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It’s been a rough two weeks, hasn’t it? Anton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas, the terror attacks in Nice, and the coup in Turkey. So, so sad. If you’d like to help the victims of the Bastille Day attack, here’s a great article full of ideas.

Anyway. If you’re looking for a space to get away from the news, welcome! Sit down and escape via links to recipes and house tours!

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Caren’s recipes are so yummy AND crazy healthy. Cauliflower artichoke soup? Yes, please! We made her portobella ‘pizzas’ for dinner once this week and we’ll definitely be repeating that recipe.

I lived abroad from ages 24 – 28 and it was both amazing and difficult. I wish I would have read Carly’s post about being a solo female expat or her post about the struggles of going home.

Every spring I try to develop a running habit. And every summer it gets too hot and I give up. I loved Kristen’s guide to running in the heat.

Other links for you!

I was the 10th in line on the library’s reservation list for this book and it’s absolutely worth the wait! Beautifully written and very dark. If you liked Lolita or East of Eden, you’ll like this.

Pakistani woman went on her honeymoon alone after her husband’s visa was rejected and documented her entire trip in these hilarious photos.

Intriguing! Chocolate sweet potato truffles. Also intriguing: crab-less ‘crab’ cakes.

Related: chefs weigh in on the most over-rated ingredients and one food writer shares the most UNDER-rated.

Ooooh! Such good before and afters on this kitchen and bathroom!

The average American commute is 24 minutes. Don’t waste that time! Here are 6 ways to get more out of it.

I love Lena’s response to a candid paparazzi photo.

Want to be a feminist in your daily life? Here are 6 ways you can do that!

A great post about what happens when you pull yourself out of depression (photos NSFW)
I can’t loathe myself. I can’t dislike the dimples and the jiggles and bulges. I’m bigger than I’ve been in a long time, but I have to be okay with it because every bleached carb and duvet day has kept me from sinking even further. I’m used to doing exactly what I set my mind to, but it’s my mind that has needed rest. She will for the rest of the year, I’d imagine. It’s so humbling to have to recognise my limitations, that for now – maybe forever – this is how I look because food has helped, and I couldn’t, literally could physically not, do much more than a long walk around the park.

Somewhat related: cellulite used to be not-a-big-deal.

We just finished watching this and it was so good, so sad, so thought provoking. Oooof. Definitely recommended.

What do 19-year-olds really think about sending nude photos?
One of my friends is seeing a new guy. It’s exclusive. He asked for pics. She told him: Look, clearly you can see me naked. You have already. But I don’t want to send it through the cloud. Like, I’ll come over, you can take any kind of pics you want. And I’d be more into it anyway if you take the picture. Take it yourself!

SO JEALOUS. Tara has a ‘writing shed‘ and now I want one.

Taking jello shots to a whole new level! Jello shots that look just like deviled eggs!

Wanna do something cool? Do it today.

Particularly important in our politically charged atmosphere these days: 6 signs your call-out isn’t actually about accountability.
It’s more than okay to pick your battles – it’s actually necessary for your own self-preservation. Are you afraid of looking like a bad activist if you don’t gear up for every battle? That’s an understandable fear, and it shows why a climate of trying to outdo each other as activists isn’t helpful. Instead, give yourself a little breathing room. One strategy I use for this is meeting people where they’re at in their process of learning about oppression. It is a process for all of us – we’re not born with an awareness of how systems of oppression work around us in often invisible ways.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: I’ve been wasting my likable on the wrong people. Are you?, 8 ways to increase your attention span, and How to politely, diplomatically maintain your boundaries.

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