Mornings In Germany

Name: Twaambo
Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia but living in Bonn, Germany
Age: old enough to know that you have to use products that work for you!
Occupation: Radio show host, free lance writer and blogger
My alarm is set for: 7:45 am
Most mornings I eat: Muesli with a few slices of banana and yoghurt. It’s pretty filling and keeps me from eating too much at lunch time! Its healthy, tastes good, and I find it refreshing. Sometimes I get something from die bäckerei (the bakery). Bread isn’t just food here, it’s culture! I’ll get brötchen (rolls) that you typically eat with eggs, cheese, butter, or cold meats, however you like it!
My beauty routine consists of: I use Chamomile silky cleansing oil on my face three times a week, In the morning I ‘wash’ my face only with water and then moisturise with Bebe young care day/ night cream – it’s really soft and sinks into my skin pretty well. I also use the Vitamin C daily moisturiser. Vitamin C works wonders on my skin, cleared some acne scars, and smells divine. Sometimes I use any of the great cheap masks from Balea and I use Ducray Icytane moisturising mousse on my body, its amazing for dry skin.
Then, I head to work by: by tram, I get to the Hauptbahnhof (central station) and then I walk ten minutes to work. The walk is through a magnificent avenue of chestnut trees and Clemensruhe Palace is at the end of the alley. My commute is 30 minutes.
Thanks for sharing, Twaambo! Other German readers – what’s your morning routine?P.S. Questionable hairstyles and inside my makeup bag.

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  1. Eleanor

    Is that brie for breakfast? That's it, I'm moving to Germany.

    • Teleri

      A selection of cheese (including brie ;)), meat, veggies and sweet spreads (normally Nutella, jam and honey) is what you typically get with your brötchen when you have your breakfast at a café or bakery. Unfortunately you seldom get enough brötchen to use up all your put-on-top-stuff, which I find pretty annoying.

  2. Eternal*Voyageur

    Yay, finally my (current) home country! I hope more Germany readers chime in with comments.
    The classic south German breakfast would be Pretzels, white sausages, mustard and beer. Yes, beer. But most health-conscious people eat Müsli or bread — there are literally hundreds of varieties!
    I drink green smoothies for breakfast. My morning beauty routine includes rose water, Marina Gebhard moisturiser, Catrice or Lavera concealer and Dr Hauschka Kajal. On my cuticles, hands, and any dry spots I use the amazing Weleda Skin Food. It's really magical.
    Organic & nautural cosmetics have really boomed in Germany, and the best part is the really low-budget certified organic brands (mainly Alverde, but also Alterra, Neo Bio, Benecos) which are really affordable. Alverde is a home-brand of the drogerie chain DM, so the prices are really low because of the huge quantities sold, lack of middlemen, and of course the ingredients used are not really fancy (which doesn't make them worse, you just won't find extracts or oils that are really pricey in the ingredient lists).
    Most Germans own (small, efficient) cars and love them to bits, but come spring and you'll find a lot of people leaving their cars at home and driving their bikes. You often see whole families biking to school or Kindergarden. The public transport is also pretty decent, at least within cities.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Ooooh! Thanks so much for weighing in!

  3. Aileen

    I was blog hopping and stumbled upon your site, Sarah. AND I AM LOVING IT! 🙂

    This blog series of yours is also very interesting! I am in Belgium at the moment (but originally from Philippines, Asia) and will most likely visit Germany sometime soon. I am Aileen by the way!

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