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 I love everything about this. And I love twice baked potatoes!

How was your week, guys? Mine was exciting, overwhelming, exhausting. I wrapped up the first ‘proper launch’ of my ecourse Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is – including a live workshop where the audio didn’t work. (Here’s how I dealt with it.) As you read this, Kenny and I are enjoying a weekend away, pre-planned to coordinate with the end of my launch. I wanted a celebration planned regardless of the outcome!

Anyway. Links for you!

I loved Shauna’s post about external validation, social media, and remembering that you are good enough.
After pulling back and spending more time in reality, here’s what I realized: I really like my life the way it is. I’m happy and comfortable and know what I was put on this earth to do. There’s not much I would ever consider changing. So…why is the need for external validation still there?

Halloween is – hands down – my favorite holiday. Design Crush rounded up 48 awesome Halloween ideas/crafts and I’m allllll over it.

Pretty: a temporary lawn planted among Persian rugs.

I think we’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating: use Lyft instead of Uber. Lyft has tipping built into the app, they treat their drivers better, and they don’t charge you a ‘safety’ fee to put their drivers through background checks! If you use the code “yesandyes” you get $50 towards your first rides!

Are you in a beauty rut? I’ve been using this lipstick and wearing these jeans for YEARS. Catherine talks about the importance of getting out of a beauty rut and how to update your look 

One of the ways I build my email list is by asking readers to send me their url for a free, tiny site review. (You can get your own mini review here.) This means I spend hours every week looking at blogs about content marketing and food and style – which is totally fine! But sometimes I get really lucky and A 7TH GRADE GIRL WHO LOVES BEES SO MUCH SHE  STARTED A BLOG ABOUT THEM emails me and then I have to get verklempt and acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for this world yet.

Do you remember ‘True Story: I’m A Fashion Illustrator‘? Danielle’s real, actual job is to attend haute couture fashion shows and sketch the outfits! Her book just came out and it looks lovely.

This is fascinating: an app that’s designed to help atheists talk to believers.

So, so, so funny. Hillary Clinton’s Locker-Room Talk.
Paul Ryan headed back to the locker room to get changed after a hard-core P90X workout. The first thing he saw when he walked in the door was President Hillary Clinton. She’d brought a lawn chair in from the White House, and she was sitting with her feet up on the bench, eating a panini from Au Bon Pain. Her eyes were glued to Mike Pence as he tried to change out of his gym shorts and back into his suit. He was using a towel to cover as much of his body as he could, but the towel kept slipping. “Magic Mike! Show me your Hoosier, baby!” the president shouted from her chair, wiping some kind of pesto sauce off her chin.

Oooooh! Perfect now that it’s getting colder! Coconut curry hot chocolate.

Also: homemade ‘Butterfingers’

A great read for anyone who has children in their life: It’s Hard For Them, Too.

For the redhead in your life.

Which of these 90’s dating trends did you embrace? (I was really into #1, #2, and #5.)

So incredibly helpful! How to successfully maintain habits when life gets stressful.

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