Mornings In: Pakistan


Name: Noor Unnahar Siddique
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Age: 17, turning 18 in August
Occupation: College senior, blogger, blog and graphic designer, poetess
My alarm is set for: 5:30 (for prayers) & 7:00 (college life, ugh!)


Most mornings I eat: Most mornings, I eat a toast or two with peanut butter mixed with strawberry jam and a cup of mildly brewed Horlicks or tea. A typical Pakistani breakfast consists of paratha, omelette and chai. Chai is actually a traditional form of tea, tea leaves are brewed in water in a teapot, mixed with milk when they’re completely brewed and filtered with strainer when served.


 My beauty routine consists of:  Most days, I only wear kajal. My favorite one is Hashmi kajal. It’s thick black kohl, though I usually have to put on a very light shade since I have to go to college. When the weather is humid, I wouldn’t leave the house without putting on lip balm and some coconut oil in my hair. I love Nivea’s Labello balms, they come in fruity scents and my to-go is apple scented. I use Parachute coconut hair oil , it’s light and has a sweet scent of raw coconut. And it’s not greasy!

Then, I head to school by:  My college is at short distance from my residence. So I always hop on the car and anyone in my family would drive me there.

Thanks so much for sharing, Noor! Can any other Pakistani readers weigh in with their favorite breakfast + beauty routines?



LOVE learning these little snippets of how others start their mornings. And I’m very much coveting the kajal – if only I knew how to apply it!


I’ve never drink any kind of tea but I am tempting to taste the Chai, I think it will be a good one plus the toast and omelette. It will be a perfect breakfast for sure. I can see that you had a great morning in Pakistan.


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