New Thing: See The Sunset In Key West

Each year I make a list of new things I want to try; it’s part of how I live my life on purpose. Some of these new things are exciting, many are terribly mundane. 

I would like to make the argument that the world can be divided into two groups of people:

1. People who listen with curiosity and an open mind when they hear everyone raving about something.
2. Curmugeons and a-holes (like me) who steadfastly ignore things till it’s about five years after the fact and then we see what all the fuss is about.
Sometimes I totally get what all that fuss is about. I agree with the piles of tourists, the million awards, the critical acclaim.

LolitaLoved it
Dollywood? There’s a reason a bajillion people go there every year.
Sending something to Post Secret? Those million readers know what’s up.

And then there are those much-lauded experiences/books/movies/foods that leave you a bit “meh-y.” A bit “Well, that was nice but I’m not quite sure it’s worth all the hubbub.” (I’m looking at you, five-day cleanse.)

I’m afraid the sunset in Key West falls under this heading, friends.

There is an entire pier dedicated to sunset viewing in Key West. Standing on said pier is a 4.5 star activity with 907 reviews on Trip Advisor. It’s the 11th best activity out of 71 activities in Key West.
And it’s totally lovely!

(But I’m pretty sure it’s exactly as lovely as any sunset viewed from any coast, ever.)  

Why You Really Do Need to See the Sunset in Key West

Just for comparison sake, here are four sunset photos from South Dakota, Tennessee, Key West, and Maine. They’re all pretty nice, right?


Of course, there are piles of amazing things to do in Key West.
things to do in key west


Rent a bike! See the Hemingway house and cats! Pop into the butterfly house! Stuff your face with key lime pie! Wander around looking at houses and roosters! Poke around the graveyard and imagine you’re in a mid-90s Stephan King novel!
Key West is a fascinating, gorgeous place and the sunsets are quite nice.
But I’d suggest making them one of many reasons you go there.

What tourist attractions and travel destinations have left you a bit shrug-y? 

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  1. Laura

    Oh god, I visited Mount Rushmore as an adult a couple of years ago and was like, floored by how dull it was. Don't be mislead by that new Geico commercial that makes it looks huge and grandiose cuz it is definitely NOT.

    • Rachel

      I second this.

    • Anonymous

      Thirded! I went as a child and even then was like, "…but it's so SMALL."

    • Manisha

      I didn't like it either. I thought the whole ideas was really strange and I felt bad for the rock that got carved. There is a great movie set in Pine Ridge which is near by and Mount Rushmore is part of the plot: Skins. I recommend seeing this, we watched it right after our return from South Dakota.

  2. Kate @

    I've never been to Key West (hate hot weather & Florida as a general rule), but I've always sort of wanted to visit Key West, sunsets or no sunsets.

  3. Anonymous

    I felt pretty meh about Mount Rushmore. Thought it would be bigger.

  4. Kelly

    I’m from Key West and I totally totally agree. Want a great local experience? Go down to Bahama Village and eat conch fritters from the families that make them outside of their homes. Eat at Blue Heaven. Go Kayaking through the mangroves. Bicycle EVERYWHERE. See a movie at the Tropic, but good lord, Mallory Square is a real miss.

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