.Heaps of kiddos playing on the hill before the movie
starts, most of them already in their pajamas.Mini-van central

Ever one to dig joyfully into a new list, two lovely friends and I headed out in the suburbs last night for some drive in tomfoolery. We quickly discovered that a Friday night, at a drive in, in the suburbs? Showing a Pixar movie? Kidville, population: gajillion.Buuut, it was mostly adorable, watching the kiddos run around in their pajamas, making blanket nests on top of their family’s minivan, and rolling down hills. Even better was hearing them guffaw at the movie’s kid jokes and then repeat them to their parents “Haaaawwww! Mom! The big bird ate the old man’s cane and then he coughed and he threw it up and it was covered with spiiiittttt! Grosssss!”

Up is, of course, completely adorable and enjoyable, like everything Pixar does. I won’t attempt to explain the plot here as it would sound ridiculous and bizarre, but lordy, it is good. I am particularly enamoured with a certain chubby and overly enthusiastic boy scout who bears an uncanny resemblance to a former student of mine. An awesome, lovely night – highly recommended.

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  1. Vanessa

    This looks and sounds like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to a drive-in movie. I’m majorly jealous. I’ll have to consider seeing Up, though. I really love this whole 30 Things Project. I was actually thinking the other day about how maybe I could do one, but I don’t know what I’d want to do yet. Hmmm.

  2. Bobbie

    I just saw it and LOVED it… though I didn't see it at a drive-in… aaaand am a little jealous. Looks like a pretty nice evening!

  3. jillian

    way too fun! i’m glad you had a good time too πŸ™‚

  4. Lana

    I’m loving your project, dearie, and let me tell you that thirty is way cooler than 29 could ever imagine. My mother received a card on her 30th birthday that said “life begins at thirty”, and while my seven-year-old self thought it was a load of hooey, I’ve since discovered it to be true.

  5. Bethany

    The coffee and spring roll combo is utterly redonk. Love it.

  6. Freya

    I looove drive ins. If you're keen to see some good horror movies at one. There's a great place in bumblefuck IL that sometimes has dusk to dawn horror marathons. I shall have to remember to bring spring rolls next time though πŸ™‚

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