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How was your week, friends? As you read this, I’m in Philly, speaking at The Blog Connect conference about defining success for yourself and creating habits that will make that success a looooot easier. (P.S. If you run a conference and you’d like me to speak, drop me a line and let’s chat!)

Links for you!

If you want help planning a road trip of your own, this will help!

If you sell things, a great reminder: Whatever you do, you absolutely must convince people to give a damn about you and what you offer.

I loved this roundup of favorite wedding moments – especially the “for richer, for poorer” one. Weep!

This post articulated something I’ve always sort of suspected: The Stylists’ Tip That Changed the Way I Get Dressed

Whoa! I am so impressed with how Ariel has transformed her military base rental!

Periodic reminder that this course and this app totally transformed how much traffic my site gets and where it comes from.

$7 Life-changing produce alert! (Particularly for those of us who live in a one-bathroom space with multiple people)

What We Lost in Austin Bombing Victim Draylen Mason
“I’m pretty sure Dray’s never even told a lie unless he was trying to hide a surprise from you. He was like the light of his community. He thought everybody was a beautiful person until proven otherwise. Every person he met, after just two seconds was like, ‘Wow this kid is amazing, I need to talk to him more.’”

In December, a friend and I spent a week in the Mojave desert in a town called 29 Palms – so great! Wish we would have checked out this travel guide for Joshua Tree first.

Co-signed on this: ‘Should I Leave My Amazing But Incredibly Frustrating Relationship?’
You can’t fix this, because no matter how “good” you are, no matter how much you joke or make light of anything, no matter how strong or brave or quiet or relaxed or easy you are, he encounters you as a threat. Even when you are standing naked before him, he sees an evil villainess armed to the teeth.

If 2017 and 2018 have made you lose your faith in males, this might help.

Paul Jarvis is one of my favorite internet humans and I LOVED this article.
Thus a “consumption spiral” was created. Not because he was greedy, but because his space wasn’t Pinterest-worthy due to non-matching vibes. The story goes that he kept upgrading his belonging to match until he was totally in debt, and completely unhappy with his life. And if Pinterest and digital cameras had existed, he would have been unhappy and still pinning the crap out of his new home furnishings.

If you’re nodding along to Paul’s, article, you’d love our free Money & Happy Facebook group. Join 3,500+ people who are working to align their spending with their values and happiness!

Related: One Busy Mom & Recipe Tester’s Favorite $10 Meals

Something to think about before you buy Coachella tickets next year.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

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