True Story: I’m A Medical Illustrator

What's it like to work as a medical illustrator? If you're an artist or you love drawing, this might be the career for you!
This is one of Lucille’s illustrations! Any guesses on what it is? 😉

What does a medical illustrator do all day? Draw viruses and skin diseases? And, like, HOW? From photos? From real life???

Medical illustration is one of the few creative fields that still requires actual drawing – not just graphic design or photos with filters. Today Lucille is telling us about drawing simulated results for plastic surgeons and how she deals with drawing bladder infections.

Everything That’s Wrong With Personal Finance (Not That I Have An Opinion)

What's wrong with personal finance? If you're looking for money advice, budgeting tips, or financial advice, this post will help and you're probably never heard THESE personal finance tips before!

I’m at a dinner party, sitting between two very nice people I just met.

The man to my left is a financial planner and the woman to my right is asking him about retirement, investments, etc.

“I mean, I know I’ve got to get it together,” she nods over pasta. “I know I should be maxing out my 401k and all that. I probably wouldn’t need help with my retirement if I’d just unsubscribe from the J. Crew newsletter.” She laughs self-consciously and takes a sip of red wine.

“I’d be happy to help,” Financial Planner Man says, and smoothly hands over his business card.

Reader, it was all I could do not to slap that card out of his hand and yell “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG YOU’RE NOT GOING TO HELP HER YOU’RE TREATING SYMPTOMS NOT THE CAUSE!!!”

But, uh, that’s not polite dinner party behavior?

A bit of real talk: 99% of the money advice starts in the wrong place. 

It treats a symptom (living with debt, spending too much) without addressing the cause (buying things to keep up with our friends, shopping when we’re tired/overwhelmed.)

Here’s the truth:

You’re not going to have any money to invest if you keep shopping instead of feeling your feelings.

You won’t have any money for the down payment on a house if you keep buying shit you don’t really like because you don’t understand what ACTUALLY makes you happy.

You won’t be able to open your bank account and feel calm + proud if you don’t understand which purchases bring you joy and which ones bring you regret.

If we don’t understand what makes us happy + why we spend the way we do, a budget is just moving numbers around on a page.

Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is addresses allllll this. We get to the root of what makes you happy, see if it’s actually reflected in your spending, and if it’s not, I teach you how to change that.

Without deprivation, shame, guilt, or cutting the cable.

Of course, I’d love it if you joined us inside PYMWYHI, but even if you don’t I hope you remember this:

Saving money doesn't start with coupons or a budget. It starts with you & your mind. Click To Tweet

5 Steps To Stop Buying Sh*t You Don’t Need

Looking for money-saving tips? Trying to stick to a budget? All the money advice in the world won't help if you're buying tons of stuff you don't need. Click through to find out how to stop!

I’m trundling through Target on a Thursday night, my list in one hand, coffee in the other.

I’m making my way towards the cat food when I see it: The 50% off end cap.

Gold staplers! Scented candles! A bunch of throw pillows that don’t match the colors of my living room but whatever!

Since it’s on sale I need it, right? I’m ‘saving money’ if I buy this throw pillow that’s been marked down from $20, right?

I tuck two throw pillows and a cake-scented candle into my cart. I don’t actually like cake-scented things and I don’t need throw pillows but that’s beside the point! I’M BEING A SMART SHOPPER OKAY???

I push my cart in the direction of the cat food and sort of shake myself awake.

What in god’s green earth am I doing? Why am I buying a bunch of shit I don’t need or even really like?

I’m not saving money by buying things on sale. I’m spending money on things I don’t need and won’t add anything to my life. They will, however, deplete my bank account.

I know you know this but it bears repeating:

We're not saving money when we buy things we don't need that happen to be on sale. Click To Tweet
15 years ago, I wouldn’t have stopped and put them back. 15 years ago, I would have bought those things and brought them home.

And in two weeks I would have looked at them and thought “What was I thinking?!”

I would have looked at my bank account statement and wondered “Where does it all go?!”

But I don’t do that any more! Now I (mostly) only buy things I love and when I look at my bank account I feel proud and calm.

If you’d like to stop buying things you don’t need + feel good about your bank statement, you might be interested in my free, video mini-course

5 Steps To Stop Buying Sh*t You Don’t Need

Over the course of 60 minutes, you’ll learn

  • The step-by-step process you can use to identify exactly which purchases you can cut without feeling deprived (I used this to pay off $50k of school debt!)
  • WHY we buy things we don’t need. This is something nobody else in personal finance talks about!
  • The shockingly low-tech tool I use when I’m considering any big purchase (this helped me save enough money to travel for 10 months!)

Click here to watch! I even made you a fancy workbook so you can get as much out of it as humanly possible!

If there was ever a time to figure out your money + happiness, it’s now.

Want to figure out money and happiness in time for the holidays? Click through for tips that will help!

We’re slowly tipping towards the end of the year.  It’s a season for gratitude, gathering with loved ones, and sharing the bounty of the year.

It’s also the season for:

  • passive-aggressive relatives questioning your life choices
  • spending a million dollars on presents
  • feeling like you need to buy a bigger tree, give nicer gifts, or send holiday cards
  • comparing our lives to what we see in the holiday letters and photos we receive

Funnnn!  Who doesn’t love justifying their decision to go back to school, quit that job, or keep driving the old car over the Thanksgiving table? Who doesn’t enjoy looking at their credit card statement on December 27th and breaking into a cold sweat?

Nobody. Nobody enjoys those things.

Friends, if there was ever a time to get your money + happiness in order it’s now. The holiday season is – hands down! – the most expensive, most stressful time of the year.

Which is why I chose early November to open enrollment for my course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is.

If you want new ways to look at spending and managing money – a way that leads to more discretionary income, less stress, and more happiness – this is for you.

What if you felt calm and proud when you look at your bank statement?

What if you filled your home and calendar with things that make you happy – not whatever was on sale or whatever Facebook event you were invited to?

What if you went to Target and left with only the things on your list?!!

Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is can help with all of the above.

Here’s the deal:

  • 24 video lessons spread out over 6 self-paced modules
  • Interactive workbook
  • Private Facebook group
  • Audio versions of all the lessons so you listen on the go
  • Lifetime access + all updates and upgrades

95% of students say this course paid for itself within a month. A month!

I’m super proud of this course and the long-term, life-changing results it gets for my students. I’d love it if you joined us!

Photos by Annie Spratt and Luke Hodde on Unsplash