Mornings In Sweden

This is the first of what will be a monthly series ‘Mornings In _________’ in which we talk to women from all over the world about their breakfast + beauty routine.  Our first participant is my friend Emmy.  We hung out tons when I was in Stockholm two summers ago!
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 29
Occupation: A bit of everything, but mainly freelance film work and final art.
My alarm is set for: Because my schedule varies so much, it could be set on pretty much anything between 4:45 (eeek) and 11.Most mornings I eat: Swedish people are really into their breakfasts, claiming it is “the most important meal of the day”. I totally agree. I normally make a blueberry banana smoothie and a coffee, and with it I have a couple of slices of knäckebröd, Swedish crisp bread, with avocado, cheese and cucumber. I don´t often go out for breakfast, but on the weekends, I might go over to a friend´s house for scones or pancakes. If I´m on set, I normally get fed, yay!
My beauty routine consists of: I almost always shower in the morning, except if it is during a real cold spell, in which case I don´t want to exit the house in -15°c newly showered. I use coconut oil instead of body lotion, and for my face I use A-crème, which is a really old school fat crème full of vitamin A. It works really well even during extreme cold. If I´m on set, I wear something a bit more fun and casual, but if I have a meeting or another job I go for black and smart.


Then, I head to work by: Sometimes I have a production car, but if I don´t have a lot of things to transport, I use the commuting system. The subway is fast and quite reliable, and it runs late into the night, too. Not many people have a car in Stockholm. Finding parking is a real pain, and public transport is faster most of the time.

Thanks so much for sharing, Emmy! Are there any other Swedish readers out there?  What does your morning look like?

photo 1 by akasped // photo 2 by mikael tigerstrom // photo 3 by rick // photo 4 by dale gillard // photo 5 by grongar // all photos cc



Love this series already! Is it typical in Stockholm to go over friends' houses for meals? That's really sweet. Sometimes in America we share dinners at home, but never really lunch or breakfast! I think that's so cute.

Girliest Nerd

I reeeallly like this already. Not to compare and contrast but on another blog I read there was a motherhood series done with people all over the world, except they were American's living abroad so you never really get the real experience of a native citizen. This is miles better.

I'm already sure every piece in this series is going to put my bowl of cheerios to shame! 🙂

Christina McKay

I'm Canadian but lived in Stockholm for 14 years, so I think that counts, right? Sadly, to answer the question above, no, there is not a casual social breakfasting tradition there. Not unless you booked it 3 weeks in advance… Swedish breakfasts do rock though. Could include pickled herring and eggs with caviar too. My favorite was always musli full of nuts, oats, dried and fresh fruit. These sugary over processed breakfast cereals are yucky in comparison.


I miss Swedish breakfasts! So healthy and hearty without being heavy. I spent a few weeks in Sweden in 1996 and loved every minute. I'm going back next year for my 40th and I'm really looking forward to it.

Steph Little

I love this new series! I look forward to getting lots of new breakfast ideas from around the world. Emmy is right – it IS the most important (and delicious) meal of the day.



Never EVER have I bought a product after reading that so-and-so uses it… but I just ordered the derma-e Vitamin A cream AND matching gel (for daytime, duh) after reading this! I'm 29 too and want my (half-Swedish) skin to stay as glowy as Emmy's!

Thanks for making all my key decisions for me, Y&Y friends…


I live in Sweden but around 2 hrs from STockholm. Going out for breakfast, or head over to a friend, is mostly a big city thing (read Stockholm), but it's spreading. There are two spots in the city where I live that serves breakfast during the week, and brunch on the weekends. I'm not all into breakfast, don't really want to eat until an hour or so into my day. If I'm heading out, I bring whatever I want to eat with me in an insulated bento box.

Samantha Kimble

I really like the idea of this series. I really wish I could remember the blog, but there was a great series on how people raise kids differently in other countries. It was truly interesting to see the day in the life of other people


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