Mornings In Malta

This is one in an on going series of interviews in which we talk to readers all over the world about their beauty + breakfast routines.
Name: Claire
Hometown: Ħ’Attard, Malta (tiny Mediterranean island country in Europe)
Age: 24
Occupation: law student + trainee notary + proofreader
My alarm is set for: any time between 6.30AM and 9.30AM. Depends on whether I have early lectures (6.30AM), work (7.45AM), or nothing planned for the morning (as late as 9.30AM if I had been up late working the previous night).
Most mornings I eat: very Mediterranean food. Fresh orange juice, a piece of toast with Parma ham, and (sometimes) an espresso made with an Italian brand of coffee (like Lavazza). My lovely Mum squeezes some large oranges for me as soon as I wake up, and this burst of fresh Mediterranean citrus and Vitamin C is always a great way to start the day.
I usually buy the coffee for around €1 from a little café (there are tonnes of them dotted around Valletta – the capital city).
On special occasions (or when waking up with a hangover), a lot of Maltese people opt for a full English breakfast (Malta was a British colony until 1964, and there’s still a strong link with the UK, even breakfast-wise) or else the classic Maltese junk food treat: pastizzi (flaky pastry pockets full of a ricotta cheese or pea mixture) and either a Kinnie (the national soft drink) or tea with milk served in a clear glass. Absolutely heavenly.
My beauty routine consists of: applying moisturiser on my face (usually by a British or French brand – currently the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè), applying an oil or serum to my hair to calm frizz (a must due to the extreme humidity), and applying some make-up (my favourite product right now is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – cheap and highly effective).
Then, I head to work by: car. Even though Malta is a tiny country, the public transport system can be a bit of a headache sometimes, so for sure-fire independence, a car is necessary. It’s usually wise to leave time to find a parking space; if I’m going into Valletta, I usually park in a parking complex for €2.50 every day. My commute usually lasts around 15-25 minutes, but can stretch to 45 minutes during rush hour.
Thanks so much for sharing, Claire!  Maltese readers, what does your beauty + breakfast routine look like?



I have tea with (tinned) milk for breakfast, some leftover sweets if there are any, then drive off to work, where I make my first espresso for the day. As for my beauty routine, I brush my teeth, and put some clothes on.


Oh I really want to visit Malta! And now I want to make pastizzi… I love trying recipes from different countries especially fellow Mediterranean countries!


I love Malta! Since returning from my short trip I rave about it to everyone. Love the pastizzi and Kinnie! Aside from the food my favourite experience was St Peter's Pool (google it!). Heaven on earth.


Malta sounds sounds so wonderful! I didn't know it was a British colony, either. And isn't Embryolisse fantastic?!


Yep, Malta was a British colony throughout the 1800s and until 1964! Now it's a kick-ass republic with the most beautiful weather, beaches, food and people 😉 And yes – Embryolisse is crazy-fantastic stuff.

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