True Story: I Had My Breast Implants Removed

This is one of many True Story interviews, in which we talk to people who have experienced interesting, amazing, challenging things. This is the story of Apryl and her decision to get her breast implants removed.
True Story: I had my breast implants removed //
Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m from Los Angeles via Minneapolis via Los Angeles. I’m currently residing in St. Paul before I move to NYC next year. I have a little mobile business called Fruition Temple Wellness where I teach yoga, coach people through their transition into healthier eating, and teach them how to make vegan, raw vegan, and/or fruitarian dishes.
I also do freelance social media and internet marketing and I’m a songwriter and recording artist. For fun, I enjoy reading non-fiction health and spirituality books, going to fruitlucks (like a potluck only with ripe fruits and veggies), taking barefoot walks and naked sunbathing… weather permitting.
Growing up, how did you feel about your body?
Growing up, I never really had body issues. The other girls at school called me anorexic because I was naturally thin. I didn’t even know what that word meant at the time. Kids can be very cruel to each other.
How old were you when you decided to get implants? What lead you to make that decision?
My breast implants were my birthday present to myself, just a few months before I turned 21. I had become self-conscious about my protruding rib cage (thanks to scoliosis) and I was dying to feel more feminine.
How did the people in your life react to your decision?
Nobody really supported my decision, but they were there for me. I got a lot of strange looks from cousins. However, my aunt had always had breast implants and I went to the same doctor as my then-boyfriend’s stepmother.
Tell us about the process of getting implants.
I don’t really remember much of the process. I think it’s a lot different now. I never got to “try on” breasts, like you can now. I think I paid $4850 for them after years of saving.
How did you feel when you saw your new breasts?
At first, I was afraid they weren’t big enough! I always loved them until my late twenties when I became uncomfortable with their size and obvious fake-ness.
Did you new breasts change your life at all?
Running was a joke. Now, I feel like I’m flying when I sprint down the sidewalk. Also, finding clothes was always difficult. Baggy things made me look pregnant, tight things made me appear slutty.
Men and women I’ve dated never really seemed to care that I had breast implants.
Only one guy was suuuuper into them. My current girlfriend likes my real boobs much more than the fake ones. She has said the fake ones frightened her and felt funny. I’m sure that they have scared off many people over the years. I can imagine some of them even thought things like, “I could never introduce this woman to my parents.” They were just massive.
When did you start to think about having them removed?
Towards my late twenties, I felt more and more tired along with an overall sense of illness. My mother kept suggesting it could be my implants. I didn’t want to hear it. I knew they were too big for my body and I didn’t really “need” them anymore to feel good about myself, but I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without them.
After years of getting more into fruitarianism, I really wanted a natural body. I was living the healthiest lifestyle possible, in my mind, but I didn’t feel well. I knew it was time to say goodbye to the gals. It had been 13 years, anyway.
How does the process of getting breast implants removed compare to the process of having them put in?
Well, I was awake for the removal surgery. It was awful. They numbed the area, but I felt everything. I cried the whole time. There was a wonderful team of nurses calming me down and helping me breathe. When the surgeon was tugging on the left implant, I had the sensation that he was removing something else besides the implant.
After the surgery, I saw a paper towel with a black lump on it on the floor next to the operating table. I had gone back to the same doctor who put them in… He did a great job, but I wish I wouldn’t have been so out of it. I would have demanded to know what that black mass was.
The recovery was six weeks and I’m still getting my energy back. I don’t really remember much about the original surgery, but the recovery took forever. I was a wreck and the pain killers made me vomit. Violently throwing up while trying to hold my chest was torturous.
How do you feel about your breasts now?
Although I was encouraged to have a breast lift along with the removal, I chose not to because of the extra cost, horrid anchor-shaped scar (similar to a breast reduction), and also the recovery time.
My ladies hang a little low, but they look amazing! I love them so much! I can’t believe I wasted 13 years walking around like that. I look back and think I was duped by what I thought would make me sexy, normal, and girly in the eyes of others. I will only partially blame magazines and celebrities for my prior low-self esteem.
I don’t think people should be able to get crazy plastic surgery until the age of 25 or 26 when their frontal lobes have developed. I certainly wouldn’t have made the same decision had I been forced to wait that long.
Thanks so much for sharing, Apryl.  Do you guys have any questions for Apryl?  Have any of you had plastic surgery?  How do you feel about the results?

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  1. Morgan

    Wait, she's eating nothing but fruit but assumed she wasn't feeling well because of the *implants*?

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure there's a lot more research out there about the negative side effects of having implants in your body than that of following a Fruitarian diet. Also, you could just 'Google' Fruitarianism to quickly discover that it's not about eating "nothing but fruit."

    • Apryl Electra

      I eat mostly fruit, a lot of vegetables and leafy greens, and occasionally some raw vegan gourmet or cooked vegan. I'm lucky enough to have found that eating food, as it was given to me by mother nature, has helped me erase these issues:
      food allergies, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, eating disorders, hypoglycemia, hypertension, excess body fat and weight, plantar warts, diabetes and pre-diabetes, depression, anxiety, gingivitis, yeast infections, foul body odor requiring antiperspirant, edema, hand-tremors, insomnia, OCD, irregular heartbeat, painful heart palpitations, seasonal allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, and hives.
      I was soooo messed up before.
      Besides having my breast implants removed, I also had mercury fillings removed about a year prior. The body doesn't just heal overnight, but I'm much better off than I was years ago.
      I'm super happy about my decision and hope it inspires other people to have theirs removed or not get them in the first place. May they spend their money on a nice vacation instead of shoving foreign objects into their bodies. Let's start with building people up from the inside out instead of falsely from the outside in.
      I hope you have a beautiful day, Morgan, wherever you are.

      • MJ

        Hey Apryl,

        Would you mind sharing your cc’s in your implants? I have been considering getting my breast implants removed for years and am scared about what my natural breasts would look like now. Thank you!

        • Daniela

          Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am thinking of getting mine removed. I have had them for 11 years, since I was 18. I echo what MJ wrote about the nerves of not knowing what they will look like after. Especially since I have never been an adult with small breasts. I am working mentally and emotionally on my self esteem and hope to soon get to a point where my outside doesn’t define how I feel inside. Your story is encouraging. I look forward to feeling free and completely natural in the near future. Good luck with your continued growth in life.

      • Kacy

        I’m having mine removed because I had one rupture and other capcle so bad
        I’m so distraught about this but I’m so scared to look in the mirior after this what do I do. To not panic please help with supportive comments

        • Anonymous

          How did it go Kacy?

      • Heather

        I have mine since 98. I am so fatigued all the time. I know its from them.
        Do you recall being irritable when you had them? I’m not sure if it’s hormonal or if its the implants.

      • Ronny

        I’m getting my implants removed after 21 years. I’m so over the look good for a guy who actually suggested and paid for the procedure. I am being pressured to get a lift by the surgeons, but like you I don’t want to pay that high price again to be vain. How are you feeling years later about not having a lift after the removal?

    • Gorda

      Hi I’m Gorda an I’m going thru these issue myself I’m so glad I read these but I need help and advice I’m so scare and facing on which direction should I go ! I also got breast implants 12 years ago an I face the same issues when I exercise, when I run , when I buy clothes and I usually cover myself up I feel they’re to big always wearing a bra to ! My back hurts to issues issues ! And know I’m facing the decision to either just remove the implants or removed and put new implants one of my implants rupture ! I got implants because after breastfeeding my 4 kids my boobs where so bad ! If you breastfeed you know what I mean ! So know after the implants and breastfeeding I’m not sure of how my boobs will look I don’t want a breast lift I’m to scare of the scaring or something going wrong ! But I’m also so scare of these whole issue any advise

    • Barbara connaire

      I am in the process of having mine removed. 1st time they went very hard after 37 years and suffering fibromyalgia which disappeared when I had them removed and replaced 11 years ago. Within 6 months they started going hard and 2 years ago I started with fibromyalgia again. I was 24 my front same as my back. I went to a 34 B. Just small but natural. But they capulated and not knowing any different I coped all those years. They were full of ruptures. I would advise any woman against having Breast implants as I am proof they cause muscular problems. I was paid out through the Dow Corning legal action in USA as were many women worldwide. Do not have breast implants as. As you gro to age 40 you reach a B cup anyway. Please think hard and read up on what illnesses they can cause

  2. CBrownColors

    Morgan, if you knew April, you'd know that it is not the diet. She is really doing amazing now. She was at her most unhealthy with the implants before she went vegan and then Fruitarian. She's very careful about her diet.

  3. Mara Dobervich

    The diet is taking wind with everyone who's interested in being healthy. 🙂

    I love your body Apryl and I love that you love it and that your gf loves it. I have very large breasts (DDD) simply from gaining weight, and I admit, they are a pain to exercise with. I'm hoping they shrink down as I lose weight, as I'd like to not be in pain anymore. My ladies will always hang low.. But there are some other benefits to that I will not go into here..!!! 🙂 Happy to read this story to hear another woman value the way our bodies are naturally. Happy to know you.

  4. Vanessa

    Thank you for sharing your story Apryl! Glad to hear you're feeling so much happier and healthier now 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    This is a great story. I love how Apryl learned to love her body in its natural form. I once went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon for breast implants. The doctor was awesome and really told me the real deal about surgery and what I could expect years down the road. It seemed to be too much risk and potential sacrifice, so I decided not to do it. Now, years later I am turning 40 and I love my breasts the way they are. I realize that if I had gotten surgery it would have been for other people and not truly for myself.

  6. Sam

    Love this story. It's crazy to think how women are so influenced by the media and magazines; myself included. Way to go Apryl for staying true to yourself and following your heart!

  7. Girliest Nerd

    I completely agree with the age 25 thing (frontal lobe development ftw!). There are a few tattoos I wish I hadn't gotten, and surprise, surprise, they were done well before that age.

    I've found myself previously wondering about breast implants as I'm a petite person and they have always been around a size 28B/C; however, now that I'm pregnant and these guys shot up to a 30F I'm… good. I realize now I just want the old ones back!

    Wasn't Gandhi a Fruitarian? That's pretty good company…

  8. Anonymous

    I love this story! I'm super curious about what a breast reduction procedure is like. It's something I've always wanted to do but never had all the facts. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Caitie

    1) Fruitarianism- really? Until I see some peer-reviewed evidence of the efficacy/safety/long-term effects of this diet, I ain't buying.

    2). Also, good to know that because I'm naturally large-chested, I look "slutty" when I wear fitted/tight tops. I could really have done without that comment.

    Sarah, I'm a long-time reader and I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with this one.

    • Little redhead

      She said she felt tight tops made her feel like she looked slutty, she didn't say tight tops look slutty on everyone with big breasts. I'm sure you don't wear certain clothes because you don't think they suit you, which naturally doesn't mean they look bad on everyone. Just because you have big breasts doesn't mean the rest of your body looks the same as Apryl's. Natural big breasts do not look the same as implants.
      And funny how you feel so attacked about a comment Apryl made about how she felt she looked, but you have no problem eye-rolling about her personal diet.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      The True Story interview are published without comment. I'm sharing someone else's story, not endorsing their decisions or passing judgement. This series is meant to introduce us to new people, new experiences, new mindsets – and not all of them are things we agree with. Such is the nature of life and humans 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    I'm a new reader and I found Yes and Yes through Elise Blaha's podcast with you, Sarah. It was wonderful and so is your blog! I can't wait to continue reading. I am a huge fan of the true life series idea, and after reading this personal account, I am beyond excited to follow up on the archives.

    Thank you for featuring this on your blog, Sarah, and a big thanks to Apryl for sharing such a personal story. I think this resonates with me because I've always been naturally slender, and my boobs are small as well. I would get teased about them and when comparing myself to other women, I always felt that they should be bigger. While it might be nice to have bigger boobs, I was always of the mindset that this is my body and that I need to love myself for the way I am- plus, I don't need the medical cost and recovery hassle of breast implants.

    Apryl, you're beautiful the way you are and it was so enlightening reading a little about your journey. Stay awesome! 🙂

  11. Elina Mark

    What makes a plastic surgeon one of the best? First and foremost their training and education, and then experience. To specialize in something means you do it constantly, and have achieved thousands of good results.

  12. Elina Mark

    Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants or fat, referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation, to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

  13. Heather

    I also got implants when I was pretty young for my husbands I had kids young & he liked my breast before kids & they weren’t the same after kids . ive had them since 2004 I’m now 35 and have back pain breast pain and several non cancerous cysts that have formed I’m fearful of having them removed because they are a D cup & I’m scared they will sag a lot and my husband will no longer find me attractive but I just want this pain to stop that I’ve been dealing with for years please help

    • Allie

      FORGET YOUR HUSBAND. Get them removed for the love of god and all that is holy. I hate the world’s influences sometimes! The pressure to look good for your husband is not as important as your health!

  14. Jjjjjjj

    My implants were in four years, early thirties. I recently removed, no lift, no nothing. I love my little A’s… i an so happy to have them back. They look amazing, shaped nicely and my chest concave was gone within the first few days.
    Yes i wanted them, i .was fed up with them after two years, went smaller for about a year. Contemplated removing them and finally i explanted.
    I feel and look amsxing!!!
    No more oversized clothes and indoor activities! I am proud of my appearance!!!!
    Good luck to all!!!!

    • MJ

      Hi, I’m in a similar bloat— how many cc’s did you have? I’m nervous about how my breasts will look if I take out my 250ccs—- my breasts were small A’s and I’m very small person 250ccs make me a D-cup. I also have non cancerous cysts and breast pain…

  15. Jjjjjjj

    Btw… Apryl was my first inspiration!
    Thank you!!!!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      So happy to hear it!

    • Brandi

      I don’t think its fair to blame the media or magazines because you chose to have breast implants. Take full responsibility for your decisions.

  16. H2020

    Thanks for the great article. I got saline implants (from an A cup to a large B/small C) when I was 27. I’m now 55 and will have explanation surgery soon. I just want them gone because I’ve become more physically aware of them, especially when I run, and can “feel” that I have foreign objects in my chest (probably because of gravity). Also, I think they make me look heavier even though I’m not overweight.
    For those considering getting implants, consider my experience. When I was 27, it didn’t occur to me that I’d have to have my new boobs replaced every few years. Yes, original implants do not last forever and will eventually fail: My first set lasted 15 years and then the left implant deflated. My second set lasted 6 years and then the right one deflated. My third set are 8 years old and could fail at any time. None of these deflations had anything to do with trauma, inferior quality, or bad surgical skills. It’s just a fact that implants wear out and need to be replaced at some point. My last surgeon told me to expect to have replacements in ten or so years, and I really appreciated his honesty. I don’t remember my first (or second) surgeon mentioning this, but I’m not sure this would’ve mattered to me when I was 27 because I just wanted bigger boobs. When I look at preimplant photos of myself, I see that my small ones were really nice.

  17. Jessica S

    Did you have the whole capsule removed?

  18. Jamee

    Thank you for this article. I’m having my implants and a lymph node removed in less than a week and I needed to hear this. 10 years ago my implants ruptured and my Dr insisted I was implant dependent and would not remove them w/o replacing them. Loose silicone was left behind and three years ago we found it was draining into my lymphatic system. I have a silicone filled lymph node the size of a large grape. After searching for three years I have found a surgeon who will remove it and my implants. I’m 48. Had implants since I was in my early 20’s. I can not wait to be free of them. I’ve been really afraid until reading this. Now I’m energized and ready! Best to you!

    • Shadae Baxter

      I am 47 I had implants since I was 21 I am almost 6 months post up of getting my implants removed I’m so happy my breasts look beautiful I also had a breast lift and liposuction and fat transfer put into my breast and I’m the happiest person in the world to have my natural breasts back implants are ally in a joke and I don’t recommend them to anyone God bless you on your transition in your journey you’ll love it


    Implants are extremely dangerous. There are 63 groups just in the US about women removing them and trying to get their back and neck pain removed and the immune system to stop the lupus like symptoms. Yes you must remove the scar and yes doctor will push for new implants because that’s how they pay their mortgages and fancy cars. Be aware of the lack of media coverage and make your own research online. All the groups collaborate for information online, reach out and get all the info you need because this is a barbaric ritual and we are too evolve to continue hurting our bodies like that.

  20. Carol Ann

    Dear Apryl,
    I really want to thank you for sharing your personal story and for being so real about your experiences throughout your journey. The first time I read your story I was searching online about breast implant explant surgery. I was so fed up with my breast implants that were painfully tight and so awkward looking due to capsular contracture of the both. As I read your story I felt a connection with you because I was experiencing the same thoughts as you had about your former implants. I also wanted to begin to live a healthy lifestyle and the implants that I had thought at one time would finally make me happy had become a nightmare. To be honest here I wasn’t being taken serious by the people who surrounded me and I was labeled as the lady with the “fake boobs”. It was so obvious that they were fake. I was even embarrassed to hug anyone because of how hard they were. I truly wanted to work on myself from the inside and become more a person who was not totally obsessed with just my outer appearance. I had to love myself and do what made “me” happy. As I’m writing this I just had my implants removed today and although I’m in some pain,,, I am free!!!! After the surgery (which I had under local) the first thing I did was hug myself and it felt so good!!! I was back! I’m lying here in bed recovering and so happy to look down and not see the gigantic weird looking lumps on my chest anymore. I do not want to offend the women who have big beautiful natural breast or those gals that are happy with their implants, I’m just sharing about me. I’m sorry about this lengthy comment I’m just happy and wanted you to know how much of an inspiration you’re been for me. Be healthy, be blessed and please continue to write we are hear listening (;
    Carol Ann

  21. Maggie

    Good morning Apryl,

    I did the same thing at 23. I got the implants and have been thinking about removal for years. I am also opting not to have the lift, just having them removed. Thank you so much for your story. I have been soooo worried. I feel so much better hearing that you are happy. I feel really big with them. I do not feel like myself and really want MY body back.

    • Ronnie

      Maggie! I’m getting mine removed after 21 years. I’m not going to do the lift even though the surgeon insists that I will be more happy with it. Naw, I want to be happy the way they will be and accept what I have as being me. Besides, who wants to pay another $7k for boobs again?

  22. Ellen

    I am 46 years old and had my implants 5 yrs ago. I was unhappy with my small A boobs and did not feel like a proper woman. I had the implants put in an became a DD, I was in agony for weeks and had several problems with attached breast and dropping out of sockets. I loved buying new bras that looked so womanly! But I felt top heavy and they looked fake so I never really felt how I expected to feel. I fact as a side 8/10 I struggled to find nice dresses that fitted my small frame and big solid boobs. I have suffered lots of pain which has just got worse over the years, to the point I can’t run and exercise is uncomfortable. I hav been diagnosed with Raynaud’s and fibromyalgia- I have pains in my hips where I can’t get out of bed st times, all joints ache, constant head aches, shooting breast pains, urinate constantly, out of breath when walking, fatigue,blurred vision, my memory is shot to pieces with”brain fog” as they call it, ringing in my ears and have panic attacks… yer it’s a lot! I was so healthy before! I’m looking to explant as my husband suddenly came across sites about explant and other women having same symptoms. I’m petrified of having them removed and how I will look and feel flat chested but also can’t live with all these symptoms. I want to feel normal again, I want my life back. Has anybody had these symptoms and gone through explant and feels like they have their life back?

    • Anne Kohorst

      Please update us on your progress. I have almost the same symptoms you had. trying to figure out if I should remove them

  23. Sweetiepie

    I have had in plants for 45 years they were hard as a rock about 7 yrs ago I had new ones put in hardened right away, that was feb,July doctor did surgery again same thing , Dec had it done again doctor went on cruise I was in the worse pain of my life my back was even real read she gave me pain pills said I worry to much just rest let them worry I had this op Dec 16 Dec 26 I was in such pain I couldn’t take it went to doctor he had a patient in op room for surgery so he cut my breast open in examining room took out in plant I had the worse infection, stitched me put gauze under antibiotic said there was nothing he could do sent me home, I only had one breast he gave me a sample implant to put in bra hurt to much to do that. My breast was the ugliest thing I ever saw in my life I was just newly married he couldn’t even look at me I was so bad they put me on Xanax and antidepressants I’m still on waited 6 months to have a lift pg skin and in plant put in that side the other a new smaller implant lift cutting your nipples putting them in the right place, my right side that the other doctor cut out it was stuck to my rib cage it was a 8 hour surgery. My left breast is great the right one that was infected hard is so deformed, there under muscle and I have sink holes thick lines where the muscle is pulling down on it, and it’s hard again. Now I have to have these taken out the call it the EN BLOC that removes the capsules in there and because I have had in plants for 45 yrs, I have no skin tissue left, so they said I’m going to be CONCAVE, I was a AAA forty five years ago, now I’m going to be so deformed, I’m a WIDOW now my husband died after the last surgery brain cancer. I have no choice but to take these out but mentally, I can’t deal with this I’m alone,so sad I ever did this to myself 45 yrs ago, and finding the best doctor, most women have breast after the operation I’m going to have nothing, CONCAVE. I don’t have the strength to do this again to many times already 6 times this will be seven, all I say is why me, why is God punishing me, and I have to use a credit card at 22% interest, I only have my dead husband’s ssi.

  24. Am

    Thank you Apryl and everyone for sharing your stories. I forced myself into implants even though a large part of me screamed no! Shortly after b feeding my first child. Always had no boobs but had lots of sensation . Now I have big boobs and no sensation and have been kicking myself about this decision for five years!!!! I was going to get an explanation and then had a breakdown pre so didn’t go ahead with it. Life has gotten very complicated. I’d like to
    Have an explanation at some point but I guess I need to wait until I’m in a safe space

  25. jessica

    Amazing article! Thank you for sharing! I was considering breast implants but after your words, I am starting to doubt it will be OK. I understand that magazines and TV shows, even celebrities have a bad impact on ordinary women`s perception of the world. However, I am glad that I have found your post.

  26. Lynsy

    I have found all of this Very informative and I am looking to have my implants out without new ones put in or any uplift. I know I will find it a struggle looking at them afterwards as they have been part of me for nearly 19 years. But I will also be relieved to get them out and not have to worry about what’s going on inside as I’m so worried about having to have lymph nodes out as well.

    • Louise Das Neves

      Do you have a surgery date yet? Are you doing the ‘en bloc’ procedure? Looking to have mine removed very soon too (I have capsular contracture and other symptoms).


  27. Louise Das Neves

    Thanks for sharing your post. Did you also have the capsules removed? I have capsular contracture on my 6 year old boobs and a host of other breast implant illness symptoms. Getting these removed asap! Thanks for sharing your story!

  28. Geraintjones

    What was removed along with your implant

  29. Rose

    So reassuring to read other people’s experiences. I’ve felt tired every day over the last few years. (I had silicone implants 10 years ago from A-dd) I always thought it was just me, though now I’m starting to wonder if it might be to do with the implants. I would be scared to have them removed Incase they look awful. Perhaps I’d have them taken out and still be tired anyway!

  30. Janis

    I am 73 years old and had my implants for 42 years. I had them removed 4 weeks ago and I’m very happy with the result. I was expecting a different result as I remember having very little breast tissue as a very slim young woman. Having gained a little weight and because of menopause I still have reasonable sized breasts.I opted to just have the explant,no replacement, no lift I am so happy to be free of the implants which were starting to leak and cause pain.

    • Ronnie

      That’s awesome! I am getting mine removed too! I have gained weight as well so I don’t think I will need a lift either. Thank you for the feedback!

  31. DB

    Without a shadow of a doubt, getting implants was the WORST decision of my life.

    I explanted 12 days ago after having my saline implants for 18 years.

    I also got my implants in my twenties, because well having my pectoral muscles dissected and water filled balloon’s shoved into my chest cavity was SUPPOSED to make me feel better about myself.. nope.

    Three years ago, I began experiencing terrible relentless pain in my chest, shoulders, upper back and neck.

    The pain started slowly and insidiously, a little tweak in the chest. Then it spread across my clavicle region, then down the arm, eventually into my neck (couldn’t turn my head at one point) and finally into my trapezoid and rhomboid muscles which feel like they are on fire.

    I used to exercise daily, always in good shape and loved lifting weights.

    I have not exercised in two years and lifting anything above 3 lbs leaves me in crippling pain for days.

    To make matters worse, over the last three years I went to numerous doctors and spent thousands on blood work, MRI and Xray which always came back “normal”.

    I asked EVERY doctor I saw, ALL of whom were female “could this pain be caused by my implants?”

    They all said “no” and sent me away with more medication.

    I finally had enough and decided to explant and guess what, it was the implants.

    I also had my implants removed under local anesthesia because I opted to keep the capsules in. I have no BII symptoms.

    My experience was not as traumatic as Apryl’s. I felt pressure while the surgeon was trying to pull the implants out but when that first implant came out, I literally felt the weight and pain in my chest decrease. I cried happy tears.

    And my surprise, despite the fact that my surgeon 18 years ago told me that my implants were 350 CC and my Mentor card stated that upon removal the implants were actually 450CC and nearly 500CC!

    I also declined a breast lift but I will be brutally honest… my breasts look and feel terrible.

    18 years of the tremendous weight of the implant has left my breasts sagging, they look like the breasts of a 50+ year old woman who has breast fed multiple children.

    I have no kids.

    I am not sad but angry, angry that I did this to myself .

    So, weirdly I feel better and worse simultaneously. Better because my pain is diminishing, the searing pain in my upper back is gone.

    Worse, because my boobs look terrible and I will have to undergo months if not years of physical therapy.

    As I said, getting implants was the worst decision of my life.

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