6 Ways To Work Less + Accomplish More With Your Blog

These blogging productivity tips will give you more time and help you work less and accomplish more. Promise! Click through to find out how!

It’s 2013. I’m wearing some ‘dressy shorts, ‘ a pile of rings, and drinking this new thing called Kombucha. (I’m not really sure how to pronounce it and it sort of tastes like vinegar soda? But the internet tells me it’s healthy?)

Get Lucky is playing in the background and I’m writing my seventh blog post for that week. Yes. Every single day I have an idea, flesh it out into 500+ words and share it with anyone who will listen.

It will not surprise you, dear reader, to know this is also around the time I started to develop ulnar tunnel syndrome. And my personal life fell apart. And also I wasn’t sleeping well.


Since then, I’ve dramatically changed how I write, when I write, and how much I write. And you know what’s happened to my traffic, engagement, and list? Nothing! If anything, they’ve grown and improved! If this sounds appealing to you, here’s how you, too, can work less and accomplish more with your blog.

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6 Ways To Work Less + Accomplish More With Your Blog


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Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to this week, friends? I helped a friend celebrate her birthday, took Loretta on a few dog play dates, took part in Dine Out For Somolia and attended a brunch + clothing swap. Busy! Lovely!

Also! Since Earth Day is April 22nd, every single sponsor in my sidebar produces or sells ethical fashion or beauty products. I’m so excited to get to know these brands better and introduce you guys to them!

Awesome things from a few of this month’s sponsors

Did you know that 100% Pure products are 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free, all products are completely, 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins? Also: I love this lip color and doesn’t this blood orange body butter look amazing?

Nisolo leather goods are a) gorgeous b) support fair wages, benefits, safe working conditions, and local artisans. These sandals would be perfect for summer and this bag is on my ‘if I’m ever rich’ shopping list.


8 Ways To Meet Deadlines Without Hating Your Life

You probably already know how to meet deadlines, you've read all those productivity tips, but do you know how to meet deadlines WITHOUT HATING YOUR LIFE? Click through find how out!

Is it even possible to meet deadlines without losing sleep, living in your sweats, and only eating pizza rolls?

Uh, allegedly, it’s possible. I mean, that hasn’t really been MY experience but apparently other people have taken on huge projects and not devolved into weepy, sleep-deprived messes? Weird!

Since this is not my area of expertise, I brought in my girl Katie. She’s an author and daily life designer who can teach you how to get control of your time while still getting everything done. She’s currently leading a free training on how to break free from the cycle of busyness. If that interests you check out her Myths of Busy video series!


How To Make It Easier To Be Awesome

Do you want to have more self-control? Make better decisions? Sometimes it just comes down to making 'good' things easier to do and 'bad' things harder to do. Click through to learn how you can start doing this today

Please raise your hand if your daily routine looks anything like mine:


Drink virtuous breakfast smoothie. Resist the urge to eat an entire package of fake bacon. Write an ambitious but doable to-do list. Dutifully wash my breakfast dishes. Make my bed. Resist the urge to crawl back into bed.


Make a sooooomewhat virtuous lunch while listening to podcasts. Check Instagram but for, like, a reasonable amount of time. Keep plugging away at big project. Resist urge to fall down a Facebook hole. Take the dog for a walk. Resist the desire to stop at the bakery and buy/eat 15 donut holes.


Eat a virtuous salad. Hate the stupid salad and then make a giant bowl of pasta. Open laptop to just “research something super quick” and fall down a social media hole for two hours. Stand in the kitchen, mindlessly eating peanut butter from the jar while looking at the yard and thinking about how fat the squirrels are. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time but stay up talking till 11:30.

Yes? Yes.

But did you know there’s a reason why we do this? Why our self-control slowly crumbles as the day passes?