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Colorado has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy in the nation. What are they doing differently?

I’m location-independent and I so, SO highly recommend it. If you want to live and work from anywhere, you’ll love to read Working on the Road.

I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to be weird or secretive about my age; in case you didn’t know I’m 36. Why are we so weird about aging? And why are we afraid to look our age? An interesting photo essay.

My husband is the senior climatologist for the state of Minnesota (#brag) so I’ve become more and more aware of the effects of our purchasing habits and over population. If you don’t think overpopulation is a problem, I’d encourage you to look at these photos.

SO HELPFUL. How to fly Spirit Airlines (if you must).

Do you have a baby? If so, may I come over and cram it into this?

A few years ago I interviewed Annie about her experience at Burning Man. I wonder what she’d say about this: Burning Man became a festival that rich libertarians love because it never had a radical critique at its core.
Burning Man is earning a reputation as a “networking event” among Silicon Valley techies, and tech magazines now send reporters to cover it. CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of Alphabet are foaming fans, along with conservative anti-tax icon Grover Norquist and many writers of the libertarian (and Koch-funded) Reason magazine. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even went so far as to claim that Burning Man “is Silicon Valley.”

Somewhat related: Elon’s Musk’s ex-wife Justine wrote about their divorce.
As we danced at our wedding reception, Elon told me, “I am the alpha in this relationship.” I shrugged it off, just as I would later shrug off signing the postnuptial agreement, but as time went on, I learned that he was serious. He had grown up in the male-dominated culture of South Africa, and the will to compete and dominate that made him so successful in business did not magically shut off when he came home. This, and the vast economic imbalance between us, meant that in the months following our wedding, a certain dynamic began to take hold. Elon’s judgment overruled mine, and he was constantly remarking on the ways he found me lacking. “I am your wife,” I told him repeatedly, “not your employee.” “If you were my employee,” he said just as often, “I would fire you.”

How sweet! A moving company that helps people leave an abusive partner for free.

OUR PRAYERS ARE (almost) ANSWERED! Unsend or edit any text message after you send it.

Oh dear. I love Empire so I was sad to read that Terrence Howard is a bad person who is also crazy.

Bookmarkbookmarkbookmark! Adorable Airbnbs that cost less than $50! And save $20 on any Airbnb with this link.

What happens if you strap a GoPro camera to a cat and let it wander around Hiroshima, Japan?

Real talk: it’s time to clean out your underwear drawer.

And then fill your underwear drawer up with pretty, impractical things like this.

And are we friends on Instagram? I’m over there most days, sharing photos of my horrible early 20s apartment, ‘age inappropriate’ dresses and my Sunday #churchofgratitude posts

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  1. Rebekah

    Hey Sarah- I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love your blog! Sundays are my absolute favorite, because I read your Web Time Wasters post, along with the weekly PostSecret posts and drink my coffee. It is the best way to start my lazy Sundays! XOXO

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Thank so much, Rebekah! So glad you enjoy them!

  2. Claire

    Thanks for the links … as usual! I just started a new job with the Minnesota DNR and I’m thinking I’ve run into your husband a time or two!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Ha! Funny! Congrats on working for the DNR – they’re such a great organization!

  3. Fran

    I totally cleared out my underwear drawer this weekend and bought lots of lovely new knickers to fill it up. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight recently and I was in denial about my old saggy underwear being perfectly fine!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Yes! Internet high five!

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