True Story: I’m The Caretaker For My Disabled Sister

What would life be like if you were the primary caregiver for your sibling who had disabilities? How would you juggle those responsibilities along with your career and other relationships? Click through for one woman's story
What would life be like if you were the primary caregiver for your sibling who had disabilities? How would you juggle those responsibilities along with your career and other relationships? Today, Sebene shares her story.


Make your marketing plan easier, simpler, and actually doable

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A Non-Scary, Non-Slimy Networking Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Networking for entrepreneurs aren't quite as easy or straight forward as networking for 9-to-5-ers, is it? No worries - this strategy has you covered! Click through to find out how you can expand your network by 140 people (!!!) this year!

Networking strategies for entrepreneurs aren’t quite as easy or straight forward as the networking strategies that apply to 9-to-5ers, are they?

When you work in the corporate world your employer pays you to attend conferences and you have a long list of previous colleagues you can email. You have an obvious, understandable-to-most-people job title and you interact with Real Actual Humans all day long.

But if you’re an entrepreneur you could very well work from home, in your sweat pants, by yourself. And when you try to explain what you do you’re met with blank stares or polite nods.

Even if networking as an entreprenuer is a bit tough, it’s still super important. Luckily for all of us, my friend Molly is here to help us. Molly’s new book Reach Out: The Simple Strategy You Need to Know to Expand Your Network and Increase Your Influence is landing on bookshelves and Amazon. You can read about all the preorder bonuses, including a 1:1 phone call with Molly, here.


How To Live In The World (Not In A Bubble)

Want to NOT live in a bubble? It can be hard and a little uncomfortable to seek out people and experiences that are different than ours. Here's how.
I’m clicking through one of those quizzes people share on Facebook, feeling preemptively smug.

Click. Click. Click. Self-congratulatory back pat.

My results appear on the page and I grimace. Apparently, that self-congratulatory back pat was not earned.

I scored a 35 on the quiz in question: “Do you live in bubble?”  And if I hadn’t worked as a teacher (“Have you ever had a job that caused you to be on your feet all day?”) or grown up in rural Minnesota (“Have you ever lived for more than a year in a city with fewer than 50,000 people?”) I would have scored a 14.

Good lord, it is easy to surround ourselves with people who look, act, and think like us. It’s so nice to meet all my college-educated, liberal, feminist friends for coffee and validate the ish out of each other’s opinions and life choices! It’s so comfortable to drive my Prius to J Selby’s and order a $10 Buffalo Soy Curl Wrap with my vegan friends!

But – and I know you know this – we don’t grow by surrounding ourselves with people and ideas that don’t challenge us.

We don't expand our lives, brains, or hearts by existing in a vacuum or echo chamber. Click To Tweet

So starting now, I’m trying harder to live in the world, not in my “liberal elite” bubble. If you’d like to join me in exiting your bubble, here are six things I’m doing.

6 ways to not live in a bubble