Mornings In India

This is one of many Mornings In __________ interviews in which we talk to lovely ladies from other countries who tell us about their morning beauty + breakfast routines.

Name: Latha Sunadh
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Age: 31
Occupation: Editor, eStylista
My alarm is set for: 7:30 am


Most mornings I eat: My favourite brekkie called Kanda Poha. Poha is actually a staple breakfast in Mumbai where flattened rice flakes are cooked with mustard seeds, turmeric, chili powder, finely chopped onions, potatoes and chillies to form a bowlful of yummy.
I love poha because it’s simple, easy-to-prepare, healthy and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Great diet food!
In India, especially Mumbai, breakfast consists of idlis (rice cakes), vadas (savoury fritters), masala dosas (fermented crepe with curry tucked inside), sabudana vadas (deep fried snack with sabo) and vada pavs ( the indian burger). People love eating masala dosa on special occasions along with vadas.
I get ready with: I wash my face with a Neem facewash from Himalaya. I also love the Clearly Corrective Skin Brightening Exfoliator – Kiehl’s for my pigmentation. I use Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser and Forest Essentials Panchpushp Toner. I use a wonderful Lavendar and Patchouli body wash by this company called Kama Ayurveda. Everyone loves Forest Essentials and you must check out their lip balm called Narangi and the Soundarya Radiance Cream. Awesome stuff!
Kajal is an important part of the Indian beauty routine. You must buy the best kajal at Himalaya. The Nature’s Co Watercress Hair Cleanser is excellent.
I go to work by: I am a work at home mom. I attend meetings in an auto rickshaw, a three wheeler that’s like a tuk tuk. Or Mumbai is full of those black and white Fiat taxis, they are wonderful to commute. Some of them have bollywood-ish theatrical interiors with trinkets and bells and bright upholstery. Some days my husband also drops me in our Honda Jazz car. Or his all-time favourite Royal Enfield bike. My commute for meetings varies from one hour to two. You get stuck in heavy traffic here…..Thanks so much for sharing, Latha!  Indian readers, what do you mornings look like?
photo 1 by vinoth chandar // photo 2 by meanest indian // photo 3 by sebadella // photo 4 by roaringraw // photo 5 by ukanda // 



India is a humungous country where the culture & mannerisms of people change every,say, 30-40 kms 🙂 so what you've read as a Mumbaikars morning is so very different from say a Bangalorean's (me) or a Delhi-ite or even that of a resident of Kolkatta. The fun part is that the diversity of the food,culture and people is what makes it so exciting . I believe the single shared (pain) point in India is traffic (aaargh!!)


On a recent Bangalore trip I became a fan of Himalaya face wash, idli and masala dosa. I now have to order the face wash online from India because it is magical. I am also working on recreating dosa now that I am home!


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