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Boy, do I ever feel this: the psychic weight of stuff.
Since the yard sale I have been thinking about how bringing an item into my home exponentially expands its weigh and energy. So easy it is to bring something in, and so hard it is to get it out! It’s like it grows to quadruple the size as soon as you take it out of the bag or the box. Just preparing for a yard sale takes many more hours per item than acquiring the item itself. I cannot afford to expend life energy on things that I don’t truly want or need.

Related: what does ‘living small’ actually mean?

Ooooh! The secret gardens of London!

John Mark Nelson is 21 and he’s writing songs like this. So.

Every time I wear this$5 lip gloss, people comment on it. Like, really.

I’m filing this under ‘investment pieces I’m saving for.’ (Or maybe I’ll just get this instead.)

I’m heading out to L.A. for a quick work trip next week and I’m totally making/packing these lemon chia chews because I imagine they’re 100% cheaper/healthier/better than the three Clif bars I’d try to eat.

Ahhhhhh! This house tour! That ruggggg!

Cute! Marthe will send you a handwritten, artist-designed inspirational postcard for $5.

From ages 22 – 35, you’ll probably spend tens of thousands of dollars on your friends’ weddings. Reminder: you don’t have to go to every wedding you’re invited to, especially if they’re far away.
A 33-year-old Washingtonian I spoke to has found an effective way to cut down on the costs: She says no to nearly all out-of-town weddings. “If you don’t live in D.C. and I never see you, I’ll go to your wedding,” she tells me. But if the couple lives in D.C. and they’re having a wedding outside the Washington area, she’s not going.

The smartest way to take a vacation. (I think I’m doing it ‘wrong’)

Related: how to maintain that vacation feeling when the vacation is over.

Yup. 10 wines to drink with ice cream.

Related: saltine crack ice cream sandwiches.

Such a cute, easy idea: DIY reversible throw pillows.

This bra is so incredibly sexy.

Do you do date nights? My guy and I love the $3 Riverview Theater and R & B nights at The Roller Garden. Here are 10 cute summer date night ideas!

I loved this: My wedding was perfect and I was fat as hell the whole time.
I skipped the bridal boutiques altogether. My friend, artist and designer Mark Mitchell, and I conceived of the most beautiful dress we could imagine, which, according to the old orthodoxies, just happened to be the least “flattering” dress possible for a fat chick: a strapless, skin-tight mermaid gown exploding with silk flowers. The flowers – my god, the wisteria! – added extra bulk in areas I’m supposed to try and “slim”. The silhouette accentuated my stomach instead of camouflaging it. My arms looked like what they are – strong, and big. I didn’t wear Spanx. I was beautiful.

I never thought of this, but it’s such a good idea: Why I Always Support Female Led Films on Opening Weekend

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  1. Ashley

    I love your blog always! And go for the vegan purse!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Thanks, Ashley! Isn’t that purse gorgeous!

  2. Melanie

    Thanks for linking to me! I love your blog.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Thanks for writing awesome stuff, Melanie!

  3. Kate

    I always love your web time wasters, but the fat bride article was a revelation. This quote in particular was like whoa:

    “When I enter into a relationship, I am not filling a hole that society has dug out of my soul, telling me that I am fat, and because I am fat I am ugly, and because I am ugly I am unlovable. I am there, in their bed and in their life, for the purest of reasons, not because I am insecure and need the external validation that a patriarchal society has taught us to seek. I am not seeking validation from a partner, I am seeking partnership in that partner.”

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      I’d encourage you to go read EVERYTHING LINDY WEST HAS EVER WRITTEN. She’s amazing <3

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Oooh, thanks for the head’s up!


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