Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I spent mine enjoying our terrifyingly good weather (#climatechange), meeting my High Powered Ladies for breakfast and hosting friends for dinner. As you’re reading this, I’m crossing ‘trying curling’ off my New Things List. Will report back!

Awesome links for you!

1o socially conscious brands to support

Somewhat related: 24 printable #resistance postcards

Also related: activism can be fun! Yes, really!

In honor of this, our most loved-up month, have you downloaded my free relationship workbook: The ‘Before You Commit’ Checklist? Seriously, love isn’t as complicated as we make it. And Chrissy Teigen will back me up on this.

Vodka gimlet’s are my go-to cocktail, so I’m intrigued by this celery and lime gimlet.

A lovely beauty interview.

As we’ve discussed, I’m weirdly concerned about food waste? And I’m also someone who makes my own nutmilk now? So, uh, I’m into these sweet and savory energy bites made from leftover nutmilk pulp.

A great reminder that everyone – EVERYONE – has struggled: My Very Personal Hurt, Suffered, Cried, Tanked, Flopped, Crawled, Begged for Mercy List. May it bring you comfort.
My parents were teenagers when they had me. That in and of itself wasn’t a bad thing, (it made for great house parties). But their marriage was on and off and volatile, so I never knew how long we’d stay in a house or a town. That kind of instability seeps into your psyche and you have to work hard to trust the support systems of life. The upside: I became an overachiever who can pack up a house in a day.

Related: 10 things to do when it feels like you’re failing.

Two new podcast obsessions:
1. Healers (about healers of all types – colonic therapist, shaman mystic, relationship coaches)
2. Where’s Richard? (about Richard Simmons going missing!)

Related: That time Richard Simmons touched my hair and made me cry

A beautiful essay about grandmothers, creativity, and how we talk to ourselves.
The notes, they carried me through that first worry (he did not love me), through grief, through my thesis work, through the worst depressions I have ever had. They taught me that I wasn’t helpful to myself, much less anyone else, if I wasn’t soft. If I wasn’t patient.

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  1. C

    I don’t think I’ve commented before but your web time wasters are always something I look forward to clicking through. I have to say though, I love this week’s selection! That link to the range of beautifully diverse resistance post cards is one I loved looking through and the “activism can be fun” link has got me thinking I’m capable of doing much more to improve the state of things. Thanks for curating a selection of some of the best things on the internet this week and all the others! (:

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Thanks so much for the kind words, C! I so enjoy putting these roundups together!

  2. Rebekah Jaunty

    I’m so glad you linked back to that Richard Simmons story! He seems like such a gem.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      He is The Actual Best!

  3. Laura

    I listened to Missing Richard Simmons and can’t help but think it’s disturbingly exploitative? Simmons says he’s a reclusive person and likes his solitude, has obviously had an amazing and difficult life, and has given so much of himself to the world that it feels unfair to keep demanding he owes us more of himself. I felt like a lot of the interviews and narrative insinuated that because he’s been offering his emotional labor (for free!!) for years, he has no reason or excuse to disappear and HOW DARE HE. The more I listened the more icky it made me feel, with them waiting outside his house and trying to get info from his housekeeper (even when it’s presented under the idea that “I’m just worried about him!”).
    Just my two cents! I feel like I”m going to turn into the “Leave Britney alone!!” person, but with Richard Simmons lol.

  4. Kate

    Just popping in to say that I v. much hope you enjoy curling!

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