True Story: My Husband Used To Be A Woman

What if your wife told you she needed to be a man? This is the sweet, important, amazing story of Anna and Nick, her trans husband. Click through to read the whole thing

What would you do if you fell in love with a woman who told you she needed to transition into being a man? Would you stay? Leave? Remain best friends but split up?

My friends Anna and Nick are a testament to true love. This is their story

Tell us a bit about yourselves! 

Nick: We are Nick and Anna.  Although we’re feminists so maybe we are Anna and Nick. We live in small town just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with our blended family of five kids.  I’m 32, and I am a branding strategist and sales coach. Basically I help creatives sell more stuff.  For fun I write, watch all the TV, rock climb and listen to so much rap music.

Anna: I just turned 40, and I’ve always been a city girl but I moved to the ‘burbs for love this year.  It’s funny ‘cause we look like such a normal suburban couple– mom, dad, kids, minivan, dog… but the way we got here is pretty interesting. I’m a life coach and I help women become badass powerhouses. I love my work and my clients with a fiery passion. My idea of a great night is curling up in bed with a book.

What did your lives look like three years ago?

Anna: I was a happy solo mom in Portland and as single as you can possibly be, with a group of supportive friends who had become like family.

Nick: Hmmm. Wow. Well, three years ago I was a woman, married to a super nice guy, pregnant with my fourth kid.  Super unhappy.

How did you guys meet?

Anna: A mutual friend hooked us up to have a phone conversation before we actually met. Because she knew that we needed to talk about kids who see ghosts and remember their past lives, LOL. Just the usual.

Nick: Then we actually laid eyes on each other at a Summer Camp in Pennsylvania for entrepreneurs that another mutual friend organized.

Was there a specific moment when you realized “Oh, this is something!”?

Anna: Not until much later– first we became fast, good friends. But just friends. Because Nick was married. And pregnant. But right away we just recognized each other, you know? I felt like, “Oh, it’s YOU!!!! I’ve been waiting for you!”

And then, much later, I realized that I might actually be falling in love with this person I loved so dearly, and I knew that that had the potential to really mess up his life, so I was all, “Lock that shit down, Kunnecke!!!”  But eventually we had the “Oh man, I’m secretly in love with you too– now what do we do?” conversation, and it was always, “Do we walk away from each other forever or do we get married?” There weren’t really any other options.

Nick: I knew when I hung up the phone after our first conversation that she was the most interesting person I’d ever spoken to. Then I saw her and was like “WOW! She’s beautiful AND the most interesting person ever!  I want to be her best friend.”

Everything sort of clicked a yearish later.  So then I had to get divorced and admit that I was gay and really change my whole life because the idea of a second away from her was too awful.  When I get really quiet and truthful I knew from this one moment, sitting on a rocking bench in front of a cabin, that I wanted her in all the ways, forever.  I would just never let the feeling settle, because it wasn’t allowed to.

Nick, when did you realize you were trans? 

Nick:  I have all these memories of growing up knowing I was different.

I remember being 5 or 6 sitting on the stairs at my mother’s house crying because I just wanted to be a boy so badly.  I remember protesting going to my father’s wedding because they were making me wear a dress.  I kicked and screamed and cried.

I remember as a teenager when someone would think I was a boy being so embarrassed that they had found out my truth.  Then eventually I just pushed it down enough until I believed my own lie.

Being with Anna, it changed all of that for me.  It put me back in touch with myself.  The way she touched me, the way she loved me.  It just sort of opened me up again.

I don’t think it was so much one moment as much as a bunch of revelations. I would embrace my masculinity one step at a time and then realize that I wanted more.

I think it’s important for me to say that although I know this is who I am, and I feel more myself every single day, I still have intense amounts of shame from time to time about being this person.  About not being normal.  I feel angry that I didn’t get the right body.  That I don’t get to experience things the way cis men do.

But I’m also so thankful to have lived life as a woman as well.  That I know what it’s like to birth a child.  I know what it’s like to be mansplained to.  I know what it’s like to be made to feel less than for my gender.  I have gotten to have all the experiences.

What if your wife told you she needed to be a man? This is the sweet, important, amazing story of Anna and Nick, her trans husband. Click through to read the whole thing

How did you tell Anna? 

Nick: It wasn’t just one conversation.  It was hundreds of little ones. I was terrified every time.  She didn’t always say the exact right thing, but neither did I.  She always reacted with love though.  In the beginning she really embraced my expressing my masculinity.

There was a small moment, when we both realized that just being androgynous wasn’t enough for me, that she struggled.  She likes being queer.  It’s part of her identity.  She loved so many of the feminine things about me, my soft skin, my voice, all these things that I hated. But she loved me, and she was always supportive.  She just needed a little more time than I did.

As things have unfolded she’s been amazing.  And it turns out she doesn’t hate all the ways I’ve changed. She’s particularly fond of the muscles.

Anna, how did you feel when Nick told you?

I’d always been super attracted to how androgynous Nick was. I loved it when he dressed up in a suit; so hot! It made sense to me that he would want to play with gender in a very fluid way. The bigger shock to me was eventually realizing that he didn’t want to be genderfluid– he wanted to live as a fully straight man.

I felt such a mix of feelings– so proud, so scared, so happy for him, but also grieving the loss of the woman I first fell in love with. I didn’t like the thought of going from being a queer couple to a straight one. And I had a hard time with the thought of his body changing so drastically when I was so very in love with it the way it was.

When you love someone + you see they're living in a cage, you just want them OUT of it. Share on X My feelings matter, and it was important for me to go through my own process, but they also don’t matter at all. There’s something much bigger here than whether I liked having a pair of breasts in my life.

Can you walk us through the process of transitioning? 

Nick:  It really depends on where you live, especially in the USA, where the laws in some places are extremely backward.

We already had been seeing a therapist (who just coincidentally specialized in gay couples and worked a ton with Trans people) by the time I was ready to transition.  I think she was just waiting for me to finally admit it.

You get a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria from an MD or psychologist.  Get referred to an endocrinologist, do a bunch of bloodwork, and if everyone feels good about things they write you a prescription for Testosterone.  It took about six months from the time I pursued transitioning until I started my weekly self-administered shots of testosterone.

If I didn’t already have a therapist I’m sure the timeline would look different.  I go in every 3 months for bloodwork to make sure everything is okay.

I haven’t legally changed my name or gender marker yet.

Nick, what has most surprised you about this process?

I think the biggest surprise was the emotional changes.  I think I thought that only my outsides would change.  The truth is that all the places I felt sad before I feel angry now.  Although I’m still SUPER chill, but in comparison, there’s a difference.

It’s also easier for me to be emotionally distant now.  I think watching the way people treat me differently now that I pass entirely as a man has an effect on me too.  I’m not sure which things are hormonal and which are just nature but I notice I feel more entitled, as much as I hate to admit it.

Then there’s the physical changes.  The biggest surprise there is that the more you change into the person you always wanted to be the more you WANT and even feel like you NEED to change.  It’s all happening so fast but not nearly fast enough.

Also the sex drive is seriously no joke.  When they say that guys think about sex every seven seconds it’s only a slight exaggeration.  I could have sex at almost anytime.  I could stop what I’m doing right now and have sex if Anna gave me any inkling that it was an option. Learning to deal with that constant distraction was a steep curve.

What if your wife told you she needed to be a man? This is the sweet, important, amazing story of Anna and Nick, her trans husband. Click through to read the whole thing

Anna, what’s surprised you?

It’s super trippy to watch someone morph drastically in front of your eyes. You know it’s coming, in theory, but it’s still wild. He’s outgrown EVERY piece of clothing he owns!

Everyone assured me that Nick would still be the same person– and in some ways he is and in some ways he isn’t. We’re not just souls and minds, we are physical beings, and he has a totally different set of chemicals coursing through him now.

He is basically going through puberty right before my very eyes, and it’s given me a lot more compassion for men. Some of the things that I attributed to them just being jerks are powerfully driven by biology, apparently. I hesitate even to say that. It’s such dicey territory and in NO way will I excuse poor male behavior based on “boys will be boys” bullshit.

But Nick has had to make really deliberate choices about how he’s going to channel some of his new and different energies. I’m so proud of him for working so hard to be the very best version of the masculine. It turns out it’s harder than it looks.

Nick, do you have in your mind a moment or an experience that will make you think you’re ‘finished’ transitioning? 

Nick: Hmmm I’m not sure there is a moment like that in my mind. Like I said before, as soon as you get to one goal you realize that you’ve subconsciously set 5 more in its place.

Top surgery will be huge for me.  I feel really held back by my chest now.  Things like going swimming with my kids, or going to a spa with my wife, or even changing in a locker room at the gym are seemingly impossible or at least incredibly uncomfortable.

Also I think growing facial hair will feel awesome but that’s less about being a guy and more about not getting asked if my Mom is home when I answer the front door.  Looking over 21 will be fantastic.

I’m sure you guys encountered more than your fair share of awkward, inappropriate questions. What are some questions we should NEVER ask a trans person or their partner?

Anna: Same rules apply as everywhere else: no questions about private parts or private functions, whether sexual, medical, or parental. It’s never good manners to ask someone what meds they’re taking or how they go to the bathroom or which kids came out of which loins, no matter who you are. A good question to ask if you aren’t sure how to refer to someone is what pronoun they prefer.

Nick:  I’m bad at this because boundaries are hard for me.  I love that Anna always steps in to protect me.

Are there any books/resources/websites/tools that have made this easier for you guys?

Nick: I am part of some good online groups, there’s lots of trans youtubers, but honestly there’s not a ton out there.  It’s why I started writing

Anna: Beware the google. It’ll scare the pants off you. The show Transparent is amazing. Drop us a line privately for the name of our amazing therapist.

What have you learned from this that ANY of us could apply to our daily lives? 

Anna: I think Lin-Manuel Miranda said it best: Love is love is love is love is love is love is love. And I believe love wins.

Nick: I think it has taught me to have more of an open mind.  It’s so easy to think that’s “weird” when the truth is that it’s just different from the way you are or think, and you never know when all of a sudden you might be the weird one.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Anna and Nick! Do you guys have any (polite, respectful) questions for them? 

photo credits: Dana Pugh / Tara Whitney / Jen Downer

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    • Nick

      Thanks so much for your nice comment Charmaine. I’ll be honest it was kind of scary putting myself so OUT THERE. Feeling the warm fuzzies!

  1. Kristen

    Love you, love you, love you. Sarah and Nick and Anna and all five of the kids and your story and your courage here, too. More than I can say.

    • Nick

      LOVE you too KK

  2. Jenny Shih

    Thank you, Anna and Nick, for sharing your stories with the world. You both have such big hearts and a deep sense of truth in who you are. The world is a better place because you’re in it!

    Sarah, Thank you for giving these two the space to tell their stories with more people!

    • Nick

      Thanks so much for your words Jenny! There’s maybe something in my eye… dust I think…::Tear::

  3. Samantha Lee

    What an interesting story! Would love to know how they approached this with their children – they seem like such a happy, healthy family but wonder if it was/is difficult for the kids. Children do tend to be more accepting but a lot of changes going on in their world!

    • Nick

      Our Kids were awesome. Our 10 year olds biggest question was “Why did you wait so long?”. Everyone was also really hoping I would grow a long “thinking goatee”. We told them that they would probably hear other people call me Sir, and him, but that they could call me whatever they wanted. We never suggested they not call me Mom anymore, because that’s who I am to them. Within a month they had all switched on their own to calling me Dad though. They have seen a therapist but all in all, this isn’t even really on their radar. They’re more concerned that dessert is dished out evenly.

      • Samantha Lee

        Haha, that is so awesome!! So glad that it was a relatively easy transition for the kids. Sounds like y’all are doing a great job. 🙂

      • Sarah

        I love that she asked why you waited so long, beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your story, my partner and I are both women and have 3 kids, one of which is a boy, I found your insights into how the testosterone changed you amazing. I truely believe they will help me be a more understanding mum to my little testosterone filled guy! Thank you Nick and all the best with the next steps in your exciting journey. X

  4. Hols

    My partner is trans too and while I haven’t been with him since the beginning, he is at final stages.
    He was shocked that I handled the info with such ease but my best friend of 12 ish years is also FTM so I guess it’s not a new idea to me.
    We met on a dating app and the first message he said to me was about being FTM and in all honesty that was what made me reply and get to know him hehe. After chatting for ages, we were smitten and have so much in common. We are so much better for each other than our previous partners were, I love him so dearly and I’ve always been of the opinion that you should love whoever you want to love, whatever orientation. We are a straight couple with an little twist 🙂 He doesn’t tell just anyone about himself and he asks that those who know him don’t tell people too, we all respect this completely as this is how he wishes to live his life, and really, who’s business is it anyway? 🙂

    I loved reading your story and especially reading about the part of Anna and her feelings, I relate to this on a level I didn’t realise before and while I’ll always say that my partner is perfect the way he is, I respect and encourage him to be whoever he needs to be and will help him however I can along the way. We both move at different paces and I also needed his support and guidance one evening when I’d decided to do some research and got overwhelmed and emotional. Likewise, I try and lift him up when he’s having some hard days and it all gets a bit too much for him. We help each other 🙂 He helps me understand more and I support him to be the best version of himself at every stage.

    I hope I’ve explained myself ok, I’m not always the best at describing things but simply put, I just wanted to say I get you, and I think you’re both amazing. x

    Thank you for sharing this, it was an insightful read and I wish you all the luck and ease in your journey xx

  5. Liz

    I looooooved reading this so much. As a social worker I’ve attended trainings about working with trans clients but really, I feel like I learned more from this interview than from any clinical presentation. Such great perspective-widening, compassion-expanding info. Thank you Nick & Anna!

    • Nick

      Awe Liz thanks so much! It’s kind of scary to put yourself out there like we did. We wanted to show a different side of the trans population than what is typically found when you use The Google 🙂

      I matters so much to us that we are able to make even the smallest difference in sharing our story!

  6. Shannon K

    Your guys’ story brings me to happy tears every time. I remember when I first became aware of how madly in love Nick was with Anna. I was so fearful that hearts would be broken that I sent a note to Anna. It’s funny to think that at that time, I had no idea of the lengths either of you would go for one another. Your unconditional love for one another knows no bounds and I’m proud to have watched it unfold. So much love to you both. Xo

  7. Mary Swaffield

    I love your story. I’ve been watching from afar (via social media) and endlessly thinking about how brave you both are. Love requires immense bravery, and you both have that in spades. Nick, it’s been wondrous watching your transformation after knowing you 6+ years ago, and I’m so very proud of you. xo

  8. Chelsea Moriarity

    Although I have had the true pleasure of hearing this story directly from both of you, there is something so powerful and romantic about reading it here. Your love and the way you live life is just so beautiful and such an inspiration. It is so often “over said” but you two are simply a pleasure knowing. I feel so grateful to watch your journey up close – it is an honor.

    And as you know, I basically felt the same way about Nick when I met him 5 years ago. I instantly wanted to be his best friend. I’m so glad I got TWO great people for the price of one. Love you both! xo

  9. Leslie Magee

    Nick I am incredibly proud of the life you have made for yourself! We haven’t seen each other in a few years (even though we live 30 min away from each other oh and we’re cousins) I have been following your journey on social media, you are so very brave for finding your true path in life and finding an incredible wife to go through it together.

  10. Lesley S

    Beautiful love story and beautiful family! Your love really shines through in both photos and the way you speak about one another and tell your story. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Kelly

    This is such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing, and for bringing some (much needed) happy tears to my day.

    And Sarah, thank you for sharing this Valentine’s week! What an inspirational love story.

  12. Bridget

    Congrats on your journey together!
    15 years ago, my partner and I went through the same process and we lasted about a year after transition. The common statistic expressed is that only about 5 percent of transitioning couples stay together.
    It is complicated stuff. I hope you make it.

  13. Maria Dudley

    You guys are so amazing. Pam (who you are also friends with) shared this article with me. (Though I already follow Anna’s blogs, etc.) I love your honesty and your beautiful love story. We have a 20 year old trans daughter (she is still at the beginning of her transition) and this story just helps to deepen my understanding of everything we are going through with her! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us!!!

    • Nick

      Oh Man Maria! Thanks so much for sharing. Coming out is so scary and knowing that her parents are there for her must mean THE WORLD! It’s hard to understand being in a Trans persons shoes. Hell sometimes I don’t understand my own shoes. I’m glad that I could shed some light on things for you. We love Pam and if she’s your friend you’re our friend! Let us know if you even need to talk about anything. Best to you and your daughter!

  14. tlm

    How have you sorted out relationships with the children’s other parents? Are grandparents supportive?

    • Nick

      The other parents are supportive. No problems there. We chose good people to procreate with. Grandparents are all supportive, even though it’s a stretch for sure. There’s nothing but love, when it comes to them.

  15. Heather

    Thank you for your vulnerability. By you sharing your story, the rest of the world can learn so much. We get a glimpse into a life that some of us would never have a view into and therefore would never get the chance to understand more deeply. I am in awe of you, Nick and Anna, every time I read one of your blog posts or newsletters. Thank you for being so brave.

  16. Amrita Grace

    What a gorgeous love story. Thanks for your courage and for being way-showers. Even though we don’t know each other, I love you guys! I’ve been following along for a few months… just long enough to be included in the transition. You have my full support. xoxo

  17. Samantha

    Such a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  18. Marilyn

    Super happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story! appreciate having my perspective expanded and I do hope it brings courage and comfort to others…I know this is needed!

  19. Ally

    Im pretty sure I held my breath through the whole article….thanx for such a precious insight into transitioning and all that comes with your situation. Our family has been on a similar journey and you both being so open honest helps no end. i cant wait to share this with some family members who are struggling. Nothing but big love to you xxx

    • Nick

      So glad that sharing our story has helped you. If you ever need someone to talk to Anna and I are always happy to offer what we can.

  20. Marisa

    This story gives me so much hope and also scares me at the same time…my partner of nearly two years recently came out as trans. She just got her T yesterday and is going to start it this week. I identify as a lesbian. Love our life and relationship so much, but damn this is hard. And I do not know if she will ever put in the work Nick did with therapy, etc to deal with the new changes. I have asked many times and its always a no. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom or hope…please, reach out to me. I would be so grateful. I want to make this work but I kind of feel like I already have one foot out the door. and it is devastating. (also, she has nto changed pronouns yet which is why I am still using female).

    • Nick

      Hey Marisa, Feel free to reach out on Instagram. @epicdanger or @annakunnecke. It’s hard. It’s scary. But it is worth it if your partner is your person. I’m happy to support you two.

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