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Happy weekend, dudes! Did you enjoy your short week? I got to see long-time Yes & Yes reader/singer songwriter/cellist Alana Henderson perform alongside Hozier (and kill it, incidentally). This weekend Kenny and I are celebrating his birthday in our very favorite way: a weekend in Wisconsin, eating at supper clubs and staying in weird motels.

Also: can we talk about how awesome the above song is? Beirut is what my soul sounds like.

Links for you!

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You know I’m all about staying smart – here’s how to recognize the artists of famous paintings.

I really liked this. I retired at 30. The best part isn’t the leisure – it’s the freedom.
This is what I’m really describing when I talk about early retirement. It’s not really retirement at all, but that’s because I don’t think anybody should truly retire in the old sense of the word — swearing off all forms of paid activity in favor of a dramatic increase in television watching and golf playing. Creation of new ideas, new enterprises, or new things is the biggest joy of being alive. Learning more about life, the world, and yourself and then trying to mix the ingredients together to the best of your ability is the happiest path you can take as a human. We’re uniquely lucky to even have such an option available to us these days.

A pretty, swingy top that could work in any season.

Love it. French fry toppings of the world.

Have we already talked about these key chains?

How does one maintain their dye job and mani in prison?

This is how I feel about my Roomba. (This is how my cat feels.)

Related: cats as ninjas.

What does feminism look like in Russia’s Valley of Geysers?
“She can cook, she can clean, she can light a fire,” Dennis says. “She’s ready to get married!” I go to move a bench out of their way. Dennis drops his end of the bed and leaps to my rescue. “That’s too heavy for you,” he tells me, and I know why he thinks so.
“That’s men’s work, to lift things,” says Konstantin. “Women’s work is to have babies.”

Do you believe any of these myths?

Here’s what it feels like to have dyslexia.

A fashion blogger who never shows her face? And she had 8k Instagram followers!

Such a pretty, weird ring.

Are you trying to get financially healthy? Here are 11 things you should quit.
Aspirational lifestyle and fashion blogs. I used to torture myself with the Sartorialist. It was a form of deeply masochistic envy-blogging, where I would lust over the endless disposable income, chic surroundings, and whisper-thin waistlines of the subjects, and imagine my life would beso much better if I could only afford that handbag. Even the lesser gods of the lifestyle-blogging pantheon made me feel like I was a mediocre person who was a 50 percent salary increase from being wonderful and happy. Now, I stick to the more realistic bloggers, who pair “sale sweater” with “being a normal human being who has flaws.”

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  1. zoe

    that first world problems site has a handful of really homophobic pills. having to come out of the closet is not really comparable to not knowing how to dress stylishly. only one of those things can lead to you BEING KILLED. I’m honestly disappointed that you would link something that trivializes the experiences of lgbt people so much, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you just didn’t see that one. well, now you’ve heard about it.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Hi Zoe,
      You’re right. I didn’t see those. Thanks for the head’s up – link deleted.

  2. Amy

    I loved the post about early retirement – I’ve been reading Mr. Money Mustache’s blog for a while now, and it’s really great stuff.

  3. Kelsi

    Yes yes yes! MMM, yes! So happy you read his blog! Everyone should. =)

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