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The Cheapskate Guide To: Amsterdam

Cheap Amsterdam! It's possible! Tips from a local on cheap food, affordable lodging, and free/cheap activities in Amsterdam. Click through if you're planning a trip to Amsterdam!

Is there such a thing as Cheap Amsterdam? Does this lovely city have a slightly-less expensive side for those of us who don’t want to/can’t drop seven Euro on one crepe?

Yes! A thousand times yes! Today, we’re getting insights from a local on all the best, cheapest things to do, places to stay, and foods to eat in Amsterdam. Read on!


The Cheapskate Guide To: Toronto

Can you travel cheap in Toronto - Canada's biggest city? Of course! These budget travel tips from a local will help you find the best cheap food, cheap lodging, and cheap things to do in Toronto!

Toronto is sort of Canada’s New York City … so you’d think it’d be expensive, wouldn’t you? Well it is! Sort of. But if you’re looking for Cheap Toronto, you’re in luck! I pulled in a local to give us the low-down.


Mini Travel Guide: The Adirondacks

Looking for Adirondack travel tips? I've got from-a-local travel advice about where to eat, what to do, and where to stay in the Adirondacks. Click through and start planning your trip today!

Are you interested in traveling The Adirondacks? Do you even know what The Adirondacks are? I mean, other than those chairs? I had vague visions about lakes somewhere on the east coast … but that’s about all I knew. So I brought in a local to share all her best Adirondack travel tips with you! If you live in Boston, New York, or Montreal and you’re looking for a weekend getaway – this is for you!