How To Fake An Entryway When You Absolutely Don’t Have One

Want to fake an entryway? Make a small space look a little special? Click through for clever ways to make your space more inviting and create an entryway where one doesn't exist!

This guest post come from our DIY/design contributor Thalita of The Learner Observer. Thalita writes about easy, cheap ways we can all make our small, rental spaces even cuter. Follow along with her on Twitter or Instagram!

Hello again! I’m back this month to share something near and dear to my heart – creating an entryway when you have none to speak of. Yes, my friends, I share your pain.
I happen to have a makeshift hallway as an “entry” and if more than one person is standing in it, we have a major traffic jam. So let’s see what some of your best solutions might be if you suffer from this major first world problem!

How to fake an entry way

Paint it on
Yes, I am serious. If you have such a small space that furniture isn’t even an option, get real creating and paint some on your walls. Of course, add in some real elements with it (like the hooks and shelving here).
painted entry 1
And if the modern look isn’t your thing, go more traditional with a painted console table – though there are bigger pieces of furniture here, you can see the potential for a smaller space.
painted entry 2

Benches are your friend

It’s true. You can sit on them, you can put things on them, and some of them even look damn good in the process!
bench entry

Opt for thin ones if you have a narrow hallway space like mine, or go for something deeper but narrower if you only have a small corner of space to work with.

small bench
For Pete’s sake, don’t forget to make use of the space under your BFF – the bench, of course. Use baskets, boot trays, or just throw your stuff under it. Either way, use the space!
white entry hall
Hooked on phonics hooks!
The last image is also a great example of this. Line up some inexpensive hooks and make yourself a mini mudroom of sorts. And the image below also uses benches extremely well. Hooks and benches are kind of a killer combo for an entryway.
IKEA entryway

Your guests will thank you and you won’t have to awkwardly hang people’s coats on the stair banister anymore.

coastal entry
Even if your space is teeny tiny like this one, hooks are probably my number 1 thing on the list of things you need in a small entryway. Or any entryway, really. So convenient!
small entry
Nifty shoe storage
I’m bringing back the word ‘nifty’. It’s happening. It’s so the next “fetch.” Show storage like this is really just dreamy. These definitely do double duty as storage and as a surface for catching your keys and sunglasses.
shoe cabinet entry
Yes, some of them attach right onto the wall, so you can make them any height you want. Bonus. Don’t forget to always include a mirror: they make almost any space appear larger and you can make sure your butt looks hot in those jeans. No, I have never ever done that…
corner entry

Think outside the box

Go a little crazy (as if painting your entryway on wasn’t crazy enough) and try some different things, like some old crates that you can change up whenever you want!

crate entry
And if you happen to have a larger space to work with, and maybe it’s just a little awkward, give yourself some storage by using a dresser – yes, a dresser – as a console table, and rethink the rectangular mirror and opt for something that doubles as artwork.
mirrored entry
Did you notice almost every single image I showed you had hooks? I’m telling you, once you put some up on your walls, you’ll never want to go back to throwing your coat on the first piece of furniture you see or going down the hall/into the next room to hang up your things!
I hope you found this useful, and maybe even a little entertaining? Have you created an entry way out of nothing? Share your tips in the comments!
Sources: 1. Modern painted entry // 2. Painted console table // 3. Entry with rustic bench // 4. Small entry with white bench // 5. Long entry with two benches // 6. Bench and hooks entryway // 7. Nautical hooks // 8. Small entry with white hooks // 9. Shoe storage #1 // 10. Shoe storage #2 // 11. Crates in entryway // 12. Dresser and mirrored entry

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  1. Secret Squirrel

    I *love* the painted console table idea, how clever! I am going to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Erika Robbins

    THANK YOU for this. My entryway is always a disaster because it has just become a catch-all for everything even though it's so small. We've also basically expanded our kitchen into it. Total disaster. Hopefully some of these ideas will help!!

  3. Kate

    I absolutely love the idea of painting on the furniture to the wall, then attaching a shelf – that's amazing!! I'm off to pretend I have a hall space now!

  4. Brad Smith

    Hey! Amazing Blog and these crazy ideas are just too good. I like especially that idea of using pictures on hooks and it really does a magic. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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