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Friends! As you read this, I’m hunkered down in the suburbs of Anchorage, Alaska housesitting for my uber cool cousin. Kenny and I are going to tramp around on glaciers, eat all the sourdough, and go to a musk ox farm.

If you’d like to see photos of that amazing museum, you can follow along on Instagram!

Links for you!

I love to read books set in my travel destination and I looooved this. Like, I brought it with me to read while I got my car washed and audibly gasped and blurted out the twist when I thought I figured it out!

Such a good reminder from my girl Alex: you might be the only one.

How productive are you really?

Amazing! This couple turned their house from truly unlivable to adorable. Also: it’s here in Minneapolis!

Do you guys remember my friend Dabi? And how you donated money to help him learn English? And how he became one of the few Akha tribal people to hold an elected office? Now he and his wife run a fair trade coffee plantation + coffee shop AND bed and breakfast! It’s a beautiful space and they’re outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand. If you’ll be in the neighborhood, check them out!

YES. I loved Jes’s Beetlejuice costume!

I spend a lot of time thinking about my carbon footprint. Just when I was starting to feel okay about it, I found out that one international flight = one year of car use. Here’s how we can make our flying slightly less bad for the environment.

An app I want to try.

I’ve started to compile a mental dossier of Women I’d Like To Age Into. I’m adding Linda Rodin to the list.

I loved Sara’s post about self-belief and hideous sundresses.
I think back on all this now with a real sense of wonder. By my teens this sense of self-belief had entirely abandoned me in favour of pandering blindly in the hopes of being liked. I sacrificed my conviction and intuition for connection and community, and for a while it really seemed like a worthwhile trade. I was pretty convincing, a lot of the time. And wasn’t I making people happy, by trying to guess what they would want?

Evolution via stock photo.

Just as I suspected: George Clooney is smart and funny and says what he means.

Is this the best internet recipe comment of all time?

I struggle to find podcasts that
a) aren’t over-produced
b) don’t include some horrible bro-y theme song
c) don’t copy Ira Glass’s speaking cadence EXACTLY
d) aren’t witty in that self-congratulatory, “I know I’m on air” sort of way …. and I’m here to tell you that An Uncluttered Life is none of the above. It’s funny, helpful, relatable and totally binge-listen-worthy.

How to deal with a bad day without chocolate or Netflix.

A reminder of how to navigate breakups.
We think that rattling off the internal lists we’ve been poisoning ourselves with will bring relief, but they hurt both parties. For the most part, these endless little errors in our ways do not cause others real and lasting harm. They just make us human. The blood of a bit tongue is far less rancid than the bile of resentment, particularly against a person who is already hurting.

Hope you guys had a good week!

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  1. ZL

    The link about David (linked to your page not his place) and the app link are not working! Help! I want to check them out 🙂

    • ZL

      I mean Dabi! Autocorrect….

  2. Jennifer

    A couple podcasts that meet your criteria- Startalk Radio by Neil Degrasse Tyson and Backstory
    — there are several “Backstory” podcasts on iTunes – it’s the American history one

  3. Kamina

    Sarah, have you listened to Mystery Show (podcast)? It is DELIGHTFUL. It’s just 6 episodes. Episode #5 is the sweetest, most giggle-inducing piece of audio I’ve listened to in a long time. https://gimletmedia.com/mystery-show/

  4. Lizzie

    I hear you on the Yiddish Policeman’s Union! I listened to it on audiobook first (super helpful for getting name pronunciations right!) and then read the book, and I still think about the ending and overall premise on a regular basis. It’s stunning.

  5. Sharon B

    Great links! I really enjoy the Sawbones podcast which is about medical history and how weird it is, and also the Slow Home podcast which is super very positive and uplifting while also being honest.

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