Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The ABCs of Self-Love: Y is for Yes

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Friends, let us talk about the art of self-love.
About what it means to like yourself as much as your friends do. 
To give yourself the treats/compliments/breaks you give other people. 
To eat half a block of cheese because, you know what?  You want to.

The language of love that I'm particularly fluent in is saying "Yes."
  To, um, most things.

Here are a few of the things that I say yes to that help remind me exactly how awesome I am.

* Yes to monthly pedicures with my BFF.  Even in the winter.  Even when my toes are inside boots all day long.

* Yes to high quality parmesan.

* Yes to checking out my butt in these jeans and saying "Yup.  That's pretty cute."

* Yes to shouting "High five, self!" to my empty apartment when I finish something difficult.

* Yes to embracing my own impossibly high standards and being pleased when I encounter people who meet them.

* Yes to befriending people who make me happy.

* Yes to brunch.  Always.

* Yes to embracing my dorky desires to get up early, go to bed early and read college textbooks for fun.

* Yes to moving my body in ways that bring me joy.

* Yes to knowing when I'm bored and listless and taking action about it.

* Yes to respectfully, carefully culling non-awesome people from my life.

* Yes to being outside for half an hour, every day, regardless of the weather.

* Yes to re-reading my cheesily-titled Smile File when I'm blue.

* Yes to getting dressed and looking cute every day - even if I never leave my apartment.

* Yes to new things.  Every year.  Always.

* Yes to being direct, open and crazy-honest about my feelings.

How do you show yourself love?  What are you saying yes to this year?


  1. saying yes to things i never thought i would!
    that's my goal :)

  2. Saying yes to new adventures! I intend to have many adventures this year...just you watch!

    Maria xx

  3. Very good things to take on board. Especially about being bored and listless, recognising it and then actually doing something about it. Will resolve to say yes more. And do many, many more self high fives :)

  4. this is very inspiring!

  5. Oh, this is so great and fabulous and inspiring! It totally motivates me to seek out MORE & say "yes" LOUDER!

  6. This list is amazing. The one about non-awesome people? I'm facing that right now, so yay for good timing!

  7. yes. yes. by god, yes! hallelujah!

  8. Yes to back massages!

    Yes to long walks through the city!

    Yes to taking the time to read on the subway!

  9. High quality parmesan is something I can definitely get on board with! For me it's taking an afternoon nap because my body's craving it, drinking champagne when there's nothing "big" to celebrate and dousing myself in perfume when I'm home alone just because *I* love the smell of it.