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How was your week, guys? I spent the last seven days in Tulum really, actually unplugging and relaxing. We cenote-d, we ruin-ed, we beach walked, we ate one million avocados. Now I’m back at home, doing that post-vacation laundry-grocery-run thing, being glad that I flew back on Saturday rather than Sunday. This week’s Web Time Wasters is a short one!

Links for you!

Travelers, did you already know about this? Cheap, super effective, and since it’s a solid you don’t have to worry about the 3 ounce rule! I bought one for my trip and loved it.

Related: Chelsea rarely researches her trips …. and loves it!

We all know this but could stand to be reminded: fame and fortune won’t solve our problems.
Ask yourself why you actually want money. So long as you’re not destitute, your want for money is probably something other than what it seems. Maybe you seek autonomy so you can do what you want, free of someone else’s direction. If that’s the case, reducing your expenses might be the fastest way to regain control.

One in five American women has been sexually assaulted. Here’s what survivors deserve in their sex life.

In my former life, I was an ESL teacher who worked with refugees. I loved the project that Death To Stock Photo did, partnering with a group that supports refugees in their new lives in the Midwest. See the photos here.

I very rarely appear in public without mascara, so I totally get where Kate’s coming from with her eyeliner addiction. Kudos to her for getting over it!

Faaaaascinating. Mr. Miss Universe: Meet Jeff Lee, Professional Beautiful-Woman Coach
Lee lives like he, too, is competing in an unending pageant prelim. He takes selfies frequently, “as an instructional thing.” He records himself on conference calls to improve his voice control. He calls it self-calibration. “I know exactly what I look like talking to you right now,” he tells me one day in the middle of lunch. His pathological quest for self-awareness is partly professionalism: Lee asks nothing of his clients that he doesn’t also demand of himself. But it’s also his worldview. In life, everyone is judging us all the time. Why shouldn’t we be our best?

A great collection of vegan ice cream recipes!

The 10 most boring experiences in the world (I’m co-signed with #10.)

Ooooh! I love this teeny, tiny beach house!

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: Picking your luxuries: a guide to living lavishly with less + 11 ways to make your home feel happier and more like you. 

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Web Time Wasters

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Web Time Wasters

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Web Time Wasters

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  1. Kathryn

    Is the stick sunscreen okay for flights? I had stick deodorant and asked about it at customs and they told me it was still considered a gel.

    • Sarah

      Weird! I’ve taken it on three flights without any trouble!

  2. chelsea

    Thank you for the mention! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I always love your blog!! xoxoxo


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